Gift List #3 Vintage Vixen with 10% off!!!!

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great. I wanted to stop by with the third gift list! This list is exclusivley for a Big Cartel Boutique called Illicit Rag Vintage! I wanted to stop by with my favorite pieces from this shop!

My 12 favorite pieces:

BeFunky_IMG_5687.jpg PreppyTwo toned BeFunky_Illicit_batch_259.jpg Military BeFunky neonwind overalls adult

purple skirt  favstartanmen vintatge

My 4 Bonus Faves:

studded jeans sweatshirt reebok pants  cardiois

The reason I featured this vintage boutique as a gift list must have is because of their prices. Nothing is over 50.00 nor is the pricing unfair at all!  The site is also having a 10% off sale for the whole site but hurry because this sale ends at Midnight tonight!!!!!! Tell a friend to tell their mama to tell their babies to head on over and shop!!!!

These are all pictures from the site. None of these images belong to me!

Be sure to visit: before 12 if you want the 10% off. Any other time for just pure good vintage finds!!!!

Instagram: @illicitragvintage

Friday +October Favorites!

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing good on this first day of the next to the last month of this year! Gosh can you guys believe that 2013 is almost over? Well Let’s get into the favorites for this month and for Friday!


1.) Kissland- The Weeknd. If you guys know me then you know this album made my September favorites and probaly will make my November favorites too! “Professional” is my favorite song on the album. I listen to that song at least seven times a day. The beginning  is, in my opinion, very reminiscent of Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love”


For all of you who didn’t know what or who I was referring to!

2.) I am Au$tin Martin Vol 1- Au$tin Martin. I actually got exposed to this artist through Twitter! I’ve been vibing to “Wake Up” since it was first brought to my attention! I just want to say, “Hey Au$tin!!!”

Austin Martin

Purchase album here:

3.) Be Careful It’s My Heart –Paul Motian. I hear this song a lot on the ITunes Radio

4.) Too Much – Drake from his latest album “NWTS“. I love Drake like crazy. He just had a birthday last week and I had to post a tribute to my first celebrity crush. Drake the type of nigga that: has my vote!

5.) I am sad to say that I can not remember my 5th favorite song as I hum the tune right now. I just don’t remember the name.

Blogs and Bloggers:

1.)Kay Navarro of I met her through Instagram and she’s a sweetheart and good writer. She has given me nothing but positive feedback on my “31 Letters to My Future Husband” segment. Be sure to check out one of my favorite post from her here:

2.) James D Voigt of  I just discovered his blog today from a search and I actually love the post  listed below

3.)Mad Sophisticated! I found her today  too and I already love her. She’s funny, has a great sense of style and loves hip hop! Oh and she thrifts so she’s great hands up and down! My favorite post from her:

4.) Lady Romp! I love anyone who has motivation to offer to others. This blog is so uplifting! My favorite post:

5.) Cream BMP!  This blog is ran by my best friend and it is crazy. If you like hearing the funny gossip about celebrities stop by and check out I have so many favorite post that it would be longer!

Beauty Products and Routines

I have been loving some of my unexpired but unused items for go to products!

1.) Posner Concealer. I have used this concealer since 2009! I do not know why but I love this concealer. I only use it when I am not using Clinique’s Even Better or Photo Ready creame foundation.


Purchase yours here:

2.) Maybelliene BB Cream. Now I had to figure out ways to make this full coverage for me. Once I did I started to develop a love for it!

BB Cream

Purchase here:

3.) NYC Brow Kit. I have had this since the beginning of this year. I only paid a 1.00 for the kit! It has the PERFECT shade for filling in brows and brow wax! It holds my brows on all day while keeping natural looking (except for in pics, lolx)

brow kit

* I do not use the small angle brush nor tweezer in the set. I actually use a cheap angle brush for my brows that came in a set from my local Fred’s store  When I figure out the name to the set I will link it to this post Also, if you guys would like a link to this set let me know. The only prices that I found for the set was way more than I paid*

4.) Revelon Colorstay Eyeliner Pen. I cant wear it on my lower lid but I love it for doing my wings.( I am reteaching myself how to make the perfect wing) I recieved it from my grandma as a present.

eyeliner pen

Purchase it here:

5.)e.l.f 11 Piece Brush Collection. I payed 15.00 for the set during a 1/2 off sale over the summer and I actually love them. I have never payed more than 3.00 for a set so I figured why not step my game up and purchase some “real” brushes. I was going to invest in a luxury line of brushes but I thought I’d start off light. Once I get the jist of what I am doing, lolx, I will purchase the Chanel or Napoleon Perdis set!  Seen Below!

