MC: Relationships After 25: Facebook Post From An Ex

Mommy's Corner

Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you guys are doing great this morning. I am up early. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to write. ( In my 4 page letter voice). This post is sort of a release post about something that I seen this morning that rubbed me the wrong way, a Facebook post from an ex.

So I wrote a post about 19 things that I did wrong in my previous relationships. I talked about my past three relationships. A lot of things I did in each relationship but a good bit of the things were done in my last relationship alone. Now of course I would have this relationship details fresh in my mind. It is the one that I still deal with. Well one of the “exes” wasn’t to happy with my story telling abilities. He took to Facebook to post a status. I won’t  quote him directly, I will just give you the jist of the post. He basically said that people should own up their mistakes without victimizing themselves.

Read that post here!

Now Why Did This Rub Me The Wrong Way

I have a few reasons that this didn’t sit right with me. First reason is, when I tell other people how I am feeling it’s because I can’t say it to that person. It’s not out of the fact of fear, it’s simply because that person ignores me. Instead of saying “Hey I have a problem with this.”, he takes to social media to “vent” his frustration. My second problem with this is now I get to look like the bad guy inside of a bad inside joke. Now I say it’s a bad inside joke because he only got brave once and posted my birthday in a post.  Any other time, there’s no names, only indicators for the hit dog to holler. I am not the easiest person to get along with but I make myself available for discussion if you have any type of problem.  Now we have people only getting half of the truth, if any, and basing their opinion of me as  person on that.  My last and maybe my biggest problem of the whole matter is that I am obsessed with explaining myself. I do not know why but I do. I think it’s because I have always wanted to know why people do things. I feel that if explain why you done something, it makes it easier for the person to empathize with you. It won’t change the fact that you are wrong, it just makes them understand you better.

If there is one thing about me, I will try to tell you the  whole truth about a situation as best I can. I try to see life with unbiased eyes but I am not a mind reader. If I know that I am doing something wrong, I put that out there before telling the story. To give a better example. That ex who posted that status loves to point fingers and call out others on their mistakes. He would whine and complain about being ignored by people whose back he had while ignoring me when I was trying to address an issue with him. Since when is ok to expect things from others when we don’t do them ourselves? Don’t dish out advice on to the plate of others that you should be eating yourself. In fact, eat the whole casserole dish of it. Funny thing was when we were friends, He always had an ear to listen long as he wasn’t a factor to the problem.

Why Didn’t You Just Tell Him This:

I didn’t tell him this because he will just ignore me and take to the social media scene. Since he likes to read my blog and do unofficial reviews for them, I figured this would be the perfect way for him to see my anger. Next time be sure to link my blog post that you are referring in your status.

Now I know some of you guys that are reading this maybe thinking “how do you know that he was even talking about you.”?  Well trust me when I say I know some people like the back of my hand and he’s one of them. Let’s be fair for a second, let’s say he was talking about someone else. Well that person has an inbox or maybe even a phone. The best part is they have a face, try using it to tell them how you feel!

Now it’s your turn:

Feel free to voice your thoughts and opinions about this post in the comment section. If you would like to share a similar story go right ahead. I just ask you not to make a status about it, lolx.





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