Date Night OOTN

What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD


Jacket: Urban Vouge Boutique( currently closed for revamp) 

Tank: Target 

Jeans: Levi’s: DIY from my sister

Boots: Goodwill

Purse: Revamped Relic purse DIY ( more info on this  item coming in future post) 

So I went on a date for sushi!!! Since it was super casual, I decided to go to my go to color, black. Here are some more pics from my evening out! 


Styling Converse Sneakers: Celeb and Real Style!

Files of Style, What she wore, What She Wore/ OOTD


Converse have been a go to shoe for a while. Despite the fact that they are narrow and have to be purchased in a size up, they make any outfit scream “I’m a bad ass”.

Miley proves that with her polka dot maxi skirt, oversized black sweater and black and white Converse.

Erica and Daphny wanted something cute and comfortable to shoot in. They decided to pair sweaters and jeans for their Converse OOTD!

I will return with a look for less on each outfit!! I want to know how do you pair your Converse?

LuLuTeaser: MC: Relationships After 25: 13 Cheap Dates That Women Actually Like!

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Hey Guys! I am back from yet another brief hiatus! I actually have a lot of merchandise that I am trying to get rid of still so marketing and networking has taken up most of my time. I had forgot to sign off on my son’s homework I was so busy. Do Not Judge Me, lolx. Anyways lets get into tonight’s topic 13 cheap dates that women actually like!  Meat and Macaroni time!

I figured since it’s Friday the 13th and its an “unlucky” day for the superstitious, it would be a great day to bring some info to my fellas about wallet friendly dates that won’t make you look like a douche!


To see the  13 dates click here: