Catch This Beatdown: Introducing Unicorn Beauty 101 with Dameion Lorenzo

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Hey guys! How’s everyone on this lovely Friday? I hope that everyone is doing great! I had to get my IPhone repaired today and it was a price tag. I’m just glad to have it functioning again, even if it is at the cost of a flat wallet!

I wanted to stop by with some exciting news! I am starting a new segment with a hot, young, fresh and new Florida make up artist by the name of Dameion Lorenzo! Dameion, or Dame as I like to call him, is a dear friend of mine! His brand, Unicorn Faces By Dame is about to take the world by a glitter storm! In this segment, Unicorn Beauty 101, Dameion will be teaching us how to give the perfect beatdown! From finding the right foundation shade to achieving the perfect brow, we will get the scoop on it all! Think of it as DIY for the face!

How it will work:

There will be advice and challenges done in this segment! For the advice part, Dameion will offer his knowledge on certain topics that we may struggle with in the make up and skin department. For example, finding the right skin foundation for full coverage or finding the right BB Cream for oily skin. We will also be happy to take your questions on social media and in the comment section below for a segment topic!

For the challenge portion, Dameion will create a look on himself or a model for me to recreate. Once I have recreated the look, it will be posted on this blog with full instructions as well as mistakes that I may have made and Dame’s advice on how to correct the problem. The teacher will be grading my work, hunny!

I can not wait to bring this to you all! I think that it will be so much fun! Don’t worry if you don’t get the look quite right, Dameion makes house calls!

To see Dameion’s work/online portfolio follow him on Instagram @unicornfacesbydame
Catch the BeatDown by booking your appointment here:


MC:Relationships After 25: 19 Things I Did Wrong

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing well and feeling blessed! If not, hopefully you will get a laugh at my expense today! Anyways, we all know about the revised numbers games are that floating around on Facebook! There are many different versions and I have to admit they are actually fun to play. My best friend and I were talking about how therapeutic  it has been for us. Plus these games are being played by everyone, drama free, lolx. Yesterday, I received the numbers 10 and 9 from two different friends. I decided to combine them and blog about the 19 things I did wrong in my previous relationships!

No one ever wants to admit their wrongs whether it being in a relationship or in life in general. I mean it is a hard thing to do, especially for a know it all and low key perfectionist like myself. It’s hard but I am not above it at all. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

  1. I didn’t speak up. Even when my last ex gave me  the platform to do so, I still held back. I found myself saying things when it was too late.
  2. I have no patience. I am like this in my real life. It’s something that I battle with daily. From my career, to my child and my love life, I can’t wait. I have to see results now or it’s not going to happen. Can’t call JG now!
  3. I forgot to pray. I believe God reveals and heal all situations.
  4. I hate repeating myself.  If I tell you in the beginning how I want to be treated, I don’t want to tell you throughout the course of the relationship.
  5. I gave up on things too easily. With the exception of my last relationship, all my other relationships when they were done, they were done.
  6. I was rude. I would go over my ex’s house and walk in with an attitude at times. Here’s why. If I came in and he was doing something and I felt that his attention wouldn’t be on me,it would hurt my feelings. Because I was the type of girl who never wanted to seem weak, I’d just sit on the bed and pull out my phone. It was just me, him, an Iphone and an attitude.
  7. I didn’t want to get to know any of my exes’ families or their friends unless it was on my time. I am very private. When you randomly bring your family on me, it weird me out and makes me nervous. I do not know why. A lot of people think because of this trait, I am rude. Now to be fair to myself, I got to know my last ex’s stepfamily, his best friend and one of his sisters. Also we shared most of the same friends. I met his mom once. That situation blind sided the hell out of me. We were just friends then. I will write a post about that.
  8. I had sex on my mind all the time! It’s true.
  9. I took my sister on dates. Now I only did this in one relationship. Sometimes my ex and I would argue about the most stupid stuff so I would bring my sister along to referee.
  10. I would argue to win. Now one thing you do not want to do is argue with me. I will get mean.
  11. I would put my relationship business on Facebook. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Once again this was only in the last relationship. The other two were during the MySpace days.
  12. I would call my ex  the B word. I never realized until our breakup that it really hurt him for reasons that he tried to explain.
  13. I never listened. My listening skills got better by the last relationship but I still only had selective hearing.
  14. I told my family everything. I am the type of  person that wants to know when I am wrong. Of course most of your friends and family are going to agree with you but not mine. In this instance the almost did though. Weird but true.
  15. I told his sister our business. I told you guys I only got to know one of his sisters and I made sure that I used her as my therapist and advocate  during the last month. Not cool.  In my head I thought she would fight for me.
  16. I would compare my last ex to the ex before him. Sometimes I would do it out of spite but most of the time I would do it to say “Hey I can leave but I don’t want to.” he didn’t take it that way at all. Funny thing is the ex before him never got compared to the first ex.
  17. I let my friend call my last ex a douche bag. I called him a douche bag.
  18. I never realized how much fun I would have with these guys until it was too late.
  19. I never truly apologized for my part in each of these break ups.


