1 month review and 2nd wash



Hey guys! I just wanted to stop by with my one month review on this hair from Carina Hair Co and World’s Best Hair. 

If you have not read my initial review please click here

( link to the hair will also be in this post) 
So I have been wearing this install for a month. The shedding has increased from both companies but it’s not excessive. The hair does tangle but it hasn’t matted. To combat the dryness to the hair, I add a little bit of coconut oil.  I simply detangle the hair by using a flat paddle brush that I’ve had for years from Con-Air.  I go back and forth between using heat and flexirods.  I sleep with the hair in a satin bonnet with either flexirods or the hair pinned with a bobby pin. 

Any questions  that you may have about the hair, please feel free to ask!!!!

More links to the hair 

One Month Review

First Wash and Useful Products

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Hey guys! I wanted to stop by with an update on this hair that I am currently wearing from the companies Carina Hair Co and Worlds Best Hair. Links to my initial review and one week update will be linked below. 

Yesterday I went for my first wash on my hair since the install. Because I’m natural, I only let my stylist wash my sew ins. The Carina Hair Co hair returned to its wavy state after its first wash. The World’s Best Hair hair had a wave pattern but it wasn’t a prominent as before.  Both companies’ hair are still shedding minimally and I am getting no matting what so ever. The tangling is manageable. It’s nothing that a paddle brush won’t get rid of. 

The products that are used to maintain this hair are: 

Spectrum Coconut oil ( when needed) by me
Products used at the salon

Wen shampoo and conditioner 

Mini smoothing oil 

Kenra Siliking gloss 
Please do not hesitate to let me know if I missed anything. 


First Look and Initial Review: World’s Best Hair +Carina Hair Peruvian Body Wave

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Hey guys! I’m back with new hair from two different Aliexpress vendors, Carina Hair and Worlds Best Hair! Because I’m wearing both companies’ hair in the same install, I decided to review them in the same post. 


I purchased 4 bundles and a closure.

I only used three bundles and the closure in my two part vixen with a closure

Carina Hair: 18 inch closure and 20 inch bundle in 613 for 82.55 (together) 

Worlds Best Hair: 22,24,26  1b bundle deal 105.00

The hair is a Peruvian body wave texture

The Carina Hair has been dyed a grey and blue ombre

Total Cost: 187.00

Why did I order from two different vendors? 

I decided to go with a grey and blue ombre for the closure and top bundle. To achieve this look along with leaving my natural hair out, I needed to purchase a 613 with black roots. None of the companies I looked at offered all 1b bundles and the 613 bundles, it was either or. I came across a company called Carina Hair company. This company offered the lowest price for the 20 inch bundle and 18 inch closure. I did not see many reviews on the hair but I did come across one from a YouTube Guru by the name of rinaTHEchristina

Link to hair 

View video here

Worlds Best hair had a 50% off sale. That’s my reason from purchasing from them. I found two reviews on the hair, after I purchased. I decided with the price that I would pay for three bundles in 22, 24 and 26, why not! 
First Look: 


The Carina Hair 

Worlds Best Hair 
The shipping on the World’s best hair was excellent. I order from both vendors on a Tuesday. I received the hair from World’s Best Hair the following Monday via DHL. Carina Hair, well that’s a different story! I received the hair via USPS two weeks later. I was a little upset but in order to receive free shipping on the product I had to get it via EMS. Then it had to be shipped to the USPS so patience was the key! Also they included a free pair of eyelashes!  

Side note: You can contact the Vendor or select fed ex packaging for faster shipping with Carina Hair! My packaging was not like the picture on Carina Hair’s Aliexpress page but that’s no big deal to me.

Upon receiving the hair I did open the package to check for the  infamous corn chip smell. It passed for both companies! Now the closure smelled burnt. I do not know why but every closure that I’ve purchased via Aliexpress has that same smell. It goes away with a good co wash but man does it stink!  The World’s Best hair looked really thin inside the packaging and before your install. Once it’s on your dome cap or sewn in it begins to look thicker. The Carina hair looked thick in both the packaging and during the install. 

Initial Review

This pic is from my first day of the install. I did experience shedding from the Worlds Best Hair hair while flexi roding  before bed. I experience none from the Carina Hair hair, yet. So far no tangling or matting from either hair brands. The Carina Hair hair took the dye very well! Both of the hair straightens  very well. I will check to see if the curl pattern returned after my first wash. 

The process was completed by my hair stylist Kameshia Norris- Jackson of Lalia’s Hair Salon in Anderson, SC owned by stylist Kalisha Lindsey. 

