Sidecut Design Courtesy of Jay Kutti!

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So I finally took the big leap and had a design cut into my sidecut! I took to Facebook with a picture from pinterest of a sidecut design on natural hair. Few of my friends immediately tagged their barbers. Most of the barbers were too far away.

When my friend Antwan tagged his barber, Jay Kutti, I should have know that he was destined to cut my hair, lolx. After being tagged, Jay reached out to me via Facebook inbox with his business number to hash out the details. He was only 20 minutes away and he had been wanting to do the design that I was wanting.

Located at Hairnette’s, an Anderson SC salon and barbershop in the heart of downtown, Jay Kutti was very professional, organized and at 20.00 I must say reasonably priced. He sets appointments, very quick and as you guys see his skills are excellent! This was his FIRST time doing this design.

Quick Deets:
1.) I only paid 20.00 for the cut and design.
2.) My wait time was not long. ( Roughly 15 minutes)
3.) The process wasn’t long at all.
4.) Customer Service was excellent. Jay was very friendly and professional. He went above and beyond to make sure that ALL of his customers were satisfied with the services that they received.
5.) The atmosphere was very laid back! It truly felt like I was amongst friends. The room and his tools were very clean and fresh.
6.) He accepts debit and provides receipts!

I have decided to make him my barber and strongly feel that you all should too!

To see more of Jay Kutti’s designs and to receive more information on booking your appointment, follow him on Instagram @jaykutti!

OOTN: Do Epic S Part 2

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The Deets( tags coming in another post)
Top: Love M: Ross Stores ( I payed less than 5.00 for this top)
Shorts: Ambiance Appeal: Ross Stores ( I payed less than 5.00 for the bottoms too)
Shoes: Report: TJ Maxx: 29.99
Acessories: Wet seal: 16.99 for set

So if you guys read my previous post ” Surprise Party Oufit Pick” then you know that I have came across a lovely peplum top and shorts that I paired together to make a set.
I hope you guys like the OOTN. I have another post for my hair coming soon!

Bonus: You guys may remember Lauren from a previous post. Well this was her surprise party! She enjoyed herself! I wanted to include pictures below.

The Birthday Girl






She got to meet Anthony Hamilton! ❤️❤️

More pics








Surprise party outfit pick

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So for Lauren’s party I decided to pick up this little number or should I say pieces! I stopped by Ross with my brother and couldn’t resist shopping. I came across the bottoms first and the peplum top second. The price of the “set” was less than 10.00. I felt so accomplished, lolx.

I’m stumped on what type of shoes to wear and how to wear my hair. Let me know any thoughts below.

What To Wear To A Surprise Party

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So my best friend Lauren is having a party Saturday. I can’t say where because she reads this blog but I can tell you she’s having a party. ( she knows this but doesn’t know where)

I’m stumped on what to wear! I have a few outfits in mind but I honestly don’t know!

Here’s some things I do know:

1.) I don’t want to be off beat with the place and atmosphere. By this I mean I don’t want to be over nor under dressed.
2.) I want to wear flats. I hate partying in heels! My feet hurts really easily these days so heels are out for this event.
3.) I want to be comfortable. Nothing too loose but nothing too tight.

Here some of the pieces I’m thinking of. Some I actually own already.


I’m also on this gladiator high! Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you I’m the gladiator queen! I love those shoes! With the thigh high being all the rave, I want to incorporate a pair into my outfit Saturday. My problem is will I be able to find a pair before Saturday???

I’m loving these but I know there’s no way I will have them by Saturday ( but I will be purchasing them!)


These are perfect! They are the Haus Von Lila Dogma inspired sandal! I love them. These babies will give me the sex appeal that I crave without the pain I don’t need.

Well what would you guys suggest? I’m going to Instagram and my other social media outlets for feedback.

OOTD: Benny Biceps Thristy Tuesday Wear

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The Deets:

Top: Black Tank: not really sure but I do know I have a similar one from Forever 21.

Shorts: Vintage High Waisted Jordache shorts from LuLuChris58.

Shoes: Combat boots by Bongo from Kmart.

I didn’t do anything special today except for watch my fave Tyler Lepley tonight on The Haves and Have Nots! Who all watched tonight? Any thoughts???

OOTD: Sunday Funday Wear!

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The Deets:
Black Hat: Thrifted:Brand Unknown:
Blazer: Talbots Children:Thrifted:
Tee: Ash Grey: Classic Clothing : $10.99( UK price, I believe I paid 17.99 with shipping.)
Shorts: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger/ Custom DIY: LuLuChris58: 20.00
Get yours here:
Classic Tee
Vintage/Custom Shorts

So I went out yesterday for a Sunday Funday outing! I figured I needed one more day before I had to hit the clock for my three day work week. I have more pictures from the day below.








I had a ball while rocking all of my go to pieces, lolx! What did you guys do over the weekend? I would love to see some of your OOTDs from the weekend events.

OOTD: Recap of the 4Th

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The Deets:

Crop Top: KMart: Bongo
Shorts: LuLuChris58: Custom Pair
Boots: KMart: Bongo Brand

So I’m totally late with this post but it’s my ootd from Independence Day! I was going to style the Lauren James “shorties” featured in my ” First Look” but I ended up straying away from the whole “red, white and blue” theme. I went to a Independence Fun Day style cookout hosted by my friend Lauren. ( photos will be included below) I met some great people and I’m now a card trick master.

So what did you guys do for the holiday? What did you all wear? I hope it was a safe and fun one.









OOTD: A Girl in a Black Hat

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The Deets:
Top: Papaya’s: Bought in 2011 so I have no idea how much it was.
Bustier: Goodwill/ DIY: 2.50
High Waisted Destroyed Jeans: KMart: The Nicki Minaj Line: 5.00 These wear featured in a few previous post.
Shoes: KMart: Bongo: 4.00
Hat: Goodwill: .99 cents
Earrings: Local Family Dollarstore: 2.00 for a set of four.
Necklace: Gift from Grandma
Watch: Thrifted Gift from Grandma

I went and did my last minute shopping yesterday with my mom and grandma. Everyone loved my outfit, especially my hat.

Do you have any go to pieces for the Summer? I would love to see them!

BBTT: Benny/ Ty Lepley Look-A-Like Game

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday

Happy Thirsty Tuesday to all my Benny Bicep lovers! How many of you ladies and gents are ready for tonight’s episode of The Haves and Have Nots? I am! I have cleared my schedule to make sure that I’m home in time to watch what I believe is about to be the best episode yet!

Picture Courtesy of

Anyways today Benny Bicep topic for today are the look a-like. For the month of July. I want for my BBTT crew to send me pics of your favorite Benny/ Ty Lepley look a-like.

To participate send the picture of your nominee to Tell me a little about the gentlemen and what makes you feel that he looks like our favorite guy. Be sure to put in the subject line : BBTT/ Ty Lepley look a like. If you have a fun or catchy title for your post be sure to add that in the body of the email. It’s that simple. I will feature these gentlemen every Tuesday and Thursday. I can’t wait to see your guys, with their permission of course!

*Side Note*
If you or your nominee own a business, blog or promote any type of charity be sure to provide a link for the viewers. I’m all for promoting.

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