Birthday OOTD: Cinco De Mayo Simplicity 

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Vintage Denim Gap Jacket: Thrifted

Vintage Tribal Fish Print Dress: Thrifted 

Gladiator sandals: TJ Maxx 

Quilted Bag: Thrifted 

Hair: review here

Yesterday was my birthday!!! I turned 29 years old! I work a full time job along side being a blogger and a home based business owner. I was really drained and I wasn’t going to do anything for my birthday. I finally realized that I was born on the best holiday ever, so the least I could do was partake in some of the festivities. 

I wanted to rock something that I haven’t worn In any ootd but still be comfortable. 

So what did you guys do for Cinco De Mayo? Not only did I eat some wonderful Mexican dishes, I went shopping! I have a birthday haul coming soon!!!!

Tee Review From ClothingHub and OOTD Fail!

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Hey Guys! How is everyone? I know that Sundays is my off day but I didn’t blog yesterday so I wanted to stop by with a few post! So if you guys read one of my previous post then you will know that I said I wanted to start reviewing items and letting you guys know some of the things that I like.  The first item that I am going to be reviewing is an  item that I was sent as a gift from the Etsy Shop ClothingHub!

Fresh Prince

About the Shirt

I recieved the shirt as a Thank You for promoting this shop on Etsy.  Because the shop is based out of the UK , economy shipping takes about two weeks. I was fine with that because I was an avid Ebay and wholesale shopper back in the day so I was use to dealing with international shipping. Also, I believe that if you purchase the shirt, because the shipping is 13.88, you will recieve your shirt a lot quicker than two weeks. When I recieved the shirt it was in a grey packaging. I had to sign for the item from my mail carrier. I appreciated that. The shirt was very soft and looked exactly like the picture. Each shirt is made to order and are 100% cotton. The style shirt that I have is unisex. I believe all of the shirts are! My sister commented that the shirt looked “too oversized” for me but the fit was perfect. I recieved an adult’s small.

What Happened to the OOTD

I decided to wear the shirt to my son’s game yesterday. I paired it with my black thrifted Bull Head Denim Legging, my combat boots from KMart that I purchased two years ago, my favorite thrifted flannel kid’s shirt and my faux leather jacket that I purchased from Target for a date two years ago.  I had on one of my go to looks that I like to call edgy grunge girl. It was cold yesterday and I was up super early. I did not want to pose for any pictures. When I finally got home I decided to try out a new contour and highlight method and I got makeup on my shirt. I was so mad. So stay tuned for a post about how I get the stain out, if I do. I do have a mock ootd of my outfit below:

Fresh Grunge Princess

To view full outfit and where to purchase click here:

I honest opinion of the shirt

I love the shirt! I will be purchasing shirt from the company soon. The shirts are reasonably priced and very trendy!  I would recommend this shirt to you guys. Be sure to stop by and check them out! If you guys like, I will do a one month update on the shirt to tell you how it holds up after washing. Just let me know below! Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the shirt below.

Where to purchase:

Want your product reviewed and promoted? Email me at


Dare or Spare: Blast From the Past

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Who remembers this jacket from the Versace for H&M collection made very popular by style icon Mr. Kanye West? Well I got a blast from the past from my friend last night when he asked me where could I find it?  I posted the picture on my Facebook wall and I got another request to find this jacket! Well with bombers being hot right now and Migos and Drake introducing the younger generation to the expensive brand Versace through their hit of the same name, why wouldn’t anyone have me hunt for this jacket? Well never fear guys! Despite the fact that this jacket sold out on the day of it’s 2011 release, there’s a beautiful site called ebay that has almost everything. Now the prices I found are pricey, so I did find vintage inspired pieces as well.

Listing for the Jacket:

This site had the jacket for less but its sold out. I am still featuring this site because they have the best vintage:

Vintage Inspired Bomber:

So the Dare or Spare question must come in! Will you guys dare to rock this jacket or spare it and move on? I want to hear from you guys!

LuLuChris58 Promo and Items For Sale!

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Hey guys! I hope that everyone is well today! I wanted to share with you guys some pictures of the kid items that I have on sale now.












All items start at 15.00 and that includes shipping. To purchase, a custom order and /or to  inquire about an item please email me at: or submit and inquiry below including your email! I accept payments via Google Wallet. Local Customers have the option to pay with cash only during a pick up !

Items for sale:

1.) Kid’s Cardigan. Bought for a Boy but can be unisex size 5t.  Modeled by Gracie Todd

2.) Vintage Levi’s Jacket. Unisex Size 6.  Modeled by Gracie Todd

3.) Vintage Lee Vest with leather cross and studding. Unisex. Inquire for size.  Modeled by Gracie Todd

4.)  Kid Denim Vest with Studding, Micheal Jackson buttons and Sloagan.  Unisex Size 6.  Modeled by Gracie and Cali Todd

5.) Kid’s Blazer Unisex ( bought for a boy) Size6. Modeled by Gracie Todd

I will do another post showcasing all of my kid’s items still in stock.  All items can be seen below via Instagram.

Models: Cali Todd age 6 and Gracie Todd age 5

All pictures were taken by Courtney Geer, owner of LuLuChris58

All models styled by Courtney Geer, owner of LuLu Chris

Love Gracie’s Turban? I would be happy to do a DIY for you guys!