Birthday OOTD..Cinco De Mayo Chic

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Last night was my birthday! I turned the big 28 and I must say that I enjoyed myself to the max. I had a simple celebration with a few of my girls! Well you know I can’t go with out sharing my outfit with you guys.


My shirt is from a local department store in my area called Hammericks. My faux leather skater skirt is from EBay. I purchased it for only 6.00 from an overseas seller. My pumps are Sam and Libby. The heel has spikes on it. They were a clearance special from Target. My head wrap is just a scarf that I purchased from my local thrift store. The hair is still the TD hair.
I feel that I am somewhat becoming good at this beatface movement. To achieve my look I use most drug store products. Let me know if you guys would like a step by step and list of the items! ( I’m not a professional at all)


Just thought I’d throw in this pic of my girls! They were snatched too❤️

Happy 1st Birthday!


Hey guys! Long time no post right? How has everyone been? I hope the answer to that is great! Anyways, I had to stop by to let you guys know that it’s been a full year since I started LuLuChris58!
Last year, after quitting my job, I decided to go for my dream! I had nothing but air and opportunity, lolx. I went thrifting with about 20.00 and went to work!
I needed a good marketing strategy. One thing that I do remember from being a business major was that you need to get your product out there in the best light to attract the right customers. From this, LuLuChris58 the blog was born.

LuLuChris58 has been a challenge! I was going to only write about kid fashion and promote my products through this blog but as time went on I started to venture off into other topics. LuLuChris58 is a reflection of myself. I am a mother, friend and worker who loves all things random. Although I plan to bring more structure to this site, don’t expect for me to lose the random factor, lolx. ( If that makes any sense)

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has played a part in getting LuLuChris58 this far! I appreciate it all! I look forward to seeing what’s in store for these next 365 days!