The hair is installed as a two part vixen sew in with a closure. I only have three of the four bundles installed but please remember two facts if you decide to purchase, I have a side cut on almost 1/2 of my head and I have tiny head. I would still suggest to order four bundles total when dealing with lengths past 20 inches.

I will be back with an one week update on the hair! 

Please feel free to post any questions or concerns you may have or simply if you feel that I missed anything!  

To book Kalisha or Kameshia please visit here

To book my barber Jay Kutti please visit here

#GreyGang It’s a Movement












So grey isn't only for the Golden anymore! Last November I wanted a color in my hair that was on trend but one that I could get away with. I have been going grey since the age of 25. It's hereditary.
Also, everybody was doing the teal and purple. No one was brave enough to look old. I didn't want to bleach my hair. Although I'm natural, I am still afraid of bleaching and coloring all of my real hair. I only colored my 14 inch bundle.

How I achieved the Grey Look

I went to a professional. I may try this out myself but with my work schedule, I just decided to let my hair stylist, Kameshia Norris Jackson, do it. Funny thing was this, it was her first time. I have to say she did great.

We Started A Movement

I say we as in the brave women who wasn't scared to go grey in 2014! I saw a few celebs doing grey last year but this year more celebs are coming out of the box! I hope that this trend sticks around for a while. #silverhairnation #teamgrey

You can do it too!

It's different shades of grey. 50 shades, lolx. Seriously, there are a lot of shades. The fun thing about going grey is the undertones to it. I started out with more of a yellowish undertone. Now I have a teal undertone. I've seen pink, purple, blue and many other undertones. It's all about finding out which one is right for you. We will all go grey eventually.

Commitment Issues.

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This hair chalk can help you to achieve the color you want from home in a matter of minutes. For only 5.99 you can purchase a set of three from seller Ribbonday on Etsy!
Purchase and View here

So how do you guys feel about the grey movement?

Sunday Chill-Fit OOTD!


The Deets:
Camo Jacket: Thrifted
Grey Tank: Pacsun
Ox Blood Jeans: Saks Fifth Ave: Rugged Warehouse
Socks: My Late PaPa's
Shoes: Bongo: Kmart

So I was finally able to upgrade my iPhone to the 6 plus. I wanted to be comfortable while waiting so I slipped on these items. If you guys notice, I love this camo jacket, lolx. I style it with everything. I have a camo look book coming up!

My hair is the Mongolian Kinky Straight Sophia hair from aliexpress.com. My review for the hair can be found here.

First OOTD of The Year


The Deets:

Camo Jacket: Thrift find Find Similar Here
Maxi Dress: Express Get similar here
Shoes: Target Get Similar Here

Happy New Year everyone! I had to run errands and find an outfit. I ended up throwing on a dress that I purchased on a clearance sale at Express and my favorite Camo Jacket.
What was your first ootd of 2015?

Sunday Brunch OOTD

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Blazer: Talbots kids, Local Thrift Store
Top: Ali and Kris, Rugged Warehouse
Vintage Floral Shorts: Gitanto: Local Thrift Store
Gladiator Sandals: Report: TJ Maxx

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of having brunch with my friend Josie. She was here visiting from Jersey! It was great catching up with her. I hadn’t seen her since 2012.

Saturday OOTD: Leather Wearing in the Summertime



The Deets:
Flannel Shirt: Goodwill: 2.00 Cherokee Brand
Skirt: EBay: 6.00 No name
Shoes: TJ Maxx: 29.00 Rampage
Earrings : Wet Seal. I do not remember the price.

So if your 26 or over you remember the classic, ” Waiting To Exhale”. One of my favorite lines if not the only favorite was when Robin, played by Lela Rochon screams out ” Troy, if you don’t take yo leather wearing in the summer time…”. She says more but I honestly couldn’t get past that part. It’s always made me laugh and afraid to date any guys name Troy, kmsl. (Side note: I also think of Troy Ave too)

I’ve been seeing a lot of faux joggers and tops featured in recent OOTDs on Facebook. Gotta say I’m not that brave yet. It’s too hot here in sc. I will stick with the skater skirt.

My outfit was inspired by the trend of flannel showing up everywhere and my 5 year obsession with flannel.

Plan on seeing me in flannel for the rest of the year! I plan on coming back with a look book including flannel.

More pics from that night:




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Surprise party outfit pick

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So for Lauren’s party I decided to pick up this little number or should I say pieces! I stopped by Ross with my brother and couldn’t resist shopping. I came across the bottoms first and the peplum top second. The price of the “set” was less than 10.00. I felt so accomplished, lolx.

I’m stumped on what type of shoes to wear and how to wear my hair. Let me know any thoughts below.