Re upload : Highlight and Contour Catastrophe


Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that all is well with you all? I’m still a little lethargic from the allergy meds from earlier. So anyways I wanted to stop by and talk about my trial and ERROR highlight and contour job today.

Ok so everyone knows I am by no means a MUA but that it would benefit me to learn. I wear makeup so I want to learn past the basics. I don’t own any MAC products but I own a lot of makeup. I decided to work with an LA Colors dupe of MAC’s Swiss Chocolate to contour. Let’s back up first. I decided to highlight and contour with cream foundations. I did my highlight with my lighter foundation and my contour with my darker one. I got the idea from the video here:

Unfortunately It did not come out like that at all. Once I blended my foundation I decided to re-contour my cheeks with the dupe. I actually made my nose look bigger, opposite of what I was going for. To re highlight my face I added my favorite bronzer. I looked like the Tin Man.

So I decided that this was step one in the trial! I will be attempting this process again but in a different manner. I will blog about it and include pictures. We can learn together lolx.

So have any of you guys attempted this process before? If so, were you sucessful in your first attempt? What are some of the products that you used? If not, then what scares you about the process? Have you had any epic fails with makeup? I would love to hear about it??


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