The Lab is Back Open!

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Hey guys! How is the night going for you all? It’s going well over my way. I am watching this tv show on BIO called “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” You all know I live for stuff like this!! I watched it one time when I lived on my own and oh gosh. I was scared to blink, lolx. I slept in my living room wrapped around my pillows.

So the lab opened back up today! I did two pairs of shorts today. I am only showing one pair because I am not done with the the other pair yet!


I made these for my mama! Yes, my mama is one of my customers! She loves and believes in my work! When she wears some of her stuff, I will post for you all!

I am so happy that I took a two day break. I laced up my DIY work shoes to the tune of Kanye West’s 2010 hit album, My Dark Twisted Fantasy and went to work! I even swirled the jeans in bleach to Teena Marie’s Portuguese Love, one of my favorite Lady T songs! I will be doing this more often!! It was fun!

So let me know what you guys think!! Til next post✌duces and🙏truces

The Next Sale. Early Start???

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey guys!! How is the evening going for you all? I’m just sitting outside blogging and enjoying the sun a little bit. I was watching the news until I remembered it was a repeat of what was played at 5pm, lolx. So I’m out here vibing to the smooth sound of nature!

I have a question. (Don’t I always,lolx) Who wants the Sunday Sale to start early? I still need to go into details about the sale but I want to know if I should start it on the 1st?Let me know what you guys think!Also, should I do Sunday Sales each week this month? I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

So has anyone figured out what good marathons are on today??? I think I might Hulu Plus surf and watch some old Dragnet or try to catch The Golden Girls on regular television. Be sure to comment below on anything that you want!!! I love hearing from you guys!!!! Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces!!


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