What To Wear To A Surprise Party

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So my best friend Lauren is having a party Saturday. I can’t say where because she reads this blog but I can tell you she’s having a party. ( she knows this but doesn’t know where)

I’m stumped on what to wear! I have a few outfits in mind but I honestly don’t know!

Here’s some things I do know:

1.) I don’t want to be off beat with the place and atmosphere. By this I mean I don’t want to be over nor under dressed.
2.) I want to wear flats. I hate partying in heels! My feet hurts really easily these days so heels are out for this event.
3.) I want to be comfortable. Nothing too loose but nothing too tight.

Here some of the pieces I’m thinking of. Some I actually own already.


I’m also on this gladiator high! Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you I’m the gladiator queen! I love those shoes! With the thigh high being all the rave, I want to incorporate a pair into my outfit Saturday. My problem is will I be able to find a pair before Saturday???

I’m loving these but I know there’s no way I will have them by Saturday ( but I will be purchasing them!)


These are perfect! They are the Haus Von Lila Dogma inspired sandal! I love them. These babies will give me the sex appeal that I crave without the pain I don’t need.

Well what would you guys suggest? I’m going to Instagram and my other social media outlets for feedback.


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