Catch This Beatdown: Introducing Unicorn Beauty 101 with Dameion Lorenzo

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Hey guys! How’s everyone on this lovely Friday? I hope that everyone is doing great! I had to get my IPhone repaired today and it was a price tag. I’m just glad to have it functioning again, even if it is at the cost of a flat wallet!

I wanted to stop by with some exciting news! I am starting a new segment with a hot, young, fresh and new Florida make up artist by the name of Dameion Lorenzo! Dameion, or Dame as I like to call him, is a dear friend of mine! His brand, Unicorn Faces By Dame is about to take the world by a glitter storm! In this segment, Unicorn Beauty 101, Dameion will be teaching us how to give the perfect beatdown! From finding the right foundation shade to achieving the perfect brow, we will get the scoop on it all! Think of it as DIY for the face!

How it will work:

There will be advice and challenges done in this segment! For the advice part, Dameion will offer his knowledge on certain topics that we may struggle with in the make up and skin department. For example, finding the right skin foundation for full coverage or finding the right BB Cream for oily skin. We will also be happy to take your questions on social media and in the comment section below for a segment topic!

For the challenge portion, Dameion will create a look on himself or a model for me to recreate. Once I have recreated the look, it will be posted on this blog with full instructions as well as mistakes that I may have made and Dame’s advice on how to correct the problem. The teacher will be grading my work, hunny!

I can not wait to bring this to you all! I think that it will be so much fun! Don’t worry if you don’t get the look quite right, Dameion makes house calls!

To see Dameion’s work/online portfolio follow him on Instagram @unicornfacesbydame
Catch the BeatDown by booking your appointment here:


Shoe Porn and Eye Candy: Tyler Lepley

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What makes a lady happy? A sharp dressed man with a nice body! Tyler Lepley fits the mold to the T! Ty posted some pictures a few days ago that you guys know I had to share!!


Isn’t he just handsome ladies!!!! I mean who doesn’t love a shirtless Tyler with that nice tattoo! I love those Louis Vuitton loafers Mr.Lepley!!!

Congrats on 10k Instagram followers, Tyler! Are you one of those followers? If not here:

TD Hair Review: First Look +First Week


Hey guys! How’s everyone today! I hope that you all are doing great! How many of you guys checked out my latest post: What She Wore: To A Kid’s Day Party. ? If not then click the link below and check it out:

Anyways I wanted to stop by here with an update on my TD Hair! My first impression and my first week review will be the topic of discussion. Let’s jump in.

First Impression.
I ordered the hair on a Thursday and received it the following Monday. It took 24 for Aliexpress to verify my card. Once they had that squared away, my package was shipped via DHL. I liked that the package required a signature upon receipt.
Here are pictures of the hair:







I ordered a 18,20,22 and 24. Also included in the bundle deal was a 16 inch closure. The hair is the Brazilian Body Wave.

When I opened the package, I did the following things, the shed test, smelled the hair and made sure the bundles were somewhat true to length.

The hair measured out to be the exact length as stated. The hair did shed a little but not too bad. I got two strands out of all of the bundles to together and two from the closure itself. The smell of the bundles were good but the closure smelled horrible. I did not alert Mr. Lee, the owner of TD Hair, about this matter because I wanted to co wash the hair first. The smell has gone away now. I noticed that the knots were pre-bleached and some of the bleach was on the roots of the closure. It was no big deal to me because you can not see it. Also it lets me know that the hair will bleach with no problem. The ends on the hair were not too thin or unhealthy looking.


After co washing, I noticed two things. The longer bundles lost a little bit of its wave( the 22 and 24) and that there was no residue in the water during the wash. By residue, I mean the infamous “black dye” that comes off of fake “virgin” hair when you wash it. Also the closure had a really deep wave pattern after it dried. It seemed the shorter the length, the more defined the wave pattern is. I plan on wearing this hair straight but if you guys want to know if the natural wave comes back I will add that to the checklist!

Installation and First Week Review

I decided to try my hand at making a U part wig with a closure and side cut. There are no tutorials on YouTube on how to do this so it has been trial and error for me. The first time I made the wig, I could not fit all four bundles on to the cap. So I had two bundles and a closure on the first cap. The next go round I doubled my 20 and 22 to fit all but a good bit of the 18 on to the cap. The bundles are full. I will be remaking this wig again for a third time. I currently feel like I want to try a different cap this time.

