Letter 13: Young and Beautiful!

31 Letters To My Future Husband



Dear Future Husband,

Hey. How are you doing today? I hope that your day has been going good! If not then I hope that will be after this letter. So, today is day 13 of the letter writing challenge. I wanted to ask favor of you. I want you to always promise to let me know that you love me always. When my looks start to fade and my  many many bones aches please remind me how much you love me!  I think that Lana can do a better job of singing what I am trying to say. Plus, now I have a new excuse to play this song!


Love Your Forever Young and Beautiful Future Wife,

Courtney( Insert Your Last Name Here)



One thought on “Letter 13: Young and Beautiful!

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    I fell inlove with her because of her blogs and I know you’ll all love this girl too. Well she’s not just blogging about letters to his future husband, I’ve chosen this one to reblog because I’m into romantic stuff, so check her out on luluchris58.wordpress.com for you to find out what she have on her page for you.♥

    Have Fun!

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