New Kinds of Talent: IceJJFish Daniel Mcloyd

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So I know you guys have been seeing the videos floating around from a guy named IceJJFish or Daniel Mcloyd! Wait, what you haven’t? Well never fear I have some to share with you here! Before I share them I want to just talk a little bit about Mr.Mcloyd and I how I found out about the viral sensation.

One day someone, who shall remain nameless..Chanity, shared a video on my timeline. Now most of the time when someone shares a video, the person has some type of vocal ability. Not always Beyonce  but hey we can only have one Queen Bey! Btw it’s JayZ‘s birthday. Happy Bday Hov! Anyways, back to the video. So I tapped on the video and received the shock of my life.  This guy was interesting. He had made my day. I had to watch more. I subscribed to his YouTube channel a month ago when he was at 6,000 views. Now he’s at 20,000. Just like Sharkeisha, Mcloyd has WorldStar Hip Hop to thank for helping him to become somewhat of a household name. 

He even has covers of his music!!!! Hey he’s doing something right?

Despite the overflow of tone deaf, pain staking, but yet sometimes funny singing in each video, there’s a something about the songs that he have written that keeps them stuck in your head. His Itunes hit “On the Floor” has been a favorite of many since he debuted it on his  YouTube channel. Love him or hate him, you can not deny this man has some type of star quality.

How do you guys feel about the new star? Hey I want to say that if you need a Stylist Daniel, hit me up.

Buy “On the Floor” here

Follow Daniel Mcloyd here

Follow His YouTube here

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The Fuss: Who is Sharkeisha and What Is It To Me?

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From local celeb and butt kicker to overnight internet sensation, Sharkeisha has all of the sites jumping in her honor. From Ike Turner Memes to a definition in the dictionary, we have WorldStar HipHop to thank for this madness. Have no idea what I am talking about, no problem, let’s hop in the DeLorean with Micheal J and Christopher Lloyd and travel back to last week.



The Jist:


Two teenagers by the names of Shay and Sharkeisha, whom were friends up until latter part in the day, met up at what look to be an apartment complex. Sharkeisha confronts Shay about wanting to sleep with her boyfriend. Shay looks away and Sharkeshia sucker punches a inattentive Shay. It doesn’t stop there. She continues to kick the young lady until one of her friends screams for her to stop. Now in case you missed this part, the whole thing was being filmed by a friend of the infamous Sharkeisha.  After being put on Instagram, the video was picked up by WorldStar HipHop and the rest is for history books. Sorry Kanye.

The fight ( It is graphic so be prepared)

Now whats wrong with this whole picture? Well first thing is, besides the fight ,we know nothing about Sharkeisha. Google her name and things associated with that fight or things that are mocking and demeaning to her appears on your screen. What if Sharkeisha was just having a bad day and now she gets known as the “queen of ratchet a#* whoopings” and “miss mollywhop”. The fame this teenager has receive only shows her in a very negative light. The sad part about it is that like most internet stars mimicked for all the wrong reasons, she doesn’t even realize it. I read somewhere that she was glad that her Twitter Following went up from this.  I do not know how true that statement is.


Poor Shay

What made me think about this post was that I used the Sharkeisha hashtag, for views. I ran into some activist and they made me think. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Sharkeisha did Shay wrong by waiting until she turned away to hit her. If you are going to fight, at least make sure the person is facing you but that’s another topic.  It was a sad situation. I thought using the hashtag would get more views from a wide audience but was I promoting the violence? That’s when I had to stop and re-evaluate my own thinking. I am the same person who would turn off Black Girls Rock to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta but at the same time I do promote those that are trying to make a difference in the community. Can I have it both ways?

What are your thoughts on the Sharkeisha craze? In fact how do you guys feel about how we are portrayed in the media period? I want to know more about her as a person. Am I the only one?  Let’s chat. If you feel the need to go in on me for this post, that’s fine too!



Au$tin Martin New Mixtape!

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So I wanted to stop by to let you guys know that on January 7, my boy Au$tin will be dropping his latest mixtape. I will come back with futher details when I get more from the source! After hearing his first album, I am patienly waiting for the latest release from Mr. Martin.

So have you guys listened to his latest album? If not please be sure to go check it out and support his movement. Click here:

Au$tin Martin

Let me know what you guys think! I love it and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well!



Gift List 5: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

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As you guys know, I am a Karmaloop Rep so I will be bringing the latest and greatest items to you guys! Karmaloop has a few specials going on so  tonight’s list will be built around that!

Special 1:

Free Shipping on all items. No code needed! This is a great deal. I remember a few years ago I purchased two shirts for 14.00 with shipping using a coupon code. If they had offered free shipping on all items at that time my shirts would have  been 9.00!

Special 2:

100.oo off of orders that are 300.00 and a 2o.00 gift card for future purchases. You can get all of your must have items and get something extra for yourself in return. I am finally realizing why my grandma always told me “Pippi it’s better to give than receive”.

