Free Etsy Listings!

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Kid’s Studded Camo Jacket can be purchased at LuLuChris58 or via email LuLuChris58 email using Google Wallet

Hey guys! How many of my readers are thinking about opening a shop to sell a few of their items? Well if you are, I have something interesting to tell you all.

If you are planning to sell on Etsy, to set up the account is absolutely free. Did you know in order to list an item it’s .20 per listing? Well I know a way to get 40 listings for free! This will save you a total of 8.00! This may not sound like much now but things add up on Etsy! I wish someone would have offered me this deal when I had first started.

To get this promotion, please email me at for the details including the code! Also this only applies to new Etsy shops! Happy Selling!

Be sure to stop by LuLuChris58 on Etsy!

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