Happy Thanksgiving: To My Family

Holiday Cheer


My nephew at 4 months when he didn’t really care for “Twin” that much.


Hey guys! How is everyone tonight! I hope that you guys are doing great and keeping warm. I  just got in from having Thanksgiving with my family. I made everyone state what they planned on doing tomorrow on their  day off. I made them do this because it was funnier than them explaining what they were thankful for. While eating my dinner, I thought about all of the things that I am thankful for. One of them was my family.

To wake up everyday to see my son and to hear his  football stories makes me proud. I  am still wondering where he picked this intelligence up from. Seeing my nephew’s face light up to see his “Twin”. That’s what I call my nephew Rylan. To watch him grow and speak has been a blessing. This is my only nephew and he sticks to me like glue. Getting to see my three grown brothers and my one grown sister made me so happy. Watching my grandma tell her “I  hate work stories” made my day. Seeing my cousin, my mama and my stepdad made me realize how blessed I am. My ex lost his mom today and I don’t think he has found out yet. I am fortunate enough to have both of my parents and a stepparent. There are many family members who didn’t get to see Thanksgiving or another day. I want to take the time to tell my family Thank You guys and I love you.

I want to dedicate this post to memory of my Nanny, Great-Grandma Elizabeth, Great Grandma Christine, My cousin Janet, and Ms. Tiny. May yall Rest In Peace.

I want to also dedicate this post to my cousins Pooh- Pooh and Tereba. Keep your heads up and you faith in God.  We love you!


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