Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday: Baby Biceps

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday, parent family fashion

So ladies we know what every Tuesday is right? If you’re new to the movement, welcome to Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday! Here at LuLuChris58 I quench our thirst with all things from The Haves and Have Not star, Tyler Lepley!

Now I’ve been slack but I figured since Benny opened his eyes and made a love connection with our hearts again, why not post for him! ( Yaay Benny)

So if you are not following Mr.Lepley on Instagram, then you should! That way you won’t miss out on shots like this:


Tyler posted this adorable photo of him four days ago. Wasn’t he precious?

Wait I can’t leave without giving you all what we love the most:


You know I wouldn’t be fulfilling my duties if I didn’t bring out the biceps!

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Photos are not mine! ( Boy how I wish they were)


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