New Post on LuLuChris58 and New Title For This Segment!

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Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope that everyone is enjoying the evening and my hourly promotion of! Yes!  So your know we do this every night around this time! I think I’m going to call this LuLuNews!  So tonight brings back Mommy’s corner! For those of you who are new to the blog allow me to explain this segment and introduce myself! Seriously let me say welcome if you’re new! Also, do not let’s the name Mommy’s Corner throw you off.  This segment is for the grown woman! It’s problems of a woman 25+. I like to say if your over 25 then you will relate. If you’re under 25 and you get it then great.  It’s just a place for women to feel fierce while venting and at times even laughing. What I hope to accomplish is you will get the “Um hmm” moment! ( You know that moment where you relate to someone or something.) Anyways I have done enough talking!  below you will find the link to the post:

( Sorry I am still working on getting my pretty permalinks right)

Instead of linking the previous post I will just link the website below:

If you have any topics you would like for me to cover on Mommy’s Corner or just  would like for me to blog about please feel free to email me at CourtneyGeer051986@gmail or feel free to leave it in the comment section! I am open to suggestions and love to interact with you guys so don’t be shy!



Good Night Post!

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Hey Guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is well! I am a little drowsy. I had to take my allergy meds again. 😞😞. I figured the rain would help but it’s only doing the opposite.

I received my studs today! I was so happy ,although they are small sizes. I’m ok with that. I have already put them to use. See picture below👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


I also free handed a stencil of the Batman Symbol. I just simply sketched the same bat that I seen on the Internet. See Batman Symbol below👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


Feel free to share any thoughts below! Til Next Post ✌duces and ✌truces!💜♥♥❤💜♥❤💚💚


Show and Tell. Aztec Collection

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The Duckhead High Waist for kids. These are completed and ready to buy. Will fit a 24 inch waist. Around a regular size 5-7 for girls



The Bill Blass High Waist shorts. These are not completed but will be by next week. They are a 32 inch waist. Will fit someone who wears a size 5 to 7. They are not for the faint hearted. They do show a little cheek.

Pocket details:👇👇👇👇



Be sure to comment any thoughts below.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Til Next Post ✌duces and 🙏truces!!!

Check In Post + Customer Lookbook


Hey Guys! How is the day going for everyone! Sorry I’m late today. I had something to come up. Life is so unfair, lolx. Seriously I wanted to stop in and do two things, say hey and give you guys a real customer look book today!

My customer Brandi rocked her LuLuChris58 custom shorts to the T!! Her look below:


Her shorts:



These are The Chickens from the Grapeblast collection. I love the ensemble! She looks great and I am happy she loved them! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!!!💜💚💜❤❤

Good Morning Post!

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Good Morning Guys! How is the morning going for everyone? I hope that you all are having a good day! I am sitting here sipping some breakfast tea and trying to plan out the day! I have yet to start using my notebook! That will have to change!

So I would really like to set up a booth at the Farmer’s Market at the next town over. I say that because my town does not participate in the Farmer’s Market. I been having trouble finding out about registration and booth fees. If anyone reading has any idea about this, please feel free to share that information! My mentor does craft shows and Farmer Markets in her home town. She says that was what has helped her to get her name out there. How do you guys feel about the Farmer’s Market? If you are in the Upstate SC and I do participate, I would love for you guys to stop by. If you live in another state and just want to vacation in SC around that time be sure to stop by and see me!

What are the plans for today? I’m not really sure if we have a sunny day ahead of us in SC? Be sure to comment below whatever your heart desires!!!!
Til next post. ✌duces and 🙏truces💚♥💜♥♥💜



LuLuChris58 June Photo Challenge

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Hey Guys! I hope that everyone is well. Excuse the bootleg picture, lolx. Since my photo editor on my IPhone wouldn’t act right I made the pic above. I will type out the post for the pictures below.

3rd-1 month
6th-One wish
11th-My view
12th-Best Friends
13th-Moving Foward
15th-My story: My Life
16th-A letter to my daddy!
18th-Favorite LuLuChris58 piece
19th-Cool kid OOTD
20th-Game/ Giveaway
21st-Teena Marie
22nd- My Mama
23rd-Something Old
24th-Somone I miss
28th-Pail List
29th- Happiness is:
30th- My story: the month of June

I challenge you all to a photo challenge as well. You don’t have to take the LuLuChris58 one. Feel free to use the Instagram one or make up your own. With this photo challenge, I hope that you guys can get a better understanding of who I am not only as a person but as a business owner too. I would love to get to know my readers better as well.

