Happy Bday Lady T! The Day Of Legend!

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If you are a regular reader of LuLuChris58 or know me personally then you know that I love the late great Teena Marie! She is one of my favorite artist of all time gone too soon. I wanted to take the time to honor her on her day! Although I never had the pleasure of knowing Lady T personally, I made a connection to her through her music at a time when I needed it the most.
Happy Bday Lady T! Rest in Peace!






Where Have You Been!

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Hey Guys! How has everyone been? I hope that you all have been great. I haven’t written any content since December and I bet some of you have bee wondering “Where is she at?”. Well, I am here! In the middle of December, I had started another job. This job has taken up a lot of my time. The fact that a holiday was around the corner only made it worse, lolx. Don’t worry this is not the end of LuLuChris58. I am not ready for it to be!

I want to take the time to thank everyone for 8 wonderful and eventful months so far! I have met so many people and I look forward to this new year and new chapter with you guys!

I would love to hear suggestions for LuLuChris58. If you guys have any blog post request, leave them below or on any of my social media! Ideas for the store, leave them below or on social media as well!! Also, if any one has any suggestions for keeping warm in this cold weather, please leave them below lolx!

The Fuss: Bound 2

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Just like Tamar Braxton‘s “Hot Sugar”, I’m late on asking this question about Kanye’s “Bound 2”. I had heard so many bad things about the video that I had to go and see what the fuss was. It had been posted on my timeline on Facebook and one of my favorite YouTuber had mentioned how much she hated it and the song.
Before I give my thoughts on this I have to say that before “Yeezus” came out, I was a HUGE Kanye fan. I have owned every Kanye album. In fact the first album I ever bought, that wasn’t a bootleg, was “My Dark Twisted Fantasy”. I still have it on my IPhone. When I heard “Yeezus”, I was disappointed. I like a few songs on the album but it wasn’t the Kanye I was use to. Something was missing.


Still can’t figure out why everyone went in on this video????

Bound 2 was one of the songs I liked. I love the Brenda Lee ” Sweet Nothing’s” sample. It’s the part that sounds a lot like Kim Kardashian saying “Uh huh honey, alright!” For the longest I thought it was her.
So I went to watch the video co starring Kim K after seeing Kanye on The Breakfast Club. I saw nothing wrong with it. I thought it was hilarious. Because I listened to the interview before hand, I was able to understand Kanye’s thought process behind the video. I’ve seen worse. I think that due to the fact that public opinion of Kim K isn’t one that is too good, people look for reasons to hate anything she does. If Kanye had casted another female as his co-star of the visual, he wouldn’t have caught as much flack! I hear a lot about how masoganistic Kanye West is and I have to disagree.(another topic for another time)

For Kicks and Giggles:

I know I’m late but how did you guys feel about Bound2? What’s the fuss? Do you guys love the song and hate the video? Do you guys hate both? I love it, if anybody cares, lolx. Oh and btw, the chrous says “Bound to falling in love” not “I am falling in love”..uh huh honey! Lolx.

Sunday Dinner For Bae Courtsey of @CookingForBae

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Now doesn’t this look delicious! Wouldn’t you like to know how to make these dishes? Don’t worry.. me either!

How’s everyone today. I hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful Sunday and the food that comes along with it. Speaking of food, I wanted to come by and tell you guys about a hilarious Instagram page, @cookingforbae! Yes, you read right cooking for bae is their name. What makes this page so funny is they say exactly what most of us think when our Instagram followers post those unidentifiable objects  on their table that we like to call “struggle plates” but they claim its “foodporn”. This page is solely dedicated to America’s ugliest foods and I am here for it. I spent an hour looking through the pictures and the captions clinching my gut while tears streamed down my face. The best part about the pictures are the people who posted them originally. They honestly believe that they are serving us Paula Deen realness with Rachel Ray laid hair.  Instead of the pats on the back that they are longing for, they end up on Cooking For Bae with the rest of the gag worthy food.

