Letter 16: My First Love

31 Letters To My Future Husband


Redd Foxx; Betty Jean Harris

Isn’t this the sweetest picuture of Redd Foxx and his then wife Betty Jean Harris Foxx

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you? I hope that everything is going great for you! If not, then I hope that by the end of this letter you will be grinning from ear to ear. It’s so cold here right now. I’ve been in all day writing and trying to network. I normally listen to music while I work and today was no different. One of my favorite songs came on by Rene and Angela, “My First Love.” I love that song because it’s so true. Although it talks about “first love”, I think that true love is the basis of the song. Because you are my husband, you are my one and only love and time will never change it, come sun or rain!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney(Insert Your Last Name Here)

Gift List 5: Jeremy’s Wishlist!!!

Holiday Cheer



Hey guys! I had to take a mini break yesterday but I am back!!! I have so many post for today! Anyways, I was talking to my good friend Jeremy and I brought up Karmaloop.com. ( Hey Jeremy!!) My friend informed me that he was in need of some styling tips and ideas, so what better way to do this for him than with a wish list!!!  I am going to pick out 12 items that I feel will be good pieces for him. I hope that you like them, Mackey! The same goes for you all!!! Let’s jump in!


joggerssweatsjacketbill cosbyTshirtcocaine






Karmaloop.com has done it again. They are not only bringing you the greatsest sale ever but they are basically giving things away for you guys. Check out the flyer below!


I know you guys are wondering if you can use your promo codes and still take part in this offer. The answer is YES, duhh! One of the reasons why Karmaloop is so sucessful is because of their willingness to go above and beyond the extra mile to keep their customers happy! I have made banner clickable for you guys so that you can head right over and start your shopping now! Don’t forget to use codes LULU58  and ERLYBIRD to save big in order to give and receive!

Let me know what you guys would like to see on the next few gift list!

These Are The Makings Of You!!

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday

So guess what day it is……..Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday!!!! Yes it’s actually the day when thirst is real and okay! So I am going to quench today’s dehydration with Tyler Lepley and Curtis Mayfield! I bet  you guys are like “What the Hell”? Stick with me here, it will all come together below, lolx.

So yesterday   “The Makings of You.” By Curtis Mayfield popped up on Itunes Radio while I was trying to find material for today’s posts. I didn’t have anymore skips. Now the funny thing is Jay-Z and Kanye sampled this song for a song on the “Watch the Throne Album.” This one one of my favorite albums of 2011 and two of my favorite songs were the song at the beginning and end. ( I actually have more than 2, hey it was a dope album) The song in the beginning was “No Church In The Wild“. This song appears everywhere even in one of Tyler Lepley YouTube videos. He even quoted what I say is  Hov’s best line from this song as his caption for his Instagram photos.


Now the last song is “The Joy” featuring Pete Rock, Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi. One of my favorite favorite parts was when Jay come in on his verse with “This is Mama’s sh#%”. That made me love this song.  This is the song where they sampled “The Makings Of You.”

Now how do Curtis and Tyler mesh. Well I never really liked the song by Curtis Mayfield until I had a chance to listen to it yesterday and listened to the words. While I listened to the words and how sweet they were someone popped in my head and a picture showed up in my Twitter Timeline of a gentleman wearing a pair of Jordan Sneakers. Jordan sneakers are the favorite shoe of  that someone who popped up. ( That I am pissed off at right now) He favors the guy in the picture. The guy in the picture was Tyler Lepley. It happened to  have always been one of my favorite pictures of Tyler. Now do you guys see how everything relates? Isn’t it just grand???  You guys know how I love the power of coincidence. Now this song will forever remind me of Tyler, lolx.


Shout out to @BeeBeeLovely824 for making this picutre! Hey Girl!!!! Be sure to follow all of us on Twitter and Instagram by clicking the highlighted links!