The hair is holding up great. I cut my 18 inch weft and I am not experiencing any extra shedding. The hair tangles but it’s not to the point that the brush will not remove it. I have it sewn down in the front and side. (I ran out of thread, lolx) I am sleeping in the hair. I braid it and throw a satin bonnet on it. Which reminds me it’s time for a new bonnet. I’ve had this thing since 97.

I few things that I have learned from this experience.

Well a lot of you know that I am not a professional but I’m willing to learn almost anything. I now know to only buy my curved needles at the beauty supply store. Although the ones in my needle kit got the job done a lot faster, I almost bled to death from poking myself.

The next thing that I learned was to put your side cut on the opposite side of the foam head. I had to start all over the first time after finishing the 24 inch bundle.

Don’t try to make a wig after a 12 hour shift.

Once I perfect my Side Cut u-part wig, I will do a tutorial on it. ( If it’s requested) I have pictures below of the hair! If you guys have any questions or feel that I left out anything please let me know. I will be back with another update very soon!!!






If you look at the last picture vs the picture wear I’m wearing the orange top you can see the difference in the fullness. I have all four bundles in on the picture with the orange top on.

What She Wore: To a Kid’s Day Party

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Hey guys! How is everyone? Yesterday my nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday at Chuckie Cheese. I figured that I could show you guys what I wore to his little day party!


The breakdown:
Jacket: Local Thrift Store 6.00
Sweatshirt: Vintage shop Raxclothing( mini haul coming soon) 30.00
High Waisted Acid Wash Distressed Jeans: The Nicki Minaj Collection ( mini haul coming soon) 10.00
Turban: Scarf from Goodwill .50
Combat Boots: Kmart Bongo Collection. I got them three years ago so I think that they are no longer sold there. 35.00
Gold Chain: My grandmama gave me that chain, no really she did. I think she got it from Target. It doubles as a headband.

I figured that if I had to go to a party wear I’m chasing kids and low key trying  being a big kid myself, I had to be comfortable. I enjoyed myself and despite the fact that my nephew was freaked out by Chuckie, he had loads of fun too! What are some of your kid day party outfit ideas? I would love to hear from you guys!



My son, Brelin, my nephew, Rylan and I at Rylan’s second birthday celebration!


Virgin Hair Review Coming Soon!

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Hey guys! How’s everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is staying warm tonight! I will be headed back to work tomorrow so please pray for my safe journey to and from work in all of this mess!

I wanted to stop by to let you guys know that I have new hair from an vendor by the name of TD Hair! I will do a total of four post about the hair. These post will consist of an initial review, an install review, a first week review and a one month update. Now I will give mini updates about the hair weekly letting you guys know how the hair is holding up. I have not decided if I want to color the hair. If you guys would like me to do so, let me know. I will be happy to document the process!

I am excited to share this experience with you guys. This will be my first time making a u-part wig with a closure, but I have faith that it will turn out good. I will be using methods from the ladies of YouTube.

If you guys haven’t read my Virgin Hair Nightmare post please feel free to here:

*Disclosure: I am not being compensated for my review of TD Hair products. The opinions are my own. I was not gifted nor sent this hair. Pictures belong to TD Hair! *

An Introduction to ‘Her Awakened Alter Ego’…


Hey guys be sure to check out this new blog! I see big things coming from this blog!


Hello there beautiful readers,

I had been meaning to create a blog for some time now, and I finally found some time to sit down with a lovely cup of cinnamon tea… mmm, and write my first post.

Right well where to start… I have decided to use this blog for various topics, rather than being held down to one in particular. Those of which will include: beauty related posts, fashion, nails, positive and inspirational posts, and also providing you with great reads!

I am a Psychology student and enjoy learning about the human mind. If you need any advice related to school or anything in general feel free to leave a comment and you can either email me, or I can create a blog post surrounding the topic. You like that don’t you? Good. 😀

I feel like this will be a place for me to discuss beauty items…

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Mini Haul Karmaloop, Rainbow, Body Central and Other Stuff

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Hey guys! How’s everyone doing today? Who’s enjoying being snowed in? I figured this would be the perfect time to pump out a few blog post!

I’ve been shopping! I’ve been shopping! *drunk in debt* I wanted to stop by with a few items for you guys! This will be part one. Since Mother Nature will not let me be great, I am having to wait on more packages, lolx.

I would like styling tips and ideas from you guys as well! So let’s jump right into it!

I have two items from! I used my rep points to purchase two black crop tops for 6.12! That was the price for both items together, including shipping!



The top crop top has faux leather on the shoulders. The crop top on the bottom overlaps in the back!

I was needing some simple cropped tops so I figured those two items would do!

Want items from at 20% off? Use code LULU58 at checkout and save big!