If you despise ugly food ,love a good laugh or your new diet just isn’t working, I suggest to you to follow this account!!! Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out the video and related articles too.  Pray for your local bae!

Check out this video from YouTuber KevOnStage about CookingForBae

Your turn:

Have you guys heard of this Instagram already? It’s pretty popular it over 52k followers, including myself! Have you guys ever been in a situation where you had to eat something like the food seen on this account? I have and I would love to hear your stories about the experience. How did the food taste? Don’t forget to click the link and follow Cooking for Bae.

Of course those pictures do not belong to me! Then again why would I claim them if they did?

12 Things That You Didn’t Know About Me

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So I got suckered, again, into this game on Facebook. I am going to learn one day to stop liking everything that sounds sweet. I figured why not take this to the next level and use the game as a blog post! So here are 12 things that I think you may not know about me!

  1. I hate for someone to wake me up out of a deep sleep. That is the fastest way to get blowed out by me, lolx.
  2. Although I am practically afraid of dogs I love this one20130615-224533.jpg 
  3. I am related to Kevin Garrnett. No lie, he’s like my grandma’s 4th cousin or something of that nature
  4. I have the biggest crush on Drake but who doesn’t??drake-gaye
  5. I hug my pillow when I sleeppillows
  6. I have a boat load of brothers and sisters.
  7. I love making people laugh by saying and doing random things. Wait, that’s just me being me!1302854413_mister-rogers
  8. Despite what people may think, I am very friendly and a softy. I am just misunderstood.
  9. One of my best friends lives in California and we have never met in person.
  10. I believe that God has a destined purpose for all of us.
  11. My son is so funny. He had to get that from my mama.20131111-143537.jpg
  12. I have a crush on this guy….20131023-210828.jpg  ….if you know me then you know why!!!!

So here’s a funny fact. Yesterday I reached 2700 views for this blog!! This is my 660th post. My 600th post was 50 random facts about me! I will link it below..just in case you missed it!

My Two Biggest Post!

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Hey Guys! How is the day  going for everyone? I hope that all is well with you guys! I wanted to stop by before cooking to let you guys know about my two biggest post! For some reason someone loves biceps and snapbacks! I am fine with that! I just wanted to thank you guys for viewing and enjoying all of my post, especially these two. So without further ado I want to unveil the post to you all:





Now I don’t know if ladies think that these are before and after pictures? Sorry they are not, lolx. If you have not checked out these two post then make sure that you do. That way you can tell me why they are my two highest post!

What are some of  your favorite LuLuChris58  post?

Hot Sugar? What’ s All The Bad Fuss?

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So I know I am late to talk about this subject but to be honest *tbh time* I didn’t watch the video until yesterday. Here’s why; I am not a Tamartian, so I know her music but I am not a true stan. Does that make any sense. I hope so. Anyways I had been hearing how horrible her latest visual for “Hot Sugar” was and finally yesterday I heard something that made me decide to finally watch. When I went over to check it out on Tamar’s YouTube, I  was expecting a hot mess.  Instead I watched the video and was wondering where did all of this bad fuss come from? I’m not saying that the video was great but I am saying that it wasn’t as bad as people had lead me to believe. What are your thought on this? If you haven’t seen it, guess what, I linked it below. Yes, you’re welcome.



The first time I had heard the video just flat out sucked was here:

I Have a Big Family Part 1: Meeting The Geers


Hey Guys! I hope that you enjoyed my previous post! Be sure to check out Au$tin and show some support. He is a real sweetheart guys and pure talent! I want to tell you guys a story. Now you guys know LuLuChris58, wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t add a random post here or there. Anyways the story I want to tell you guys is about my family.

My Great Great Grandaddy had a lot of children. I am not sure exactly how many but I know he had a lot. Because of this fact I will say 1/2 of Anderson County and I are related.  This is a fact that I did not know until I became an adult. Giving birth to my own child, I decided that I wanted to meet all of my family members before I left this earth. First I asked my grandma was there such thing as a different set of Geers and she informed me that there is not. The reason that I asked this was because my dad’s last name is Davis and there are over three sets. Next I started to ask everyone with the same last name if we shared similar family members. To my surprise we did. So with all of that being said I want to share a few stories with you guys.