So if I don’t ask this then something is wrong, lolx! What are the plans for today?? I don’t have any projects to start until tomorrow so I’m blogging today and watching the sun from my window. I think there may be a Law and Order Marathon coming on today. If so, then we will add that to the list of things to do! Til next post✌duces and🙏 truces.♥💚♥💜💚💜❤♥💚💚

Good Night Talk! Random Chat

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Hey guys! I just wanted to stop by right quick to have our “Good Night Chat”!
I hope that all my home bodies and out-goers are enjoying the night.

I have been being low key lately. I am so dedicated to my craft and perfecting it that I tend to skip a lot of events, miss A LOT of calls and avoid a lot of people. Now my customers and most of my family can get in touch with me with no problem. Anyone else it may be a little bit harder. I just feel that next to my God and my child, this is the most important thing in my life. I told myself in the beginning that I was going to lose a lot of “friends” but I’m ok with it. My closest friends and family understand and support me 100 percent. Other people, well not so much. So how do you guys feel about shutting most of the world off to perfect your skill? Did anyone feel like they needed to find a happy medium? Comment below any thoughts! I’m off to bed so til next post✌duces and 🙏truces!!!❤💜💚❤♥💜💜💜


June! What’s in Store For LuLuChris58 Part1

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Hey guys! How is the night going for everyone? I hope that its going excellent for everyone. My day was good. I just get these tired spells where I’m sleepy and I can’t sleep. Anybody else ever experienced this?

So I wanted to come to you guys with a preview of what to expect from LuLuChris58 in the month of June. I am trying to get more organized and into a routine for blogging. It may take a few more weeks to get that to my exact liking. I am going to try to post a good morning and good night post. I will still do the Files of style segments including pieces from LuLuChris58’s etsy store. I am still going to do Random Chit Chat and Sneak Peek. What I am wanting to add this month will be:
.Fly Circle- A feature of kids being kids but displaying style. The idea behind this is not only promote LuLuChris58 pieces but to give parents ideas on how to style their child. Fly circle will start out as a weekly post.
.Brelin’s Closet.- My son has a lot of clothing that are too small from this year alone. A lot of them are in good condition. I will do a weekly post giving people a chance to purchase these items. The items will start at 2.50 and will be no higher than 10.00. If you see something that you like and want it customized to give it a new flair it will be an extra 5.00 to 15.00. This price will be based on what type of customs are requested for the item.
.Sunday Sale- This post will just tell you what type of Sunday Sale to expect for the week. This also give you all a chance to request a Sunday Sale idea!
. Readers’ Request- This post will be normally on Fridays and it will be whatever you guys want.
.Promotion Post- This post will let you guys know about some of my friends who also have Etsy shops or sell any type of products that I think you guys will love!!! I will do this at least twice a week.
.DIY- I will try these post again. I just have to remember to take the before picture!!!!

How do you guys feel about the June line up so far? Feel free to comment below! Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces!!

New pieces!!




25.00 Shorts Sale

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Hey Guys! I’m back again! I wanted to stop by to let you guys know about the 25.00 Shorts Sale! Two pairs of the shorts that I displayed yesterday will be a part of the 25.00 Shorts Sale.

Brandi Davis

Team Nae 2.0

These two are not the only ones in the sale! Listed below are all the shorts for the sale!

Kid American Flag Shorts

Studded Cross bleach Shorts

Stud Front Short

Stars and Stripe Guess Shorts

I’m not sure if I want to add these to the sale, but if I get enough feedback I will add them.


Each of these shorts are high waisted. I will be adding them to the LuLuChris58 Etsy Store. There will be a category called “Sunday Sale” and the shorts will be listed there. The 25.00 will included shipping. The shorts that do not sale during the sale will stay listed but will go back to regular price. Regular price for adult pre made shorts are 30.00- 40.00. Kids pre made shorts are 25.00. Feel Free to contact me with any questions regarding sizing, shipping, etc through any of my social media sites or here in the comment section!

Til Next Post…✌duces and 🙏truces