My Two Biggest Post!

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Hey Guys! How is the day  going for everyone? I hope that all is well with you guys! I wanted to stop by before cooking to let you guys know about my two biggest post! For some reason someone loves biceps and snapbacks! I am fine with that! I just wanted to thank you guys for viewing and enjoying all of my post, especially these two. So without further ado I want to unveil the post to you all:



Now I don’t know if ladies think that these are before and after pictures? Sorry they are not, lolx. If you have not checked out these two post then make sure that you do. That way you can tell me why they are my two highest post!

What are some of  your favorite LuLuChris58  post?

LuLuChris58 June Photo Challenge: My Favorite Bloggers

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These are a few of my favorite bloggers! They have great post and I support them 100+ %. Now I do have more favorites and I will post them in my next month post. So don’t think that I don’t love you if you didn’t make this round, lolx.

Good Night Post. Craft Store Run and Stuff

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Hey Guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is well! I am about to watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! I’m glad that I recorded it, because I was out and about while it was on.

I went on a craft run today! I got some things I needed today. I got some better sponges to complete a better galaxy print. While I was in Michael’s, I met a young lady who worked there. We had a quick conversation and I informed her that I sold shorts. Now she’s thinking about purchasing!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

My photo challenge photo was a an actual challenge for me. I really did not want to complete it today. To post the picture of the person I posted made me a little sad. I know I am going to catch some type of backlash for the picture but hey It’s how I was feeling. It wasn’t done in malice, so on to the next subject.

So guys, I have a post coming up that will let you guys know what’s in store for July! THANK YOU guys for almost 1000 in less than two months! Thanks for rocking with me so far! Almost two months to go a lifetime to complete! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!❤♥♥💜♥♥💚💚♥♥❤💜💜


LuLuChris58 June Photo Challenge: Teena Marie

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Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Teena Marie! Her music is classic and timeless. Proof is in the pudding. At 23, I received my first kiss from my then friend who would later become my boyfriend to the 1981 hit “Fire and Desire” featuring my boy Rick James. Although I do not personally know Teena Marie, I feel like she has been here for me. When that boyfriend that I spoke of declared his love to me I was listening to “Ooh La La La” was playing in the background. When I was excited to see I would listen to “Portuguese Love”. When he broke my heart “Young Love” played on my I Phone 3GS daily! So as you guys see I adore “The Vanilla Child”! She was one of the greatest gifts that The Lord blessed us with! She was true talent and she has healed many through her work. When I’m happy I groove to her, when I’m sad or confused I play her music.

I included the picture of Rick and Teena because its I guess “Urban Myth” that Rick was the love of her life. If this is, true, they had one of the greatest love stories of all time. She loved him unconditionally! I think thats why I love her love songs so much. I can relate! Hopefully they are living there happily ever after in heaven!