Friday Favorites! Horchatas and Tea!

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is enjoying the start of the weekend! I remember there was some show that use to always say “It’s the weekend babayyyy!” , but I can’t remember who it was?? Anyways lets hop into my Friday Favorites.  I only have a few and they are food and beverage related!


This tea is my favorite go to hot drink! Man I love this tea. Although the Ginger gives it a peppery taste, in my opinion, it taste really great with less sugar and extra lemon!  I purchased it at my local grocery store and it was on sale for 2.99! You can purchase it here for 3.99 plus shipping.

Mexican Horchata 1

Horchatas!!! Yes! I have been drinking these for the past two days! I made it for my family and drank it all. I love ricce pudding so I had to jump on this Mexican drink!  Mine were virgin, of course.  Find the recipe here.

That’s it guys. What are some of your Friday Faves? Have you guys drank Horchatas before?  Feel free to comment down below!

None of the pictures used in this article are mine!


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