TD Hair Review: First Look +First Week


Hey guys! How’s everyone today! I hope that you all are doing great! How many of you guys checked out my latest post: What She Wore: To A Kid’s Day Party. ? If not then click the link below and check it out:

Anyways I wanted to stop by here with an update on my TD Hair! My first impression and my first week review will be the topic of discussion. Let’s jump in.

First Impression.
I ordered the hair on a Thursday and received it the following Monday. It took 24 for Aliexpress to verify my card. Once they had that squared away, my package was shipped via DHL. I liked that the package required a signature upon receipt.
Here are pictures of the hair:







I ordered a 18,20,22 and 24. Also included in the bundle deal was a 16 inch closure. The hair is the Brazilian Body Wave.

When I opened the package, I did the following things, the shed test, smelled the hair and made sure the bundles were somewhat true to length.

The hair measured out to be the exact length as stated. The hair did shed a little but not too bad. I got two strands out of all of the bundles to together and two from the closure itself. The smell of the bundles were good but the closure smelled horrible. I did not alert Mr. Lee, the owner of TD Hair, about this matter because I wanted to co wash the hair first. The smell has gone away now. I noticed that the knots were pre-bleached and some of the bleach was on the roots of the closure. It was no big deal to me because you can not see it. Also it lets me know that the hair will bleach with no problem. The ends on the hair were not too thin or unhealthy looking.


After co washing, I noticed two things. The longer bundles lost a little bit of its wave( the 22 and 24) and that there was no residue in the water during the wash. By residue, I mean the infamous “black dye” that comes off of fake “virgin” hair when you wash it. Also the closure had a really deep wave pattern after it dried. It seemed the shorter the length, the more defined the wave pattern is. I plan on wearing this hair straight but if you guys want to know if the natural wave comes back I will add that to the checklist!

Installation and First Week Review

I decided to try my hand at making a U part wig with a closure and side cut. There are no tutorials on YouTube on how to do this so it has been trial and error for me. The first time I made the wig, I could not fit all four bundles on to the cap. So I had two bundles and a closure on the first cap. The next go round I doubled my 20 and 22 to fit all but a good bit of the 18 on to the cap. The bundles are full. I will be remaking this wig again for a third time. I currently feel like I want to try a different cap this time.

The hair is holding up great. I cut my 18 inch weft and I am not experiencing any extra shedding. The hair tangles but it’s not to the point that the brush will not remove it. I have it sewn down in the front and side. (I ran out of thread, lolx) I am sleeping in the hair. I braid it and throw a satin bonnet on it. Which reminds me it’s time for a new bonnet. I’ve had this thing since 97.

I few things that I have learned from this experience.

Well a lot of you know that I am not a professional but I’m willing to learn almost anything. I now know to only buy my curved needles at the beauty supply store. Although the ones in my needle kit got the job done a lot faster, I almost bled to death from poking myself.

The next thing that I learned was to put your side cut on the opposite side of the foam head. I had to start all over the first time after finishing the 24 inch bundle.

Don’t try to make a wig after a 12 hour shift.

Once I perfect my Side Cut u-part wig, I will do a tutorial on it. ( If it’s requested) I have pictures below of the hair! If you guys have any questions or feel that I left out anything please let me know. I will be back with another update very soon!!!






If you look at the last picture vs the picture wear I’m wearing the orange top you can see the difference in the fullness. I have all four bundles in on the picture with the orange top on.


4 thoughts on “TD Hair Review: First Look +First Week

  1. I’m looking into buying some hair for my first install EVER! I’m new to this game and am scared of spending hundreds of dollars on cheap hair.
    Would you recommend this hair? And what is your favorite hair so far?

    1. Hey Irene! Thanks for stopping by! I would recommend this hair only if you plan on not cutting the wefts. I only say that because before I cut the wefts I experienced minimal shedding. I have not experienced any tangling or matting. My only other downside to this hair is the length and wave pattern. The longer the length becomes the wave becomes loose. Please Let me know if you have any other questions. ❤️

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