Jon Stewart Slams Jay Z Over Barney’s On “Daily Show” [VIDEO]


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Jon Stewart joined the crowd of critics who took Jay Z to task for not addressing the recent “Shop & Frisk” incidents at Barneys, a company he is partnering with to sell clothes for charity during the holidays.

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Shoppers Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips were stopped  and detained by undercover police to verify their debit cards after purchasing high-priced items at Barney’s creating an uproar. Stewart and correspondent Larry Wilmore called out Jay Z for playing it safe when he has been very loud on other issues.

“Jay Z doesn’t care about Black people,” Wilmore joked, echoing Hov’s brother Kanye West’s comments about President George Bush. “I don’t blame him. Jay Z is too big a commercial force to rail against the dangers of the ‘the man,’ he is the danger! He is…

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