@TyLepley its the same for Instagram and Twitter

@BeeBeeLovley824 it’s same for Instagram and Twitter

@CourtneyGeer86 and @luluchris58blog

Listen to the words of this song. They are beautiful beyond belief. I can’t begin to describe the feeling I get when I hear this song. I was actually moved by some of the comments on the video.

The Many Faces Of Tyler!

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday

Do you know what today is?? No it’s not BET’s anniversary; it’s Benny Biceps Thirtsy Tuesday!!! Yes it’s time to quench the thirst ladies!!!! Now I felt like today’s post should just be pictures of Tyler!! If you follow him on Instagram (@tylepley) then you may have seen this pictures already! I mean let’s be honest we can not get enough of Tyler so seeing these pictures 100 times is like seeing them for the first time!!! You’re Welcome ladies!!

Isn’t he adorable!!!


I love this jacket!!!!

Now ladies, I hope you guys didn’t think I was going to leave out the biceps!!! I love love love this pic of Mr Lepley! Early Christmas for me. Hey!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this!! Tyler we thank you for the shirtless pics!! We are still waiting for your answers sir!!!!

Christmas List: 10 Gift Ideas Part 1: All under 50.00

Files of Style, LuLuStore

Hey guys! We are getting close to that day where we give the big homie birthday wishes and we threaten our babies with coal in their stockings if they are misbehaving..Christmas! One of America‘s favorite times of the year and every shopaholic’s pass to spend bill money, lolx. Seriously, I wanted to stop by with what I call “gift list”. I do not know how many I will be doing, but I do know that it will be more than three. Anyways, these lists are going to be wallet friendly and  show love to many small business owners. If you guys want gift lists from major retailers just let me know. Without further ado here are the gifts. You’re Welcome


https://www.etsy.com/listing/164037701/reclaimed-wooden-shelves?ref=shop_home_active This item is from a fellow Etsy seller and South Carolinian, LittleMonkeyBiz. I originally wanted to post their Door Coffee table, but unfortunately, it sold already.  It is 25.00 plus shipping for one shelf and they are made to order so put your order today! This item would be perfect for anyone!!


https://www.etsy.com/listing/158991600/lol-cat-plushie-plush-toy-gift-for-teens?ref=shop_home_active This handmade item will be great for not only teens but little kids over the age of three.  Sold in the Etsy shop HoppingTheFence, this seller offers many plus stuffed animals and items at a great price. This little guy is only 10.00 plus shipping!  She also accepts custom orders. She is a very sweet young lady who just so happens to have a coupon code for you guys! Use code HTF15 to recieve 15% off of this item and any other items in her shop that are 10.00 or more!

jean jacket


For that vintage lover in your life, stop by CyberThrift on Big cartel and scoop up this vintage 80’s denim jacket! At only 20.00 plus shipping, this gift will be perfect for that fashionista that you love! Be sure to check out this site for many other hip retro finds!



These earring are perfect for my naturalistas out there! At 35.00 plus shipping these anodized titanium earrings can be purchased through a custom order at the Etsy shop TracyLynnSainDesigns! The beauty about these earrings are that they are handmade and truly one of a kind. The shop owner states that no two pairs are exactly alike. Your earrings may not turn out exactly like these but yet even better !



Another pair of earrings perfect for my naturalistas and fashionistas! These letters can come in any letter that you need! These beauties and many more can be purchased at the Etsy Shop NiusCreation for 12.00 shipping.



Don’t let the beautiful young lady in the picture fool you, this Sway beanie  found on Big Cartel is for everyone! Not only is it unisex but it comes in five colors. Sized at one size fits all, this beanie will cost you 20.00 plus shipping.



What better way to help that Drake like guy in your life than to buy this sweatshirt from the Big Cartel seller  PeaSoup! I love their tees and sweatshirts! At under 40.00 plus shipping, this UK based company sweatshirt will definitely keep someone who’s missing love warm! Big catch to this top, it’s unisex!



