MC:Relationships After 25: 19 Things I Did Wrong

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing well and feeling blessed! If not, hopefully you will get a laugh at my expense today! Anyways, we all know about the revised numbers games are that floating around on Facebook! There are many different versions and I have to admit they are actually fun to play. My best friend and I were talking about how therapeutic  it has been for us. Plus these games are being played by everyone, drama free, lolx. Yesterday, I received the numbers 10 and 9 from two different friends. I decided to combine them and blog about the 19 things I did wrong in my previous relationships!

No one ever wants to admit their wrongs whether it being in a relationship or in life in general. I mean it is a hard thing to do, especially for a know it all and low key perfectionist like myself. It’s hard but I am not above it at all. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

  1. I didn’t speak up. Even when my last ex gave me  the platform to do so, I still held back. I found myself saying things when it was too late.
  2. I have no patience. I am like this in my real life. It’s something that I battle with daily. From my career, to my child and my love life, I can’t wait. I have to see results now or it’s not going to happen. Can’t call JG now!
  3. I forgot to pray. I believe God reveals and heal all situations.
  4. I hate repeating myself.  If I tell you in the beginning how I want to be treated, I don’t want to tell you throughout the course of the relationship.
  5. I gave up on things too easily. With the exception of my last relationship, all my other relationships when they were done, they were done.
  6. I was rude. I would go over my ex’s house and walk in with an attitude at times. Here’s why. If I came in and he was doing something and I felt that his attention wouldn’t be on me,it would hurt my feelings. Because I was the type of girl who never wanted to seem weak, I’d just sit on the bed and pull out my phone. It was just me, him, an Iphone and an attitude.
  7. I didn’t want to get to know any of my exes’ families or their friends unless it was on my time. I am very private. When you randomly bring your family on me, it weird me out and makes me nervous. I do not know why. A lot of people think because of this trait, I am rude. Now to be fair to myself, I got to know my last ex’s stepfamily, his best friend and one of his sisters. Also we shared most of the same friends. I met his mom once. That situation blind sided the hell out of me. We were just friends then. I will write a post about that.
  8. I had sex on my mind all the time! It’s true.
  9. I took my sister on dates. Now I only did this in one relationship. Sometimes my ex and I would argue about the most stupid stuff so I would bring my sister along to referee.
  10. I would argue to win. Now one thing you do not want to do is argue with me. I will get mean.
  11. I would put my relationship business on Facebook. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Once again this was only in the last relationship. The other two were during the MySpace days.
  12. I would call my ex  the B word. I never realized until our breakup that it really hurt him for reasons that he tried to explain.
  13. I never listened. My listening skills got better by the last relationship but I still only had selective hearing.
  14. I told my family everything. I am the type of  person that wants to know when I am wrong. Of course most of your friends and family are going to agree with you but not mine. In this instance the almost did though. Weird but true.
  15. I told his sister our business. I told you guys I only got to know one of his sisters and I made sure that I used her as my therapist and advocate  during the last month. Not cool.  In my head I thought she would fight for me.
  16. I would compare my last ex to the ex before him. Sometimes I would do it out of spite but most of the time I would do it to say “Hey I can leave but I don’t want to.” he didn’t take it that way at all. Funny thing is the ex before him never got compared to the first ex.
  17. I let my friend call my last ex a douche bag. I called him a douche bag.
  18. I never realized how much fun I would have with these guys until it was too late.
  19. I never truly apologized for my part in each of these break ups.


Thats hilarious

I know there are more than 19 things that I did wrong in my past three relationships because let’s be honest, I am human. A lot of these things felt so right at the time of doing them but a lot of these things I knew better. I am learning that you don’t argue to win with people you love. You end up saying things that are on your mind but they come out in the most malicious way and that is only your intent for that time. I am working on my anger, my lack of patience, my communication and appreciation skills. These are things that I not only need in my relationships but in my everyday life.

Now Your Turn:

So I ask you to try the numbers game.  Write down a number of things that you never knew about yourself, things you would like to work on or even just goals. It’s really fun and can be used as a way to say sorry to someone. Or in my case, some exes. I hope that you guys  enjoyed this post.

Side note: The two previous exes before the last ex actually have talked with me about these things. We are on good terms.


12 Things That You Didn’t Know About Me

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So I got suckered, again, into this game on Facebook. I am going to learn one day to stop liking everything that sounds sweet. I figured why not take this to the next level and use the game as a blog post! So here are 12 things that I think you may not know about me!

