New Kinds of Talent: IceJJFish Daniel Mcloyd

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So I know you guys have been seeing the videos floating around from a guy named IceJJFish or Daniel Mcloyd! Wait, what you haven’t? Well never fear I have some to share with you here! Before I share them I want to just talk a little bit about Mr.Mcloyd and I how I found out about the viral sensation.

One day someone, who shall remain nameless..Chanity, shared a video on my timeline. Now most of the time when someone shares a video, the person has some type of vocal ability. Not always Beyonce  but hey we can only have one Queen Bey! Btw it’s JayZ‘s birthday. Happy Bday Hov! Anyways, back to the video. So I tapped on the video and received the shock of my life.  This guy was interesting. He had made my day. I had to watch more. I subscribed to his YouTube channel a month ago when he was at 6,000 views. Now he’s at 20,000. Just like Sharkeisha, Mcloyd has WorldStar Hip Hop to thank for helping him to become somewhat of a household name. 

He even has covers of his music!!!! Hey he’s doing something right?

Despite the overflow of tone deaf, pain staking, but yet sometimes funny singing in each video, there’s a something about the songs that he have written that keeps them stuck in your head. His Itunes hit “On the Floor” has been a favorite of many since he debuted it on his  YouTube channel. Love him or hate him, you can not deny this man has some type of star quality.

How do you guys feel about the new star? Hey I want to say that if you need a Stylist Daniel, hit me up.

Buy “On the Floor” here

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Follow His YouTube here

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Extended Small Business Sale at LuLuChris58

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Hey guys! How is everyone this Sunday? I hope that everyone is doing great! If not I hope to cheer you guys up with some good news! I am extending my sale for 50% off to Wednesday! All items in stock are 50% off with code SMALLBIZ50! If you tag a friend to one of my Instagram pictures, you will recieve an additional 10% off. If ordering by email, write the code in the subject line a long with the name of the item that you wish to purchase. If purchasing from Etsy, the coupon code should be entered at checkout. If you run into any problems please let me know.

Also, one of my favorite shops Illict Rag Vintage has extended their sale to Monday! I love all of their pieces. If you’re confused on what to buy, I featured this shop in my gift list here! Use code blkfri13!

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Shop LuLuChris58 Promo Video+BlackWeek Sale

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Shop LuLuChris58 through Etsy and Instagram! Check out my promo video with the two sweetest little kids and models, Caeli and Gracie!

I specialize in not only children’s thrifted, vintage and reconstructed pieces but I  offer adult pieces as well. To see all of my adult pieces in stock stop by @LuLuChris58HWShorts on Instagram. I have  a 20%off sale going on this week called my BlackWeek Sale! Use code BLACKWEEK and receive 20% off of any purchase over 20.00.


How to purchase.

You have up to three options for purchase. If you live in the upstate South Carolina area and would like to deliver and/ or pick up your item I will take cash. You have to actually appear in physical form, lolx. My other two options are google wallet and etsy!

Google Wallet

If you want an invoice on an item that you see on Instagram please email me at Please include in the subject line which item or items that you are wishing to purchase along with the word Invoice. You have 24 hours to pay for your items or they will be restocked.


I do not list all of my items on Etsy because of fees. I have two special listings for the items that you see on Instagram but they are not listed on Etsy. The listings are “The Closet” and “Social Media Items“. If you look at the pictures on these listings then you will see that they are from the Instagram page. If an item is no longer available, I will remove the picture from Instagram. If you have an item that is priced more than the two listings, then I will list the item on Etsy for you as a reserved item. In the title your name will be included. This will make your price of your item increase by 1.20.

Any questions feel free to email me at


LuLuTeaser: Um Where Have You Been LuLu? Updates and More

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Hey Guys! How has everyone been? I know that I have not posted in days! “So um where have you been LuLu?’, you guys may be asking. Well I have been MIA trying to get them paper planes! Okay, I had to say that! Seriously, I have been marketing trying to reach my goal! I did a post on my other blog explaining my goal and stuff. I am one sale down a lot more to go, lolx.

To see more click on the link below:

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50 Visitors and 10 Sales in 5 hours!

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50,  10 and 5! Those are the numbers that I am trying to achieve today! I wanted to stop by to give you guys a little info on my plan/ goal of today!  The 50 is for the amount of visitors I would like to get today on my other blog LuLuChris58. I would love for all of my lovely family over here at word press to pay a visit to this site by clicking the link below:

Also you can find my blog on!

Now on to the next two numbers 10 and 5! I am swamped with merchandise that I would just love to see on you guys! I figured if I shoot for 10 sales a day for the next four days I can sell out! I want to reach my sales goal (and my visitor goal) in the next five hours!  Please visit the links below to see and purchase my in stock items as well as request a custom order. My ready to ship orders usually arrive to their destinations with in two days of placing your order. I have had customers to receive their orders the next day. ( Depends on location). I also offer rush shipping, just email me before purchase to let me know that you need that option. My custom orders take up to two weeks to receive after their order date. I will do another post to explain how my order system works in detail!

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Also sharing is caring! Be sure to share my post in any way possible! Thanks Guys!

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Hey guys! I’m super tired but I managed to get a few projects between almost finished and finished. I got a request so I am working on it. When I am completely done with it, I will post a picture. Here’s what I completed

They are 3to 6 month Levi’s for your baby girl. I will not list them until next month on LuluChris58 but if you want to preorder a pair or buy the actual pair please feel free to contact me here, my email or any of my social media sites. I will post a picture of these shorts on Instagram too. So why is the title of this post called fashion starts at day 1? Well, just because they are little doesn’t mean that they can’t get a sense of fashion. I love to dress my son and nephew in the latest trends but still keeping it on a child’s level. For example if you are going to put your daughter on a circle skirt like yours, be sure to put a kiddie style graphic style tee or top with it. Something that maybe viewed as childish on yourself. I feel like my shop is one of many on etsy that offers this to parents. What are you guys thoughts on kids clothing and fashion? I would love to know. Til next time Duces and Truces.

We’re Open!! Happy Birthday

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Yaay! I am so excited! We are officially OPEN!!!! It took and will continue to take hard work! I have to say I love it. I can’t wait for you guys to stop by and shop for some items! Don’t forget, I also take request! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to go forth with my dreams and stay on pace with my goal! So come shop with us at .I hope you guys like it