Thats hilarious

I know there are more than 19 things that I did wrong in my past three relationships because let’s be honest, I am human. A lot of these things felt so right at the time of doing them but a lot of these things I knew better. I am learning that you don’t argue to win with people you love. You end up saying things that are on your mind but they come out in the most malicious way and that is only your intent for that time. I am working on my anger, my lack of patience, my communication and appreciation skills. These are things that I not only need in my relationships but in my everyday life.

Now Your Turn:

So I ask you to try the numbers game.  Write down a number of things that you never knew about yourself, things you would like to work on or even just goals. It’s really fun and can be used as a way to say sorry to someone. Or in my case, some exes. I hope that you guys  enjoyed this post.

Side note: The two previous exes before the last ex actually have talked with me about these things. We are on good terms.


12 Things That You Didn’t Know About Me

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So I got suckered, again, into this game on Facebook. I am going to learn one day to stop liking everything that sounds sweet. I figured why not take this to the next level and use the game as a blog post! So here are 12 things that I think you may not know about me!

  1. I hate for someone to wake me up out of a deep sleep. That is the fastest way to get blowed out by me, lolx.
  2. Although I am practically afraid of dogs I love this one20130615-224533.jpg 
  3. I am related to Kevin Garrnett. No lie, he’s like my grandma’s 4th cousin or something of that nature
  4. I have the biggest crush on Drake but who doesn’t??drake-gaye
  5. I hug my pillow when I sleeppillows
  6. I have a boat load of brothers and sisters.
  7. I love making people laugh by saying and doing random things. Wait, that’s just me being me!1302854413_mister-rogers
  8. Despite what people may think, I am very friendly and a softy. I am just misunderstood.
  9. One of my best friends lives in California and we have never met in person.
  10. I believe that God has a destined purpose for all of us.
  11. My son is so funny. He had to get that from my mama.20131111-143537.jpg
  12. I have a crush on this guy….20131023-210828.jpg  ….if you know me then you know why!!!!

So here’s a funny fact. Yesterday I reached 2700 views for this blog!! This is my 660th post. My 600th post was 50 random facts about me! I will link it below..just in case you missed it!

Letter 14: Somebody Loves You Baby!

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge




Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you today? I hope that you are doing great! If not, then hopefully by the end of this post you will be!  Today is day 14 of the letter writing challenge. I don’t want to say much except for I love you! I wanted to include Patti LaBelle‘s 90’s hit “Somebody Loves You Baby” because this song brings a smile to my face.  I think maybe  I always smile when I hear it because it reminds me of that time my friend Amy and I prank called people playing this song in the background, lolx. Either way, I love you.


Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your Last Name Here)

Letter 6: Today Was A Good Day!

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you today? I hope that everything is going great. Today is day six of this letter writing campaign! I wanted to stop by and tell you about my October 24, 2013!

So today on LuLuChris58 marked a milestone. I reached 2000 views! I was so happy! My favorite Celeb Crush Tyler Lepley stopped by and congratulated me.  I can only hope that this was an epic day for you as well! If not, then guess what today will be more than grand because



More than you know!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your Last Name Here)

Letter 5: Pieces of Me

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge


Dear Future Husband,
Hey! How are you today? I hope that you are doing well. Today is day five of the challenge! I didn’t have much to write today. I decided to put together a collage of my pictures. Some of my faves! I hope that they made your day!
Love Your Future Wife,
Courtney (Insert Your Last Name Here)

Day 4: The Wife I Want To Be

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge




Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you today? I hope that you are doing great! Right now in this present moment I am over here trying to get things done and sold. So it’s day four of the letter writing campaign, lolx.  I want to tell you about the type of wife that I want to be to  and for you!