  1. I hate for someone to wake me up out of a deep sleep. That is the fastest way to get blowed out by me, lolx.
  2. Although I am practically afraid of dogs I love this one20130615-224533.jpg 
  3. I am related to Kevin Garrnett. No lie, he’s like my grandma’s 4th cousin or something of that nature
  4. I have the biggest crush on Drake but who doesn’t??drake-gaye
  5. I hug my pillow when I sleeppillows
  6. I have a boat load of brothers and sisters.
  7. I love making people laugh by saying and doing random things. Wait, that’s just me being me!1302854413_mister-rogers
  8. Despite what people may think, I am very friendly and a softy. I am just misunderstood.
  9. One of my best friends lives in California and we have never met in person.
  10. I believe that God has a destined purpose for all of us.
  11. My son is so funny. He had to get that from my mama.20131111-143537.jpg
  12. I have a crush on this guy….20131023-210828.jpg  ….if you know me then you know why!!!!

So here’s a funny fact. Yesterday I reached 2700 views for this blog!! This is my 660th post. My 600th post was 50 random facts about me! I will link it below..just in case you missed it!

My “Bad Virgin Hair” Experience!

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Hey guys!  I wanted to stop by with a quick story about my bad virgin hair experience with a virgin hair company. Before I get into this story, I want to tell you guys about my displeasure with the company’s product. It’s not to bash the company, it’s just to inform you before you purchase from this company.

So in 2011, I was out to eat and I met this young lady. We started to talk about weaves. I love to meet a girl who knows about hair so that I can learn more. I was telling her about my install and how i felt that the hair in my head had been processed. I’m ok with processed Indian Hair just tell me before you charge me. She recommended a site to me that sold quality virgin hair, The Virgin Hair Fantasy.  Well I don’t just go by the word of mouth alone, I went to YouTube. Also, she hadn’t purchased the hair yet. She was going by what she seen in her friend’s head.


The “Indian Virgin Hair” during the first week of wear in its “natural state”


The same hair  straightened after a month of wear.  Yall don’t go in on my eyebrows lolx.


After seven months of wear and straighten. This “Indian Virgin Hair” always returned to its “natural ” wave pattern but I didn’t like the wave pattern that it had.

My  Virgin Hair Fantasy Experience

What Made Me Buy:

I typed in on YouTube “The Virgin Hair Fanstay” and a slew of good videos came up. I kept visiting the website and watching reviews. At this time, I was new to the YouTube review game. What I did not know was most of these ladies ( well actually all that I had seen at the time) received their for FREE!  So not seeing any bad reviews on this company  seeing nothing but positivity on their website and wanting “The Virgin Hair Fantasy” t-shirt, in March 2012, I gave in and purchased the hair! I purchase two bundles of their Brazilian Virgin Body Wave in 16 and 18 inches! I also purchased a 14 inch Brazilian Virgin Body Wave closure. I went with 2 bundles because of the length and the size of my head. I would love the whole Dianna Ross look but at that time I worked for a boss who was not trying to allow my greatness, lolx.


The 14 inch closure and weft in Brazilian Virgin Body Wave. This picture does not belong to me. It’s from The Virgin Hair Fantasy

The Price:

I actually had my pricing wrong in my head before I had started to write this piece. I am glad that I am an email hoarder!  You will see an invoice inserted in this post. Yes, it is my actual invoice that was emailed to me. Back to the subject at hand. I paid 481.89 for two bundles and a closure. Now to break it down on the price here goes. For the 16 inch bundle the price was 145.00. The 18 inch was 155.00. The 14 inch closure was 140.00. Now I needed my hair done by the weekend so I asked for next day shipping and the price of that was 41.89.


This is my invoice. No I did not copy and paste an invoice from google either.

Receiving The Hair

I honestly didn’t think that the hair would come before Friday but it did! I had ordered on the 13th or 14th and received it on the 15th. I just remember it was a week day because I had to go in to work at 11am that day. Anyways, the hair came Fed Ex and my grandaddy was here to pick it up. When I finally came in from work that night I was excited to see my package! Back in those days, TVHF was sending the hair in Robin Egg Blue style envelopes with the TVFH dolls sticker used to tape it close, well at least that’s how mine came. On the front of the envelope was a label stating what was inside. Almost like the Avery mailing labels you buy. I honestly can’t describe the smell of the hair, it didn’t smell bad like the infamous corn chip smell but it smelled like something I had smelled before in hair. If that makes any sense. Inside of the package also contained two other things and guess what one of them wasn’t, The Virgin Hair Fantasy shirt! I was confused. I thought that everyone who bought the hair received a shirt as a thank you. I wasn’t reviewing the hair for them, so no shirt for me. They did give me a handwritten thank you note with the TVFH dolls on the front and a church flyer style hair care instruction sheet. You’re  Welcome The Virgin Hair Fantasy!

Who Styled My Hair

Now you guys remember at the beginning of the story when I stated that I was rocking the “virgin indian hair” so the stylist who sold it to me was claiming, well I was not making the same mistake twice and going back to her.  I wanted the best in Anderson County and probably the in our whole state of SC to do my “real virgin weave.” Who is the best you may ask, Well it is Ms. Kalisha West of Kalisha’s Creations! She has worked with stars such as Beyonce and Angie Stone, just to name a few, so I knew I would be in good hands. My good friend works for her so I messaged her to ask her how could I get an appointment. Well it just so happened that the owner was on vacation so my friend offered to do my hair. I agreed. I had known Kamisha for over 10 years so I trusted her.

