MC: Life After 25: I Use To Be…

Mommy's Corner

Hey Guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great! So I was skimming through Facebook and I came across a JayZ post. I forgot that yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of the the release of “The Black Album.”


Boy, the black album was supposed to have been Hov’s last album due to retirement. Well we all know that to be the biggest lie, lolx.  So anyways Jay asked his Facebook fans, what was their favorite memory from the that album. Of course I had to answer. With JayZ posting that post, he inspired me to post things that I use to be 10 years ago! I have changed a lot.

One of the things I use to be was a big hip hop head! I knew all of the music before it came out. I have my mama and longing urge to be the go-to girl for everything to thank for that. I used to be a BIG Hypebeast. Yes if Trinidad James had went to school with me, he definatley would point a finger this way. I used to be in love with a star football player from Woodmont. I have no idea where he’s at  now.  One of my bestfriend was Whitney Chapman. Hey Whitney!!! I still say that we are friends, I just don’t see much of her now. I think if high school had never ended, we probaly still would be besties.


I couldn’t drive. Yes, I still can’t drive, lolx but it was a lot worse then. I worked like a dog. I loved money and clothes so I threw away 90% of my teenage years to be an adult. Word to the wise, teenagers don’t grow up too fast. Enjoy your youth no matter how bad you think it is. I use to have the biggest crush on Jim Jones. Hey the man is hot, what can I say???  I wasn’t as carefree as I should have been. I was 17, not 27. I use to plan everything! Of course, plans fell through but I was determined to get something right.


27 year old Courtney wants to tell 17 and 18  year old Courtney these things:

1.)You will not marry Brandon Johnson. He liked you but he loves that girl that will have the baby with. Always did. Stop trying to fight Carrie and everyother girl that he dates. He will not be in NFL but later on in life you will date an NFL player. Ok he will ride the bench but he was on the roster. He will teach you that you are not ready for that NFL Baller’s Chick Life.

2.) Slow down. You wont even have that Honda that you get at 18 no longer than two years. Those Jordans will be re-released over 100 time over your life span.

3.) Speaking of Jordans, don’t give those Jordans to your grandma. She’s not going to wear them and she will only give them to your aunt to mess up. You will not like the 230 price tag to replace them 5 years later.

4.) You are not ready to get out high school. You will dream about it for the next 10 years of your life.

5.) Stop drinking. It will lead you down a path that you will regret

6.) Start a money market account. You make good money to be a teenager with really no bills.

7.) You will not be the breadwinner of your crew always. Stop getting so comfortable with that title.

8.)Continue to pray and pay your tithes. Thank God in all that you do, good or bad!

9.) Let it out. Cry about your grandma’s death. It will haunt you if you don’t.

10.) Maybe your pyschic because I did always know when Brandon Williams would wear that shirt, lolx.

11.) Be sure to truly forgive.

12.) Learn about not burning bridges. You will do that a lot in the next 10 years of life.

13.) Stay funny. People love your randomness!

14.) Stop conforming. You were made to be you for a reason. Yes, your friends love your style but add more of “You” in it.

15.) You will become best friends with a guy that you will meet on Blackplanet. Be sure to treat him right. He would lay down his life for you.

16.) You will not live that Sex in The City lifestyle when you turn 25. That’s why it’s called TV but you will be very pretty. Wait you always have been, lolx.

17.) You will be on a path to being a sucessful blogger. Stay focused.

18.) You will not be a Rad Tech, a Doctor, a hairdresser nor a nurse. You never wanted to do that in the first place.

19.) There’s a 16 year old RB from Philly named Tyler Lepley and he will become a big star. You will admire his work and he will be very nice to his fans!


Thank God for the events that lead to you becoming an actor, Tyler!!!

20.) You will not have the same crew from high school and it’s ok. Growth is always a good thing.

21.) You will become  good friends with Justin Posey so don’t sneer your nose up at him in the mall. Although yall will fall out again, it goes to show you how life works.

