OOTD: Dressed in All Black

What she wore


The Deets:
Black Wool Hat: Thrifted
Stripe Shirt: Thrifted
Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket: Joe Boxer: Kmart
Black High waisted pants: Thrifted
Booties: Bongo: Kmart

So my bestie and I went for brunch and “family time” today. I decided to dress in all black but I couldn’t find my black tank so I threw on my stripe shirt instead. My hat became an accessory after the humidity was being so disrespectful.

My outfit was less than 50.00 ( socks included). Each Thrifted item was 1.00 or less.

My exact look

So what did you guys do today?

My Style

Files of Style








Hey guys! How is everyone today? Well I wanted to stop by with a look book/ style inspiration part 1. I wanted to start with my style.

I would describe my style as anything comfortable. I love to take stylish pieces and build around them. I own a fair amount of clothes. How I shop is by two methods. My first method is buying key pieces. These are the pieces that I am willing to splurge on if I have to. If I can get it for the low- low like the coco, then I’m all over it! ( sorry I had to throw that in there.lolx)

My second method is that I buy what I like that’s on trend. I normally find these anywhere and I don’t spend a lot on them. I try to keep the price point for these pieces under 20 dollars.

My Key Pieces




How would you describe your style? My part two is going to a look book based on my key pieces. Well more like a how to style!

OOTD: Mock Vday OOTN

What she wore




Top: Target
Jacket: KMart: Joe Boxer
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: KMart: Bongo

So I had to do a mock OOTN ( containing some of the exact pieces I own) because I forgot to take my full body shot! I was in such a rush to see 50 Shades of Grey with my best friend Meagan! This post was originally supposed to be a collab/ bestie OOTN but we forgot to snap the pics. So what did you guys do for your Vday weekend? Did you go see 50 Shades of Grey? If so, did you like it?

OOTD: Vintage School Girls

What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD







The Deets:
Blazer: Mossimo: Target
Top: Merona: Target
Jeans: Express: Thrifted ( vintage circa late 80s/ early 90s)
Shoes: Bongo: Kmart

So after my son’s awards day, I wanted to put on something more relaxed and warmer. I pulled out my vintage Express jeans and threw them on. I was shocked they even fit. They were too big when I purchased them a few months ago. I guess I’ve put on some winter weight, lolx.

OOTD: The Pleasure Principle

What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD






The Deets:

Top: Thrift Store
Jeans: DIY : Rio Jeans ( Customized by Me!)
Jacket: Thrift Store: Lee Jeans
Boots: KMart Bongo

So does anyone remember Janet Jackson’s Control Album? Well my hair gave me the urge to tie my black pocket tee in the front and throw on my DIY high waist destroyed denim. Although Janet opted for black Guess jeans, knee pads and Adidas shoes, I decided to go with my trusty combat boots. ( I so need a new pair)

What are some of the trends of the 80s that inspires your style??




#GreyGang It’s a Movement












So grey isn't only for the Golden anymore! Last November I wanted a color in my hair that was on trend but one that I could get away with. I have been going grey since the age of 25. It's hereditary.
Also, everybody was doing the teal and purple. No one was brave enough to look old. I didn't want to bleach my hair. Although I'm natural, I am still afraid of bleaching and coloring all of my real hair. I only colored my 14 inch bundle.

How I achieved the Grey Look

I went to a professional. I may try this out myself but with my work schedule, I just decided to let my hair stylist, Kameshia Norris Jackson, do it. Funny thing was this, it was her first time. I have to say she did great.

We Started A Movement

I say we as in the brave women who wasn't scared to go grey in 2014! I saw a few celebs doing grey last year but this year more celebs are coming out of the box! I hope that this trend sticks around for a while. #silverhairnation #teamgrey

You can do it too!

It's different shades of grey. 50 shades, lolx. Seriously, there are a lot of shades. The fun thing about going grey is the undertones to it. I started out with more of a yellowish undertone. Now I have a teal undertone. I've seen pink, purple, blue and many other undertones. It's all about finding out which one is right for you. We will all go grey eventually.

Commitment Issues.

No problem. Try a temporary solution.


This hair chalk can help you to achieve the color you want from home in a matter of minutes. For only 5.99 you can purchase a set of three from seller Ribbonday on Etsy!
Purchase and View here

So how do you guys feel about the grey movement?

Three Month Review: Mongolian Kinky Straight

Broke Girls Diaries, Reviews






So it has been three months since I’ve had this hair in from the Ali Express Company Sophia Hair. Here’s a quick review on the hair so far.
To see my first look and initial review click the links below:
First Look
Initial Review

In the three months that I’ve worn this hair I’ve had shedding and tangling but only from the 20 and 18 inch. My 14 inch almost NEVER sheds. If you follow my blog, then you’ll know that the 14 inch bundle has been dyed and still minimal shedding. I say minimal because ALL hair sheds. I just rarely see any Grey hair anywhere. The 20 and 18 inch de tangles but with a lot of time and maintenance put into the process. The more I de tangle, the thinner the bundles become and the shorter the lengths get. Also, as mentioned in my previous review, once heat hits this hair, the hair was not returning back to it kinky state. Well it that’s still true. Even after my first wash with my stylist. That’s annoying to me because I left my hair out for a vixen sew in and I’m natural.

I can say the hair takes color well and holds flexirod curls well. I still have my 16 inch bundle and I plan to use it as clip ins. I will make a separate review for those.

Link to hair:
Sophia Hair

I’m only adding the link for you to take a look. In no way am I affiliated with this company

Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will let you guys know if I recommend this hair in my final review.

OOTD: The Comfort Zone

What She Wore/ OOTD


Top: Thrifted Vintage Sweatshirt .50
Sweats: Gidieon, Dollar General Store 7.00
Shoes: Converse

When I am off from my job( yes I work an 8-8) I like to dress up sometimes. Well this wasn’t the day. No matter what I wear, I want comfort! I saw these two pieces just looking up at me shouting “Pair Us, Please!” I purchased the top from a thrift trip with my friend Meagan. It reminded me of all things New Kids On The Block era. The garment tag was cut out by the previous owner, so I do not know the brand name. My sweat pants are a pair of my faves! They are warm and easy to style. I wore my thrifted Lee jacket ( not pictured).

How do you guys make comfort cool??

OOTD: Bet You Didn’t Know

What She Wore/ OOTD


Top: Hollister Still available for only 7.98!!!! ( only in M and L)
Jeans: Flip Side, Target Get my exact jeans from EBayEBay
Shoes: Bongo, Kmart

Raise your hand if you feel too old to shop at places like Aeropostale or Hollister! Ok I have both hands raised high but don’t worry, I’ve found the key to making anything look good from anywhere.

Ok so I’m happily 28 years old and I have stepped in an American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch nor Hollister with the full intention of rocking out with my debit card out in a LONG time. Like let’s say my early 20’s or maybe even my late teens. The other weekend I was told that Aeropostale and Hollister were having 70% off sales. My immediate response was ” I’m a grown d woman. How do I look shopping in those stores?” Well I looked like a grown woman who came out three hot pieces for under 20.00(between both stores) I remember telling my mama about my trip and she laughed. I wiped the smirk off her face when she told me yesterday how much she liked my shirt dress. 5.00 at Hollister!

How to Shop these stores!

Ok so some trends and pieces are age less. These are the pieces you want to look for. You want to look for those sales pieces that are a.) cheap in price b.) decent in quality

Basically you want to purchase pieces that if they don’t ask they won’t know. I shop at ALL stores. I shop high end and I thrift. It’s all about the pairing and styling for me.

What are some of your favorite stores?