Random Facts About Me


Luscious and Lively

Facebook is in another round of repetitive posts. This one is “I’ll give you a number and you share that many facts about you with everybody.”
So I will assume you all want to know some random stuff about me, since we are all getting to know each other, so I picked 7 as a nice random number. Here we go!

1. When I clean the house, I listen to one of 3 things: the Mamma Mia soundtrack, “Soul Queens” on 8 Track (the best app ever!) or Natasha Beddingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” CD. Go ahead and laugh. I need some obnoxiously upbeat music to get through scrubbing the toilets. It never hurts if I can sing out loud to every song.

2. I need to buy more real pants. The amount of leggings paired with flowy, long tops I have been sporting is getting out of control.


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