Baby Arrival OOTD: What To Wear To The Hospital

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The Deets:

Camo Jacket: Local Thrift Store 2.00
Denim Dress: Goodwill Mossimo (Target Brand) 2.50
Black Hat: Goodwill .99
Leopard Print Loafers( not pictured): KMart Bongo 4.00 ( I just remembered the price after all this time)
Hair is the same TD Hair from Aliexpress!

So one of my baby nieces decided that she was ready to wear her piles and piles of clothes and that it was time she made her debut into the world. She was five weeks early but she’s doing great.

My mom said I look like Boy George in my hat! Culture Club vibe it is then, lolx!

Ashtynn Noelle


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I thought this would be funny to add.

Blazers and Baby Showers

Broke Girls Diaries, Files of Style, parent family fashion, What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD


The Deets:
Head wrap: local Beauty Supply Store Scarf. ( I think it was a 1.00 I bought it in 2009)
Blazer: Local Thrift Store: .50 Talbot’s kid brand
Shirt: Goodwill: .50 Not sure of the brand ( I cut the lace collar off. People thought that I was lying when I told them it was a “grandma shirt”)
Shorts: Goodys : 9.99 Not sure of the brand
Shoes: TJ Maxx: 29.99 Report brand

So my sister had her baby shower at her old job, Wild Wings, on a Sunday. My outfit choice was last minute. I saw the shirt that I had thrifted and my black shorts just hanging around so I felt it was destined to be paired together. The blazer was just my signature touch.

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Saturday OOTD: Leather Wearing in the Summertime



The Deets:
Flannel Shirt: Goodwill: 2.00 Cherokee Brand
Skirt: EBay: 6.00 No name
Shoes: TJ Maxx: 29.00 Rampage
Earrings : Wet Seal. I do not remember the price.

So if your 26 or over you remember the classic, ” Waiting To Exhale”. One of my favorite lines if not the only favorite was when Robin, played by Lela Rochon screams out ” Troy, if you don’t take yo leather wearing in the summer time…”. She says more but I honestly couldn’t get past that part. It’s always made me laugh and afraid to date any guys name Troy, kmsl. (Side note: I also think of Troy Ave too)

I’ve been seeing a lot of faux joggers and tops featured in recent OOTDs on Facebook. Gotta say I’m not that brave yet. It’s too hot here in sc. I will stick with the skater skirt.

My outfit was inspired by the trend of flannel showing up everywhere and my 5 year obsession with flannel.

Plan on seeing me in flannel for the rest of the year! I plan on coming back with a look book including flannel.

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