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I like this post! Are you a minimalist?

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My guy friend has been bugging me to get a bed. He thinks it’s horrible I sleep on the floor.  I used to buy air mattresses, but even the expensive ones popped after a while. So, I gave up. I have made a comfortable pallet on the floor. And that’s that. Or so I thought. My guy friend made it his mission to get me a bed (because men just have to solve the problem 😉  He called my good friend and told her of my plight. She was shocked and cried and texted my other friends.  It made sense to me later, when I started getting messages from my friends asking me if I was okay and sending me prayers. When I found out what he did, I was annoyed. Mind ya business! My friends were  insistent on getting me a bed, so next week I will…

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