Birthday OOTD: Cinco De Mayo Simplicity 

What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD


Vintage Denim Gap Jacket: Thrifted

Vintage Tribal Fish Print Dress: Thrifted 

Gladiator sandals: TJ Maxx 

Quilted Bag: Thrifted 

Hair: review here

Yesterday was my birthday!!! I turned 29 years old! I work a full time job along side being a blogger and a home based business owner. I was really drained and I wasn’t going to do anything for my birthday. I finally realized that I was born on the best holiday ever, so the least I could do was partake in some of the festivities. 

I wanted to rock something that I haven’t worn In any ootd but still be comfortable. 

So what did you guys do for Cinco De Mayo? Not only did I eat some wonderful Mexican dishes, I went shopping! I have a birthday haul coming soon!!!!

Birthday OOTD..Cinco De Mayo Chic

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Last night was my birthday! I turned the big 28 and I must say that I enjoyed myself to the max. I had a simple celebration with a few of my girls! Well you know I can’t go with out sharing my outfit with you guys.


My shirt is from a local department store in my area called Hammericks. My faux leather skater skirt is from EBay. I purchased it for only 6.00 from an overseas seller. My pumps are Sam and Libby. The heel has spikes on it. They were a clearance special from Target. My head wrap is just a scarf that I purchased from my local thrift store. The hair is still the TD hair.
I feel that I am somewhat becoming good at this beatface movement. To achieve my look I use most drug store products. Let me know if you guys would like a step by step and list of the items! ( I’m not a professional at all)


Just thought I’d throw in this pic of my girls! They were snatched too❤️

Happy Cinco De’s my birthday

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Hey guys! Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! Also it’s my birthday!!!! I’m still sick😞😞😞😞. Hopefully, I can get some work done and do some visiting today. It’s so rainy and wet here but it’s cool..we will work with it. I seen a quote yesterday and it said if you love life, it will love you back. So, with that being said, a little bit of rain and a cold cant stop me from finding some kind of way to enjoy this day. Also, I’m on the hunt for really cool thrifted piece for my Lulu Chris 58. An Ode to the 90s kids Lolx. Anyways if you guys have any ideas let me know.