Just to give a side note about Kalisha’s Creation, it is a very good salon. I say this because all of her stylist, including herself,f go through extensive training to not only provide the latest and greatest in styles  but they provide each customer with proper hair care. My real hair was actually healthy under my sew-in and grew the longest that I had seen it grow in two years.

When I got there, I showed her the list that was provided by TVHF for styling and maintenance of the hair. She followed all of them but one, sealing the wefts. Now I am not throwing fault at her at all. If you watch the virgin hair fantasy review videos to this day, I will say 99% of the ladies reviewing this hair will say that they “DID NOT” seal their wefts. They will also state how little the hair sheds.

The hair

This hair shed like  none other. I was ok with a little bit of shedding but when people know that you have been in a spot because you left hair there, that’s not cool at all! I was not trying to mark any territory. I had clogged my drains in my house, just from getting in the shower and wetting my hair. The hair matted and tangled even in the closure. I brushed the hair daily and it still tangled. I know that all weave has the tangle  potential, especially curly but this was something so new to me. I tried every product that I could think of and still no luck. Even after my install time was up, I took the hair out of my head and let it sit in detangling shampoo over night and tadaaa… nothing. The hair, just in case you were wondering, is in the trunk of my granddaddy’s car.  His car is in the shop but look at the pictures. My hair looks a lot thinner due to the shedding and matting.


It’s blurry but you can see the hair. This is the first day of my install. I had just left the salon. The hair is in its natural state and we used both bundles and the closure. The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair.


The second day of my install. I was at my sisters baby shower. The hair was already shedding then. No that is not my boyfriend, lolx.  The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair


A better and clear picuture of the hair during the first week of the install. That’s my sister whose baby shower I was attending. The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair


One month after my install. My closure had started matting so bad that started pushing back and the part was no longer showing. See how flat the hair started looking! The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair


One month before removing this hair finally in June. Compare the hair to the first install which was in March. Its thin and sparse.  The closure is matted.

The Bad Truth About My Whore Hair

So the funniest thing happened after my hair fiasco! I went back to YouTube to figure out what I had done wrong with the hair and all kinds of “The Virgin Hair Fantasy” videos were popping up. Even the bad ones. So then I started to learn about “The Guru Game.”  Women who had paid for the hair was telling the truth about this hair. Some of the videos were made before bought the hair. “How did I miss these videos?”  I thought to myself. Well for one, I only typed in the name of the company. When I type in “Bad Virgin Hair Fantasy” a good bit of videos came up. I wish I had known to type that in the box before purchasing this hair.

The Guru Game

Well those ladies that I watched the first go round were and some still are YouTube Gurus. How the Guru game works is that companies will  send out their best of the best merchandise  to Gurus for review. So yes, a lot of the times when Gurus give their “honest” opinion, it is just that. They are not receiving the same product that we are. That is why it’s always best to watch product reviews on hair and some other items that were purchased by someone who had to pay to get it. Now I am a business owner myself, so I understand why companies do it. You get a popular person with loads of views to review your product. Once they rave about your  product your sales go up. I would never do that because I have integrity. If you pay your hard earn money for something, You deserve the best product. I actually  let a friend of mine review one of my products for free and she received the same exact product as any paying customer would. Now I am not against gaining exposure, just send everyone the same product.  Let me know if you guys want me to write another post on how to find reviews.

Will I purchase hair from or recommend this company

Hell No! I will never waste anymore money with that company. They could send me free hair today and I still would not recommend them. When you find me 10 young ladies that paid for their hair with their hair earned money and says the same thing that Morgan Taylor or Lakiastar states about the hair, then I would maybe recommend their product. What prompted me to write this post was the women who were posting about their bad experiences in the comment sections of many of these Guru’s videos. The funny thing is, if you make a  negative truth video with a lot of views they  will then want to rectify the situation with you.  What about these women who are commenting? I have commented on several videos and they have yet to extend any type of offer of exchange with me. Instead of sending the gurus good hair, how about taking a day and contacting the women who actually paid for crappy hair and offering them some of the good hair that you send out. It’s not like they hadn’t already paid for the hair. Now if you want to still purchase the hair after my review and story, that’s fine. You may actually have a better experience than I did. I am just sharing my story and my “Truth” about this company with you guys.

Now it’s Your Turn

Speak up and out! Let me hear some of your horror stories about some “virgin hair” companies. Has anyone who has paid for their hair from TVHF received what I like to call “guru style hair”? Did I leave out anything? If so, feel free to ask any questions below! Be sure to share your thoughts, opinions, stories or whatever you feel with me in the comment section below!

A true Review of the hair from a paying customer

A Review from a YouTube Guru