Meeting My Cousin Meka

One day I was in Hammerick’s Department store shopping for my son’s 4th birthday. I was so happy that they had a sale. The gifts were literally last minute. I was feeling so lucky and now looking back I know why. As I stood in the line, I didn’t mind the wait. I’m so impatient but this day I was actually fine with it.  When I finally got to the counter, the Sales Rep was very friendly. She looked at my credit card and asked me “So You’re a Geer too?” I replied “Yes, maam.” We went through the whole checklist and I found out that her dad and my grandma are actually first cousins. We have been friends ever since.

Meeting My Cousin David

I have another cousin named David Geer. So everytime I would describe him to people they would always say “Oh I thought you were talking about the other David Geer.” Well I had to meet him. My meeting with him would be by accident though. I was freshly broken up with my ex Justin and my girls wanted me to remember single life. After attending a bag party, we stopped by Wild Wings to eat. My then friend Cherelle had a bad habit of trying to “hook me up” with guys. Since she hadn’t been able to do it for almost a year, she took her chance with the first guy she seen. It was Jason, a friend of my cousin. I didn’t know it at the time. So I looked over at the table and said “Hey my dude, my homegirl thinks you’re hot” It was my cousin David. After we asked him his name, we got to chatting and I met my cousin.  We have been close ever since.

Meeting My cousin Ree Ree

I hated my job at the bank but I loved to see and help this Woman. She was always so lively and sweet. She never complained or had a bad word to say to my fellow co workers. I kept seeing that we shared the same last name so one day I decided to ask her. We did our normal checkist and found out that we were cousins! I use to love to trip with her and I hated when she decided to stop banking with us. Now I am okay with her decision. I no longer work for that company anymore, lolx.

I have more stories but I am old and I can’t think of them all. If you are a Geer, or you are simply related to me then feel free to tell your story. I will include it in part 2!


Since May of 1987 I have been a part of the Cinco De May Festivities and loved two pieces and rompers.  Just thought you guys would love to know that.

(My first birthday Party)

LuLuTeaser: MC: Relationships After 25: 13 Cheap Dates That Women Actually Like!

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Hey Guys! I am back from yet another brief hiatus! I actually have a lot of merchandise that I am trying to get rid of still so marketing and networking has taken up most of my time. I had forgot to sign off on my son’s homework I was so busy. Do Not Judge Me, lolx. Anyways lets get into tonight’s topic 13 cheap dates that women actually like!  Meat and Macaroni time!

I figured since it’s Friday the 13th and its an “unlucky” day for the superstitious, it would be a great day to bring some info to my fellas about wallet friendly dates that won’t make you look like a douche!


To see the  13 dates click here:




New Post on LuLuChris58 and New Title For This Segment!

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Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope that everyone is enjoying the evening and my hourly promotion of LuLuChris58.com! Yes!  So your know we do this every night around this time! I think I’m going to call this LuLuNews!  So tonight brings back Mommy’s corner! For those of you who are new to the blog allow me to explain this segment and introduce myself! Seriously let me say welcome if you’re new! Also, do not let’s the name Mommy’s Corner throw you off.  This segment is for the grown woman! It’s problems of a woman 25+. I like to say if your over 25 then you will relate. If you’re under 25 and you get it then great.  It’s just a place for women to feel fierce while venting and at times even laughing. What I hope to accomplish is you will get the “Um hmm” moment! ( You know that moment where you relate to someone or something.) Anyways I have done enough talking!  below you will find the link to the post:


( Sorry I am still working on getting my pretty permalinks right)

Instead of linking the previous post I will just link the website below:


If you have any topics you would like for me to cover on Mommy’s Corner or just  would like for me to blog about please feel free to email me at CourtneyGeer051986@gmail or feel free to leave it in the comment section! I am open to suggestions and love to interact with you guys so don’t be shy!