At 25.00 this tee is perfect for that Jordan lover, sneakerhead or hypebeast in your life. Although this AirbornClothing tee is for men, I would go out on a limb and say that it could be unisex!



These boyfriend jeans are perfect for that minihipster in your life! Bleach, studded and distressed, who wouldn’t want to put their little fashionista in these Levi’s boyfriend jeans at the Etsy Shop LuLuChris58. I also offer a pair for your older hipster and/ or mommy too! At 25.00 plus shipping, these babies will keep your daughter on the best dressed list without deflating your wallet!



Last item on the list are these studded flannel kid’s Sneakers! These sneakers are for little boys and have been reworked  with star and pyramid studs! They can be purchase at the Etsy Shop LuLuChris58 through the closet listing. At 20.00 shipping included, these like new retro-feel shoes are the perfect gift for your minihipster to stand out this winter!

I hope you guys enjoyed the items on my list! Be sure to check out all of these shops, including LuLuChris58! Happy shopping!

Any shops that would like to be featured on future list, please feel free to contact me at luluchris58@gmail.com

My Two Biggest Post!

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Hey Guys! How is the day  going for everyone? I hope that all is well with you guys! I wanted to stop by before cooking to let you guys know about my two biggest post! For some reason someone loves biceps and snapbacks! I am fine with that! I just wanted to thank you guys for viewing and enjoying all of my post, especially these two. So without further ado I want to unveil the post to you all:





Now I don’t know if ladies think that these are before and after pictures? Sorry they are not, lolx. If you have not checked out these two post then make sure that you do. That way you can tell me why they are my two highest post!

What are some of  your favorite LuLuChris58  post?

Letter 6: Today Was A Good Day!

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you today? I hope that everything is going great. Today is day six of this letter writing campaign! I wanted to stop by and tell you about my October 24, 2013!

So today on LuLuChris58 marked a milestone. I reached 2000 views! I was so happy! My favorite Celeb Crush Tyler Lepley stopped by and congratulated me.  I can only hope that this was an epic day for you as well! If not, then guess what today will be more than grand because



More than you know!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your Last Name Here)

MC: Relationships After 25: Love Is Stronger Than Pride?

Mommy's Corner

love is

Cover of "Stronger Than Pride"

Cover of Stronger Than Pride



One of my favorite songs comes from the 1980’s breakout artist Sade from her album “Stronger Than Pride“. The song is called “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.” Listening to this song as a child, a teenager and early into my adulthood, I never really paid attention to the words. I just knew that Sade had this backup singer that made that song hot! I listened to the song in 2011 one night when it randomly came on Pandora and the words hit me like a ton of bricks. So I had to stop by and ask the question is love stronger than pride?

There’s a part in the song that says ” I can’t hate you, although I have tried!” I think that when the love is true, no matter how hard you try to forget that person or the world tells you that you’re a fool for still being in love with that person, you can’t run from your heart. Lying to yourself, replacing the one you love with someone else only works for so long.  Trust me, I know, lolx/

Is Love Really Stronger Than Pride?

What do you guys think? Is Sade right?  Comment below!



Letter 5: Pieces of Me

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge


Dear Future Husband,
Hey! How are you today? I hope that you are doing well. Today is day five of the challenge! I didn’t have much to write today. I decided to put together a collage of my pictures. Some of my faves! I hope that they made your day!
Love Your Future Wife,
Courtney (Insert Your Last Name Here)

Tuesdays is Now Officially “Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesdays”

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So ladies in honor of the handsome “The Haves and Have Nots” star Tyler Lepley, we have now named Tuesdays “Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesdays!” The 26 year old former college football saftey plays character ” Benny Young” on the hit Tyler Perry show for Oprah‘s OWN Network.

So every Tuesday, I will bring you guys all things Benny Biceps/ Tyler Lepley. Feel Free to request any thing that you would like to see.


You’re Welcome Ladies!