An Introduction to ‘Her Awakened Alter Ego’…


Hey guys be sure to check out this new blog! I see big things coming from this blog!


Hello there beautiful readers,

I had been meaning to create a blog for some time now, and I finally found some time to sit down with a lovely cup of cinnamon tea… mmm, and write my first post.

Right well where to start… I have decided to use this blog for various topics, rather than being held down to one in particular. Those of which will include: beauty related posts, fashion, nails, positive and inspirational posts, and also providing you with great reads!

I am a Psychology student and enjoy learning about the human mind. If you need any advice related to school or anything in general feel free to leave a comment and you can either email me, or I can create a blog post surrounding the topic. You like that don’t you? Good. 😀

I feel like this will be a place for me to discuss beauty items…

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