Special 3:

45.00 off of orders that are over 150.00

Special 4:

20.00 off of orders that are over 75.00

The best part of all is that you can combine these deals with code LULU58 and recieve an extra 20% off!  Let’s say you buy 300.00 worth of merchandise. Not only will you receive the 20.00 gift card but you will recieve 160.00 off.  You  are getting 300.00 worth of merchandise for 140.00 with free shipping  plus money back for a future purchase! If that isn’t Christmas in November then I must say I  do not know what is???

Don’t know what to buy? Never fear the Gift List is Here:

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Stay Tuned for more gift list coming up !!!!!

Karmaloop Coupon Code! LULU58

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Hey Guys! How are you all doing tonight? I hope that you all are doing wonderful. If not I have something that I know will cheer you up…a coupon code! Back in October, I became a Karmaloop rep!  So I bet you guys are thinking “How does that help me?” Well when you use code LULU58 you will recieve 20% off of your purchase. You can use this on any item! The love doesn’t stop there! This code is good for 20% off each time you use it! The discount is good for all Karmaloop affliate sites. So when you see that favorite Miss KL item in your favorite YouTube Guru’s haul, you can get it too, at a discounted rate!  Who doesn’t love getting a discount on already discounted items? So put this coupon to good use by shopping here: Karmaloop


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My Two Biggest Post!

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Hey Guys! How is the day  going for everyone? I hope that all is well with you guys! I wanted to stop by before cooking to let you guys know about my two biggest post! For some reason someone loves biceps and snapbacks! I am fine with that! I just wanted to thank you guys for viewing and enjoying all of my post, especially these two. So without further ado I want to unveil the post to you all:



Now I don’t know if ladies think that these are before and after pictures? Sorry they are not, lolx. If you have not checked out these two post then make sure that you do. That way you can tell me why they are my two highest post!

What are some of  your favorite LuLuChris58  post?

Free Etsy Listings!

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Kid’s Studded Camo Jacket can be purchased at LuLuChris58 or via email LuLuChris58 email using Google Wallet

Hey guys! How many of my readers are thinking about opening a shop to sell a few of their items? Well if you are, I have something interesting to tell you all.

If you are planning to sell on Etsy, to set up the account is absolutely free. Did you know in order to list an item it’s .20 per listing? Well I know a way to get 40 listings for free! This will save you a total of 8.00! This may not sound like much now but things add up on Etsy! I wish someone would have offered me this deal when I had first started.

To get this promotion, please email me at for the details including the code! Also this only applies to new Etsy shops! Happy Selling!

Be sure to stop by LuLuChris58 on Etsy!

My Etsy Shop Is Back Up.. For Now!

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So I recieved a message this morning inquiring about the studded camo jacket via Etsy. It caught me off guard because my Etsy shop was shut down due to fees last month. I went clicked on my shop and it magically appeared, lolx.


So here is the deal; If you guys want to purchase any item through email and google wallet you still have the option. If you would perfer to shop via Etsy, you have that option as well! If you see an item that you wish to purchase on Instagram or any of my social media sites but it’s not listed on Etsy, don’t worry. Any unlisted items can be purchased through my two listings “The Closet” or “Social Media Items”.  Just  inform me through the notes section at check out which item you wish to purchase. If the item that you wish to purchase is less than the listing price please email me first so I can create a coupon code. I do not want to overcharge anyone.

A Few Things To remember:

  • I sell vintage, thrifted, prelove and reconstructed items. Nothing is new unless stated otherwise.
  • I a lot of my items are for children. I still have ready to ship items for adults. To see what’s in stock visit @luluchris58-kids @luluchris58HWShorts- Adults
  • I only have one of each item unless stated otherwise.
  • I do offer custom orders by request only. I will do a separate post about my policy on this.
  • I do offer coupon codes! Be sure to check back to see when I will offer one.

Any other questions feel free to email me at

I almost forgot the Etsy Shop:

Hot Sugar? What’ s All The Bad Fuss?

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So I know I am late to talk about this subject but to be honest *tbh time* I didn’t watch the video until yesterday. Here’s why; I am not a Tamartian, so I know her music but I am not a true stan. Does that make any sense. I hope so. Anyways I had been hearing how horrible her latest visual for “Hot Sugar” was and finally yesterday I heard something that made me decide to finally watch. When I went over to check it out on Tamar’s YouTube, I  was expecting a hot mess.  Instead I watched the video and was wondering where did all of this bad fuss come from? I’m not saying that the video was great but I am saying that it wasn’t as bad as people had lead me to believe. What are your thought on this? If you haven’t seen it, guess what, I linked it below. Yes, you’re welcome.



The first time I had heard the video just flat out sucked was here:

Sunday is Reblogg Day!

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So I know a lot of you guys have been seeing that I have started reblogging everyday. I decided that since I can not stay away completly, I would spend Sundays not only catching up but reblogging good post!  So let me know some good blogs that you guys read. I will be sure to reblog some of their post.