OOTD Floral And Custom High Waisted Shorts

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Today I enjoyed dinner at a local Downtown Anderson restaurant named Doolittle’s. I tried creme brûlée for the first time and it was delicious.


Floral Top: Thrifted Item : .50
High Waisted Shorts: LuLuChris58 Custom Orders accepted through email and Etsy
Flats: Target: 7.99
Quilted bag: Thrifted: .99

Shorts are a custom item through LuLuChris58. Please email or inbox me on Etsy for more details!


The Creme Brûlée that I tried!

Happy Thanksgiving: My Friends!

Holiday Cheer

Hey I just want to say that I have some of the most awesome friends. I have blogged about them before and I just want to take the time out to say Thank You Guys. I don’t know where I would be without you guys! Chanity, Meagan, Daphny, Lauren, Fredo, Dame, Candy, Robert and Rhonda, this post is for you guys! Thank you guys for everything. I  hope that you guys have a blessed holiday and I truly appreciate  you guys.

If I left out anyone, please get on me! Call me out!

Love You guys!


Sunday Dinner For Bae Courtsey of @CookingForBae

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Now doesn’t this look delicious! Wouldn’t you like to know how to make these dishes? Don’t worry.. me either!

How’s everyone today. I hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful Sunday and the food that comes along with it. Speaking of food, I wanted to come by and tell you guys about a hilarious Instagram page, @cookingforbae! Yes, you read right cooking for bae is their name. What makes this page so funny is they say exactly what most of us think when our Instagram followers post those unidentifiable objects  on their table that we like to call “struggle plates” but they claim its “foodporn”. This page is solely dedicated to America’s ugliest foods and I am here for it. I spent an hour looking through the pictures and the captions clinching my gut while tears streamed down my face. The best part about the pictures are the people who posted them originally. They honestly believe that they are serving us Paula Deen realness with Rachel Ray laid hair.  Instead of the pats on the back that they are longing for, they end up on Cooking For Bae with the rest of the gag worthy food.

If you despise ugly food ,love a good laugh or your new diet just isn’t working, I suggest to you to follow this account!!! Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out the video and related articles too.  Pray for your local bae!

Check out this video from YouTuber KevOnStage about CookingForBae

Your turn:

Have you guys heard of this Instagram already? It’s pretty popular it over 52k followers, including myself! Have you guys ever been in a situation where you had to eat something like the food seen on this account? I have and I would love to hear your stories about the experience. How did the food taste? Don’t forget to click the link and follow Cooking for Bae.

Of course those pictures do not belong to me! Then again why would I claim them if they did?

Friday Favorites! Horchatas and Tea!

Friday Favorites

Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is enjoying the start of the weekend! I remember there was some show that use to always say “It’s the weekend babayyyy!” , but I can’t remember who it was?? Anyways lets hop into my Friday Favorites.  I only have a few and they are food and beverage related!


This tea is my favorite go to hot drink! Man I love this tea. Although the Ginger gives it a peppery taste, in my opinion, it taste really great with less sugar and extra lemon!  I purchased it at my local grocery store and it was on sale for 2.99! You can purchase it here for 3.99 plus shipping.

Mexican Horchata 1

Horchatas!!! Yes! I have been drinking these for the past two days! I made it for my family and drank it all. I love ricce pudding so I had to jump on this Mexican drink!  Mine were virgin, of course.  Find the recipe here.

That’s it guys. What are some of your Friday Faves? Have you guys drank Horchatas before?  Feel free to comment down below!

None of the pictures used in this article are mine!

Friday Favorites: Another Segment Featuring Au$tin Martin!

Friday Favorites

So before I get into everything, I want to shout out rapper Au$tin Martin! I got to tweet with him last night and hear some of his music! Infact Im vibing to it now! I just want to say that after tweeting with him I was inspired to create Friday Favorites. I was telling him that I was mad that I was late to the party and I had to add him to my “Monthly Favorites”. I just couldn’t wait that long, lolx.  Each Friday I will name five of my favorites. I will still have a monthly favorites. I just wanted to bring a few good things to you guys.

Friday Favorites List 1:

1.) Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles with Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

2.) Cinnamon! Yes I am about that cinny life! I have been eating it on everything and drinking it in my tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

3.) Au$tin Martin “I am Au$tin Martin Vol.1” and my favorite song on there is a track called “Wake Up”. I also want to tell you that just like Ty Lepley, Au$tin is very humble and sweet. He writes his own music and produce his own beats. He also follows me on Twitter. Find him at @IAMAUSTINMARTIN. Oh and Ladies he’s eye icecream!


4.) The Club Takeover video of Au$tin Martin and Ty Lepley! Yes you guys know I can’t have a favorites list with out Mr. Lepley and the biceps. Who ever made this video with the Marvin Gaye track “I Want You” playing in the back ground while Tyler and his biceps are being featured is a genius! Tell your mama thank you!

5.) Bitstrips. Although its going to get me in big trouble, I now see that it can be used to market and advertise for my business. See there’s always a positive light at the end of the tunnel!

Now you guys know sharing is caring so here’s the Club Take Over Video Starring Au$tin Martin, Ty Lepley, his Biceps and many more!

Sweet Baby LeBron Check out those Biceps!  You’re Welcome Ladies

Listen to Au$tin’s Music Here: