Friday Favorites: Another Segment Featuring Au$tin Martin!

Friday Favorites

So before I get into everything, I want to shout out rapper Au$tin Martin! I got to tweet with him last night and hear some of his music! Infact Im vibing to it now! I just want to say that after tweeting with him I was inspired to create Friday Favorites. I was telling him that I was mad that I was late to the party and I had to add him to my “Monthly Favorites”. I just couldn’t wait that long, lolx.  Each Friday I will name five of my favorites. I will still have a monthly favorites. I just wanted to bring a few good things to you guys.

Friday Favorites List 1:

1.) Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles with Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

2.) Cinnamon! Yes I am about that cinny life! I have been eating it on everything and drinking it in my tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

3.) Au$tin Martin “I am Au$tin Martin Vol.1” and my favorite song on there is a track called “Wake Up”. I also want to tell you that just like Ty Lepley, Au$tin is very humble and sweet. He writes his own music and produce his own beats. He also follows me on Twitter. Find him at @IAMAUSTINMARTIN. Oh and Ladies he’s eye icecream!


4.) The Club Takeover video of Au$tin Martin and Ty Lepley! Yes you guys know I can’t have a favorites list with out Mr. Lepley and the biceps. Who ever made this video with the Marvin Gaye track “I Want You” playing in the back ground while Tyler and his biceps are being featured is a genius! Tell your mama thank you!

5.) Bitstrips. Although its going to get me in big trouble, I now see that it can be used to market and advertise for my business. See there’s always a positive light at the end of the tunnel!

Now you guys know sharing is caring so here’s the Club Take Over Video Starring Au$tin Martin, Ty Lepley, his Biceps and many more!

Sweet Baby LeBron Check out those Biceps!  You’re Welcome Ladies

Listen to Au$tin’s Music Here:



Dare or Spare: Blast From the Past

Dare or Spare, Files of Style



Who remembers this jacket from the Versace for H&M collection made very popular by style icon Mr. Kanye West? Well I got a blast from the past from my friend last night when he asked me where could I find it?  I posted the picture on my Facebook wall and I got another request to find this jacket! Well with bombers being hot right now and Migos and Drake introducing the younger generation to the expensive brand Versace through their hit of the same name, why wouldn’t anyone have me hunt for this jacket? Well never fear guys! Despite the fact that this jacket sold out on the day of it’s 2011 release, there’s a beautiful site called ebay that has almost everything. Now the prices I found are pricey, so I did find vintage inspired pieces as well.

Listing for the Jacket:

This site had the jacket for less but its sold out. I am still featuring this site because they have the best vintage:

Vintage Inspired Bomber:

So the Dare or Spare question must come in! Will you guys dare to rock this jacket or spare it and move on? I want to hear from you guys!

LuLuTeaser: MC: A Love and Basketball Type Love


Hey guys. How is everyone today. I hope that everyone is doing great! So the other day on Facebook a gentleman posted a status and it was asking why do girls want a “Love and Basketball.” type love?  Well you guys know I have an opinion on every thing so here its is.

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Cover of "Love & Basketball (Movie & Musi...

Cover via Amazon

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LuLuTeaser:MC:Relationships After 25: Don’t Be a Nickle Out Here Looking For a Dime?


Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is doing great tonight and enjoying Law and Order SVU! I wanted to stop by tonight and talk about a favorite topic here on the blog relationships after 25. I want to touch on the topic of being the person you want to find. Lyfe Jennings said “Don’t be a nickle out here looking for a dime.” How true is this?

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LuLuTeaser: New Segment MCM (Man Crush Monday)


Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that the answer to that question is great. I wanted to stop by with a new segment I want to try out, Man Crush Monday or MCM.

Now if you are familiar with Instagram, then you are familiar with MCM. I’m sure loads of hunky guys flood your newsfeed with beautiful smiles and six-packs for days. If you are sitting in confusion right now, it’s cool. Let me give a quick explanation. It’s a segment where woman and men post their man crushes of the day. Some say why, while others don’t.

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LuLuTeaser: MC: Relationships After 25: 13 Cheap Dates That Women Actually Like!

LuLuNews, parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! I am back from yet another brief hiatus! I actually have a lot of merchandise that I am trying to get rid of still so marketing and networking has taken up most of my time. I had forgot to sign off on my son’s homework I was so busy. Do Not Judge Me, lolx. Anyways lets get into tonight’s topic 13 cheap dates that women actually like!  Meat and Macaroni time!

I figured since it’s Friday the 13th and its an “unlucky” day for the superstitious, it would be a great day to bring some info to my fellas about wallet friendly dates that won’t make you look like a douche!


To see the  13 dates click here:



LuLuTeaser: August Favorites!

LuLuNews, parent family fashion

Hey Guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you guys are doing great today! I am stopping by with my August Favorites. I know you guys are like wait, August, it’s September. I know but  I need 30 plus days to get these type of things together. So with that little bit of clarification, lets get into it!

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LuLuTeaser: MC: Relationships After 25: Make New Friends but Keep the Old?

LuLuNews, parent family fashion

Hey Guys. How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is well. I wanted to come by with another Mommy’s Corner but with a twist! This one pertains relationships but not in the way that we are accustomed to on here! Tonight I want to get on my Whoodini and talk about friends. Should we make new friends but keep the old?

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If You Were Here Tonight

If You Were Here Tonight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)