The Fuss: Who is Sharkeisha and What Is It To Me?

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From local celeb and butt kicker to overnight internet sensation, Sharkeisha has all of the sites jumping in her honor. From Ike Turner Memes to a definition in the dictionary, we have WorldStar HipHop to thank for this madness. Have no idea what I am talking about, no problem, let’s hop in the DeLorean with Micheal J and Christopher Lloyd and travel back to last week.



The Jist:


Two teenagers by the names of Shay and Sharkeisha, whom were friends up until latter part in the day, met up at what look to be an apartment complex. Sharkeisha confronts Shay about wanting to sleep with her boyfriend. Shay looks away and Sharkeshia sucker punches a inattentive Shay. It doesn’t stop there. She continues to kick the young lady until one of her friends screams for her to stop. Now in case you missed this part, the whole thing was being filmed by a friend of the infamous Sharkeisha.  After being put on Instagram, the video was picked up by WorldStar HipHop and the rest is for history books. Sorry Kanye.

The fight ( It is graphic so be prepared)

Now whats wrong with this whole picture? Well first thing is, besides the fight ,we know nothing about Sharkeisha. Google her name and things associated with that fight or things that are mocking and demeaning to her appears on your screen. What if Sharkeisha was just having a bad day and now she gets known as the “queen of ratchet a#* whoopings” and “miss mollywhop”. The fame this teenager has receive only shows her in a very negative light. The sad part about it is that like most internet stars mimicked for all the wrong reasons, she doesn’t even realize it. I read somewhere that she was glad that her Twitter Following went up from this.  I do not know how true that statement is.


Poor Shay

What made me think about this post was that I used the Sharkeisha hashtag, for views. I ran into some activist and they made me think. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Sharkeisha did Shay wrong by waiting until she turned away to hit her. If you are going to fight, at least make sure the person is facing you but that’s another topic.  It was a sad situation. I thought using the hashtag would get more views from a wide audience but was I promoting the violence? That’s when I had to stop and re-evaluate my own thinking. I am the same person who would turn off Black Girls Rock to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta but at the same time I do promote those that are trying to make a difference in the community. Can I have it both ways?

What are your thoughts on the Sharkeisha craze? In fact how do you guys feel about how we are portrayed in the media period? I want to know more about her as a person. Am I the only one?  Let’s chat. If you feel the need to go in on me for this post, that’s fine too!



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