Gift List #2: Winter Essentials via Urbanne Shoppe

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you guys enjoyed my first gift list and checked out some of the sellers and their shops. If you haven’t seen it, do not fret. I will add the link here for you you guys: Christmas Gifts  Anyways I wanted to come by with another Gift List from a new shop called Urbanne Shoppe!

Urban Shoppe is a online shopping site that offers namebrands such as Misoni, Chas Mackenzie, Woolrich, Armani, Penguin and  Calvin Klien. The  company followed the Instagram that I made for the blog, @luluchris58blog, be sure to follow. I recieved an email from the owner asking me to check out  the site. I had already beat him to it!  I love what the shop has to offer so far.  I want to share some of my favorite items for gifting with you guys!










The only downside to this company, in my opinion, is the women’s section. I wish that they had more items to choose from. With this being a new company, I can understand. Just don’t forget about us in the future, lolx.

Now You guys know this wouldn’t be a gift list without a coupon! This company has made a special code just for my LuLu‘s for 10% off your next purchase. Use Code LULU10 to get some extra bucks off of your  next purchase.  Thank You to Urabann Shoppe!

Your Turn:

What are some of your Christmas gift plans for Xmas 13? Let me know below!


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