Real Girl Style: Mad for Plaid

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Plaid Shirt: 18.00 Bealls of Florida.
White Dress: 18.00 Mart Of China
Biker Faux Leather Jacket: 18.00 Aliexpress
Booties: 36.00 Light in the Box

Today’s real style features my fellow blogger Dana Fashina from the blog Not only does she feature cool ootds but she’s a foodie as well! She’s always showing love to her fellow bloggers so I had to recreate this fashionable look for you guys! Every piece is under 50.00 each! Be sure to visit her blog, to check her out! Also find her on Instagram at @justbstill

Let me know if you guys recreate this look!!! I know that I will!!! Be sure to click on each items under Deets to go straight to the link!!!

Photo of Dana courtesy of

Styling Camo: Sunday Shoot OOTD

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Camo Jacket: Thrifted
Denim look shirt: Living Doll, Hamerick’s
Oxblood Jeans: Saks Fifth Ave: Rugged Warehouse
Leopard Print Loafers: Bongo: Kmart

Big thanks to Erica and Daphny for the photos! My friend Erica owns her own photography business, JC Photography. Hair review and friend’s ootd post coming soon!!


The Look For Less : POP Hold it Down Ft Anthony Hamilton

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So I’n sure everybody is familiar with POP and Donna Goudeau. Well Anthony Hamilton decided to do a wonderful melody of the song! Not only is the song catchy but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Anthony’s top half! I was inspired to put this outfit together and sang “Ohhh Mama I love you.”

Deets :

Hat: 4.48 Aliexpress ( seller: City Miss)

Jeans: 9.95 H and M

Tank: 4.98 Aliexpress ( seller: Sylvia Euro American Boutique)

Blazer: 20.00 House of Chelle Boutique

Hold it Down!!!!!

Blazers and Baby Showers

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The Deets:
Head wrap: local Beauty Supply Store Scarf. ( I think it was a 1.00 I bought it in 2009)
Blazer: Local Thrift Store: .50 Talbot’s kid brand
Shirt: Goodwill: .50 Not sure of the brand ( I cut the lace collar off. People thought that I was lying when I told them it was a “grandma shirt”)
Shorts: Goodys : 9.99 Not sure of the brand
Shoes: TJ Maxx: 29.99 Report brand

So my sister had her baby shower at her old job, Wild Wings, on a Sunday. My outfit choice was last minute. I saw the shirt that I had thrifted and my black shorts just hanging around so I felt it was destined to be paired together. The blazer was just my signature touch.

More photos:









OOTN: Do Epic S Part 2

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The Deets( tags coming in another post)
Top: Love M: Ross Stores ( I payed less than 5.00 for this top)
Shorts: Ambiance Appeal: Ross Stores ( I payed less than 5.00 for the bottoms too)
Shoes: Report: TJ Maxx: 29.99
Acessories: Wet seal: 16.99 for set

So if you guys read my previous post ” Surprise Party Oufit Pick” then you know that I have came across a lovely peplum top and shorts that I paired together to make a set.
I hope you guys like the OOTN. I have another post for my hair coming soon!

Bonus: You guys may remember Lauren from a previous post. Well this was her surprise party! She enjoyed herself! I wanted to include pictures below.

The Birthday Girl






She got to meet Anthony Hamilton! ❤️❤️

More pics








What To Wear To A Surprise Party

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So my best friend Lauren is having a party Saturday. I can’t say where because she reads this blog but I can tell you she’s having a party. ( she knows this but doesn’t know where)

I’m stumped on what to wear! I have a few outfits in mind but I honestly don’t know!

Here’s some things I do know:

1.) I don’t want to be off beat with the place and atmosphere. By this I mean I don’t want to be over nor under dressed.
2.) I want to wear flats. I hate partying in heels! My feet hurts really easily these days so heels are out for this event.
3.) I want to be comfortable. Nothing too loose but nothing too tight.

Here some of the pieces I’m thinking of. Some I actually own already.


I’m also on this gladiator high! Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you I’m the gladiator queen! I love those shoes! With the thigh high being all the rave, I want to incorporate a pair into my outfit Saturday. My problem is will I be able to find a pair before Saturday???

I’m loving these but I know there’s no way I will have them by Saturday ( but I will be purchasing them!)


These are perfect! They are the Haus Von Lila Dogma inspired sandal! I love them. These babies will give me the sex appeal that I crave without the pain I don’t need.

Well what would you guys suggest? I’m going to Instagram and my other social media outlets for feedback.

OOTD: Benny Biceps Thristy Tuesday Wear

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The Deets:

Top: Black Tank: not really sure but I do know I have a similar one from Forever 21.

Shorts: Vintage High Waisted Jordache shorts from LuLuChris58.

Shoes: Combat boots by Bongo from Kmart.

I didn’t do anything special today except for watch my fave Tyler Lepley tonight on The Haves and Have Nots! Who all watched tonight? Any thoughts???

OOTD: Recap of the 4Th

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The Deets:

Crop Top: KMart: Bongo
Shorts: LuLuChris58: Custom Pair
Boots: KMart: Bongo Brand

So I’m totally late with this post but it’s my ootd from Independence Day! I was going to style the Lauren James “shorties” featured in my ” First Look” but I ended up straying away from the whole “red, white and blue” theme. I went to a Independence Fun Day style cookout hosted by my friend Lauren. ( photos will be included below) I met some great people and I’m now a card trick master.

So what did you guys do for the holiday? What did you all wear? I hope it was a safe and fun one.









OOTD: A Girl in a Black Hat

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The Deets:
Top: Papaya’s: Bought in 2011 so I have no idea how much it was.
Bustier: Goodwill/ DIY: 2.50
High Waisted Destroyed Jeans: KMart: The Nicki Minaj Line: 5.00 These wear featured in a few previous post.
Shoes: KMart: Bongo: 4.00
Hat: Goodwill: .99 cents
Earrings: Local Family Dollarstore: 2.00 for a set of four.
Necklace: Gift from Grandma
Watch: Thrifted Gift from Grandma

I went and did my last minute shopping yesterday with my mom and grandma. Everyone loved my outfit, especially my hat.

Do you have any go to pieces for the Summer? I would love to see them!

OOTD: DIY/Custom High Waisted Shorts and Combat Boots

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The Deets:
Shirt: Thrifted Ballet Leotard: .50 cents
Get your leotard/ body suit here!
Shorts: DIY/ Custom High Waisted Shorts: LuLuChris58: 25.00
Place your order here: Request custom order
Socks: My grandpa bought them for church but never got to wear them.
Boots: Bongo brand from KMart. Not sure of the price because I bought them about 2 or 3 years ago.
Get yours here

If you know me then you know that high waisted shorts are a part of my summer uniform. The touch, the feel of denim! The fabric of my life, lolx.

I think my next post will be on my high waisted shorts collection and the ones that I have for sale!