I want to be a loving and thoughtful wife. I want to leave you notes around the house that are uplifting and inspiring.  I want to be one of those who knows when you have a bad day and have the solution to fix it. I want to be one of those wives that automatically have that nice hot bath ran to relax you when you’re tense.  I’m one heck of a masuse, so I would love to put that to use at the right times!  I want to be the wife that is forgiving and understanding. I want to be a patient wife. I want to be an encouraing  wife that helps you reach your goals and pushes you to continue to dream. I want to be your best friend. I hate sports but hey I will watch them with you.  I want to be one of those wives that you know has your back at all times. Overall I just want to be a good wife that makes a few mistakes along the way but never fails to show you how much I love you! Now put this letter down so that I can give you the biggest hug and kiss because I love you so much!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your last name here)

Day 3: I Can’t Sing but Thank God They Can!!

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge


Lucille Ball

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How’s the day going for you? I hope that it’s going good for you. So one thing that I can only do in my head is sing. Lucky for us, and the rest of the world, these few  people were able to not only channel our most inner feelings and put it on record but they sound so good doing so. Inorder to express my love to you I wanted to share three of my favorite songs with you. Why only three? Well, despite the fact that Chanity says the number three is the devil,lolx, it keeps appearing in my life this year. With that being said why not.

“Dare anyone to try to take you from me all my life! Straight from life, dear lover!” Teena was so real when she said that.




I hope you loved my song selection for you!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your Last Name here)

A bonus letter for you here:

Day 2: Can We Get A Dog, Please?

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge


Dear Future Husband,
Hey! How is everything going today? I hope and pray that all is well! If not, I hope that it will be after reading my letter.
It’s day two of the challenge! I hope you enjoyed letter one. I hope you enjoyed it enough that you will say yes to us getting a dog! Can we have one please? Oh course you’ll be the one taking care of it.😘

Hopefully this will make you say yes…to something!

Love Your oh so random Future Wife,
Courtney (insert your last name here)

Day 1: First Letter To My Future Husband

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you as you read this letter? I hope that you are having a great day. If not, I hope by the time you finish this letter your day will be better. This is the first letter of 31 that I will write to you as a challenge. Well it’s more than a challenge to me. Anyways where do we start on day 1?

Let’s see. The things that I hope for from you would be a great place to start.   These are in no particular order. I hope that you like “The Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot. It’s long but it has a message and a meaning. I hope that you love the Spike Lee classic “School Daze” starring Lawerence Fishburn. I can lay in bed and watch that movie all day! I hope that you love Chaka Khan ‘s “Sweet Thang” and sing it to the top of your lungs everytime it comes on! I hope that you have a sneaker collection that takes up our whole closet and an overall  shoe collection that we have to put in another room. Yes, I hope you have the best style. One that mimics Kanye’s but with your own special flare. I hope you know a lot about sports. Is Micheal Jordan that football player that made the Barkley shoe? I need to know these things, lolx. I hope your sense of humor is out of this world! I love to laugh. I hope that you have rhythm! We can’t have rhythm-less kids from two rhythm-less parents. I hope that you love cuddling on rainy days while Ella and Miles serande us through our lazy day.  Because I love food, I hope to goodness that you can cook. It seems like eating out is getting more expensive everyday! I hope that you can teach me some boxing moves. I only know those two that I heard Ty Lepley say in that interview and you can catch a charge breaking jaws. I’m just saying.  I hope that you believe in and love God! I hope that he is first in everything that you do. I hope that you show up with flowers; not because it’s my birthday or because you cheated but just because. I hope that you are thoughtful! I hope that you are growing as a person everyday. I hope that you are never scared to tell me the truth but never do or say anything with malicious intent.  I hope that you trust and love me with your all. I hope that you will always talk to me. Tell me everything, no matter how crazy or silly it sounds. I hope you achieve all of your goals and dreams. I hope that you will let me help you. I hope you put the toliet seat back down. I hate when my son forgets and im paying no attention. Try sitting in the toliet, lolx. I hope that you are a good father to not only Brelin but to all of our four children. I hope you like the names Aston-Martin and Lucynda. I hope that we will grow old together while forever staying young. I hope that after every argument, we never go to bed angry. I hope that you’ll sit on me feet. They get so cold sometimes. I hope that you will slow dance with me on late nights when our children are asleep. I hope that you’ll sing Sam CookeYou Send Me” to me, even if you sound like a dying cat. I hope that you buy me a Tiffany’s ring. I hope you let me kiss your nose and grab your face! I hope that you will know that I loved you from the day I was born and I will love you until the end of time! You are my endless love!

Or you can just play this over and over again

I am happy to have you in my life and you were worth my wait! I fought long and hard to have you! All of your flaws and your mistakes paint a beautiful picture of the man before me! Now let’s go sit on the dock of the bay and waste some time! I love you Mr Future Husband!

Love Your Future Wife,
Courtney ( insert your last name here)

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