Next I have a Varsity Jacket from! I saw on that there was a sale on all outerwear so I had to head over!


This jacket was marked down to 10.00! With shipping and tax the item was 25.00!

Next item that I purchased was from Every time I think of this store I think of what one of my favorite youtubers calls a “Get it Girl Store”. Anyways, I came across an email stating that Rainbow was offering free shipping on items over 13.00! I had been eyeing a skirt that I wanted so I figured this would be the perfect time to grab the skirt!


I love this skirt! I love the stained glass artwork style print. My grandad found the skirt offensive. How do you guys feel about it? Only con was that my skirt was coming unraveled at the seams but it wasn’t anything too bad. The cost of the skirt was 13.00 so I wasn’t too upset.

The next item was purchased at a store called Hammerick’s. I’m not sure if any states besides North and South Carolina has this store but this item should be available online.


This shirt was on sale for 12.99. It’s sheer material and has the cutest little cats printed on it. My two favorite details are the gold collar tips and the opening in back! Also during that trip, I purchased a faux denim shirt for 7.99 but I’ve worn it already. It’s in my dirty clothes pile, lolx.

The next item was purchased from an EBay seller! I have been on the hunt for this for a while.


A black faux leather skater skirt! I am so frugal at times so when I saw this item on google shopper for under 6.00 I knew I had to have it. I order it from an overseas seller, so the wait was long. I was fine with it. My only downside was that the skirt came wrinkled and just like the Rainbow skirt, the thread was coming unraveled. It’s not too bad for 6.00. I can make it work for me!

My next two items were from a quick trip to the thrift store in my town. I went in to purchase a few tees for work and I ended up finding these two pieces!



The camo jacket was 6.00 and the cardigan was 1.50. I think I may do a DIY project on the camo jacket. I know that I will distress it a bit. Let me know if you guys think I should add my DIY touch to the jacket and if I should do a post on it!

My last item was a gift from my boyfriend. He purchased it from


I’m not sure of the price that he paid for these but I’m loving these faux leather joggers!

That’s it for the mini haul! I hope that you guys enjoyed it! I want to know what was your favorite item and how would you style each piece! Also, I want to see what you guys are hauling! If you blog or make YouTube videos leave your link below or on any of my social media sites. Part two coming soon!

*Disclosure: Everything was purchased with my own money unless stated other wise! All opinions are my honest ones nor was I paid or compensated for this haul/review. Picture of Stained Glass Skirt belongs to*

DIY Valentines Gifts For Him


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The big is on the way! Here are five of my FAVORITE DIY valentine gift idea for my boyfriend, in no particular order. 

1.) Sharpie Mugs. This is something that I think would actually be really cute to do with T. I LOVE coffee, and he likes tea, so this is perfect for us! All you need is an assortment of sharpies,(I recommend pretty metallic colors and, of course, red) two mugs, and an oven heated up to 350 degrees. Just write a cute saying on there, and pop it in the oven for 30 mins! 40+ DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Boyfriend & Husbands - Sharpie Mugs - DIY Valentines Gifts for Him

2.) Valentines Gift Baskets. This idea is totes adorbs. (: I particularly like the idea of writing cheesy little sayings. For example! A box of red hots can be accompanied by a little tag saying “You+Me=Red Hot Love!” and a box of apple jacks could say “You’re the apple of my eye!” Get…

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Re upload : Highlight and Contour Catastrophe


Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that all is well with you all? I’m still a little lethargic from the allergy meds from earlier. So anyways I wanted to stop by and talk about my trial and ERROR highlight and contour job today.

Ok so everyone knows I am by no means a MUA but that it would benefit me to learn. I wear makeup so I want to learn past the basics. I don’t own any MAC products but I own a lot of makeup. I decided to work with an LA Colors dupe of MAC’s Swiss Chocolate to contour. Let’s back up first. I decided to highlight and contour with cream foundations. I did my highlight with my lighter foundation and my contour with my darker one. I got the idea from the video here:

Unfortunately It did not come out like that at all. Once I blended my foundation I decided to re-contour my cheeks with the dupe. I actually made my nose look bigger, opposite of what I was going for. To re highlight my face I added my favorite bronzer. I looked like the Tin Man.

So I decided that this was step one in the trial! I will be attempting this process again but in a different manner. I will blog about it and include pictures. We can learn together lolx.

So have any of you guys attempted this process before? If so, were you sucessful in your first attempt? What are some of the products that you used? If not, then what scares you about the process? Have you had any epic fails with makeup? I would love to hear about it??