Brush set

11 piece brush set from e.l.f.  Purchase here:

Use code BESTSELLER at checkout and recieve the same price for your brushes as I did!!! (Another reason I love this company)

expensive brush set

Napoleon Perdis 22-piece Makeup Brush and Leather Roll set! Purchase here :


Les Essentiels de Chanel: Les Pinceaux  Purchase here:

I am looking for these under the tree this year yall, lolx!

Find more luxury brushes and make up here:

Fashion :

1.) My Flannel Shirt. I purchased this shirt last year at The Goodwill when I used to work in that area. It’s a boy’s size from Target by the Cherokee brand! It has been my go to piece all year because it’s light enough to wear in the warmer months but thick enough to layer with in the colder months.


2.) My Combat Boots! Military is on trend again and thank you God! I paid more than I wanted to for my favorite pair of combat boots in 2011 but it was well worth it! Just like my flannel shirt, my combat boots have been my go to piece this whole year!

combat boots

These are the exact boots that I purchased from Kmart 2 years ago(just different linning). I found these on Amazon get them here: Not sure if they are the same brand but the make is the exact same!

3.) My Fresh Prince Shirt! Unfortunatley, I was not able to cop the Bel Air 5’s that dropped last month but I did recieve a dope Fresh Prince Tee that I blogged about from an Etsy Seller, ClothingHub. Be sure to check out my review on that piece!

Fresh Prince

To find out where to purchase this click here:

4.) My LA Hearts Sweat Pants. Here’s another piece that I have worn all year around. I am  here for sweats! I purchased these sweats from my then local Pacsun at a closing sale. I also purchase a shirt about Nachos but who knows where that is? I am a lanky and shaped so odd so I hate sweat pants that shirnk in the dryer so these pants get an A from me! The only thing is I think they use to have writing down the side and they have faded.

Since they no longer carry my sweats and hoodie I decided to just add the link here :

I figured you guys could find some great pieces and they are having a sale!

5.) My DIY Camo Jacket. Like I stated before, Military is on trend so my DIY camo jacket gets a slot on must wear list! I thirfted this jacket last year and reconstructed it with diy patches and and some of my favorite buttons! I only paid a 1.00 for it because the clerk knew my cousin!

I have two Camo Jackets for sale! Be sure to visit my Instagram @LuLuChris58HWShorts to check those out!

*Next Month this part of my list will be more diverse, I promise, lolx.*

Food and Beverages

1.) Eggs! I have been loving eggs like crazy! I have been making them in almost every way possible.

2.) Cinnamon! I am officially addicted! I eat it on waffles, drink it in my tea!

3.) Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles with Jiff Peanutbutter and Cinnamon. I have my son hooked now.

4.) Lipton Tea hot with lemon and cinnamon. I am already a hot tea and lemon lover! The cinnamon just gives it that extra kick.

5.)  Roman Noodles. I dont know how I renewed a love in this struggle menu item but I am back on the noodle train! I have been eating these babies like crazy!

TV, Books and YouTube.

I decided to combine these three together because  there isn’t enough to make five favorites in each!

1.) Tyme the Infamous. I do not know why but I have been watching her videos again, alot. I think it may be her music. I will add one of her videos below!

2.) Notorious Kia. I have always loved her videos. She’s hilarious, crafty and stylish! Sounds like someone I know.

3.) I really do not have any favorite books but I will be reviewing the book “Getting Back Together.” so I thought I would mention that here!

4.) Days of Our Lives. Yes this is my favorite show. I have been watching this show more because of the drama with Nicole and Eric! I can not wait until Kristen is finally busted!

5.) Scandal!  Yes guys, Olivia Pope is back! Its time to break out the Gladiators!(no not really). Even if you are not a Scandal fan or wanted to jump on the Pope Dope bandwagon, watch the episode that gives you notes on Season 1. It’s so to point. You could go into Season 2 feeling like you know everything. Get your life with Scandal.

Random Faves:

Ok in this section I am just going to talk about some random favorite stuff!

1.) Tamar Braxton’s “Hot Sugar” video. It has me amazed. Everyone hated on that video so bad, even some Tamartians, but I don’t see the problem with the video honestly.

2.) New Atlanta. Everyone is saying that there will not be a season 2 nor a reunion. I hope that these are just rumors. I actually liked that show and the tomchuckery that came along with it. I was here for it!  Also, I got to tweet with some of the cast!
3.) Tyler Lepley! If you do not know why then check out my link here.

4.)ITunes Radio Jazz station. Although ITunes Radio plays the same music over again, it’s soothing!

5.) Au$tin Martin! We follow each other on  Twitter and is a very cool and humble guy! He also shouted my blog out for me! Be sure to check him out if you already haven’t! I have a link above!

Be sure to show all of the Bloggers, YouTubers, merchants and Artist love!

Sorry this list was so long. Hopefully next month’s will be recorded for you guys!

*Of course all photos are not mine*