22.) The bag boy at Bilo who your mom calls “Little Fat Cute Chris Brown boy” will someday become your bestfriend. You will call him Stevens! Then he will become your boyfriend and he’ll be your Warren J.  Yall will go through some tough times together but you guys will have fun. You will be one in the same.   Because you two are very immature,you guys will break up but he will have your heart.  He will be one the reasons you start your blog. You will be mad at him for a while but no matter what or why you will love him. Stop pushing him to do stuff. He’s a very intelligent guy, he will get there when he’s ready. It will be hard but try to be his friend, love him, forgive him and GIVE HIM SPACE. A 24 year old you won’t get that but I think a 28 year old you will. Oh and don’t try to beat up his new girlfriend. Although she puts mini hits on your life , lolx, she’s not worth it.  Plus we need her able to see, she will stalk your blog and make your view count go up. Let them be happy. Hopefully you and him can figure something out, someday. I will keep you posted lolx.

20130615-224730.jpg 20130624-230715.jpg

You hate dogs but you will grow to love King too. He was your baby. King is the dog in the picture.

23.) Opal McKnight will show up at your job when you become a Retail Banker and keep you laughing.  Especially when you need it the most.


*Oh yea, despite the fact that you will hate that job, you will meet some of the greatest co workers ever! Rhonda’s one of them

24.) You will love seeing Allison Laudermilk. Yes yall may not be cool now but you guys were besties in 9th and 10th grade. She’s a very good person!

25.) You will finally realize the reason you kept falling out with a certain person. It’s not meant for you guys to be friends.

26.) Little Jimmy in the Wheelchair will grow up to be  Drake! You knew he was cute for a reason.


27.) Don’t stress. You are where you are for a reason. Remember that God has control and you just play the part! Oh and don’t worry that guy in the blue car likes black girls. You two will become good friends.

20131115-152119.jpg 20131115-152109.jpg


28.) You will have one of the biggest crushes on your God Brother Varian’s big brother that you never knew he had. You will meet him when you work for Woodforest and you will find out he thought you were beautiful at first glance. His name is Christopher. See you don’t have a thing for all Brandons. Side note you will learn how small the world really is. One of your good friends, Brandon Wideman is Tre’s brother. Tre took you to the prom at 17! Oh and he will steal your prom picture btw!

20131115-152200.jpg 20131115-152234.jpg

29.) Fred is wrong! Chanity is not crazy, lolx. Infact she will date another one of your bestfriends and you two will become best friends. Oh and your predictions were correct. Fred did become rich! Shameless plug is his site!


My bestie is so pretty!!!!

30.) Your dad will finally admit to you, at 27, that he has another child and he will tell you why he never fessed up to being the kid’s father. Because you are now  a mother and an adult you will understand why he did it. You will immediatley forgive him and actually empathize with him. You will understand that the secert has eatten him alive all these years and that he isn’t such a bad guy after all! He still gets on your nerves at times but hey thats life.

What are some things that you would tell your younger self 10 years ago? What was some of things that you use to do that you grew out of?

Oh and My “Black Album Memory” that I told JayZ about was my graduation. Quick Story: At my graduation, hands up to the BHP class of  2004, they do not let you clap for the graduate after their name is called. Instead, they give you  about a minute before the first diploma is recieved to scream and holler. So In the mist of screaming I hear someone say “Thank You, Thank You! You’re far too kind!” If your a true Hov fan then you will know that is in the beginning of Encore! My friend Pametria Garrett and I busted out laughing so hard. Guess what  Metri, it was my mama who was screaming that! I found that out last year.


My mama is so pretty too!!!

Also I want to thank fellow blogger @MAYAOFFICIALLY of for inspiring me to write this post! She wrote a post that I will link here: To Live In Detail that is similar to my post. Except she’s way cooler! Be sure to like comment and subscribe to her! She’s pretty and she blogs. What other reason do you need?

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