Catch This Beatdown: Introducing Unicorn Beauty 101 with Dameion Lorenzo

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Hey guys! How’s everyone on this lovely Friday? I hope that everyone is doing great! I had to get my IPhone repaired today and it was a price tag. I’m just glad to have it functioning again, even if it is at the cost of a flat wallet!

I wanted to stop by with some exciting news! I am starting a new segment with a hot, young, fresh and new Florida make up artist by the name of Dameion Lorenzo! Dameion, or Dame as I like to call him, is a dear friend of mine! His brand, Unicorn Faces By Dame is about to take the world by a glitter storm! In this segment, Unicorn Beauty 101, Dameion will be teaching us how to give the perfect beatdown! From finding the right foundation shade to achieving the perfect brow, we will get the scoop on it all! Think of it as DIY for the face!

How it will work:

There will be advice and challenges done in this segment! For the advice part, Dameion will offer his knowledge on certain topics that we may struggle with in the make up and skin department. For example, finding the right skin foundation for full coverage or finding the right BB Cream for oily skin. We will also be happy to take your questions on social media and in the comment section below for a segment topic!

For the challenge portion, Dameion will create a look on himself or a model for me to recreate. Once I have recreated the look, it will be posted on this blog with full instructions as well as mistakes that I may have made and Dame’s advice on how to correct the problem. The teacher will be grading my work, hunny!

I can not wait to bring this to you all! I think that it will be so much fun! Don’t worry if you don’t get the look quite right, Dameion makes house calls!

To see Dameion’s work/online portfolio follow him on Instagram @unicornfacesbydame
Catch the BeatDown by booking your appointment here:


Beat Face Beauty: Daphny McCormick!

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To kick off this segment, I wanted to start with this gorgeous face! This is Daphny McCormick. I love her make up looks and one day I will be brave enough to emulate one of them! This bold eye and nude lip is one of my favorites!

What Makes Her BFB:
Not only does Daphny possess superb make up skills and stunning outer beauty, she’s a wonderful person inside as well! She’s an excellent mother and a great friend!

Want to be the next BFB:

To feature or be featured in this segment, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Please include name, photo and why you feel that you (or the person you are nomimnating) fits the BFB mold!

Type Of BFBs Im looking for:

Anyone with good makeup skills and that can create wearable and beautiful looks.