Blazers and Baby Showers

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The Deets:
Head wrap: local Beauty Supply Store Scarf. ( I think it was a 1.00 I bought it in 2009)
Blazer: Local Thrift Store: .50 Talbot’s kid brand
Shirt: Goodwill: .50 Not sure of the brand ( I cut the lace collar off. People thought that I was lying when I told them it was a “grandma shirt”)
Shorts: Goodys : 9.99 Not sure of the brand
Shoes: TJ Maxx: 29.99 Report brand

So my sister had her baby shower at her old job, Wild Wings, on a Sunday. My outfit choice was last minute. I saw the shirt that I had thrifted and my black shorts just hanging around so I felt it was destined to be paired together. The blazer was just my signature touch.

More photos:









LuLuTeaser:Shorts Deal:Two For 40.00 Day Deal


Hey guys! I wanted to stop by with a deal of the day for my Etsy shop. Buy  two pairs of shorts for 40.00 with shipping. The normal price for two pair of shorts is 55.00 shipped if your order them from an individual listing on my Etsy shop. If you order two pair from the Social Media Listing it would be 70.00 with shipping so as you guys can see this is a great deal. So I promised to reveal the code here and since I am a lady of my word here it is:

To receive the code click here:


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LuLuChris58 Files of Style: My OOTD with a Girly Twist

LuLuChris58 Files of Style: My OOTD with a Girly Twist

Pull Bear pull bear
$31 –

Leather boots

Red headband

Black eyeglass
$7.82 –

Rare London Bun Shaper Doughnut
$6.27 –

25.00 Shorts Sale

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Hey Guys! I’m back again! I wanted to stop by to let you guys know about the 25.00 Shorts Sale! Two pairs of the shorts that I displayed yesterday will be a part of the 25.00 Shorts Sale.

Brandi Davis

Team Nae 2.0

These two are not the only ones in the sale! Listed below are all the shorts for the sale!

Kid American Flag Shorts

Studded Cross bleach Shorts

Stud Front Short

Stars and Stripe Guess Shorts

I’m not sure if I want to add these to the sale, but if I get enough feedback I will add them.


Each of these shorts are high waisted. I will be adding them to the LuLuChris58 Etsy Store. There will be a category called “Sunday Sale” and the shorts will be listed there. The 25.00 will included shipping. The shorts that do not sale during the sale will stay listed but will go back to regular price. Regular price for adult pre made shorts are 30.00- 40.00. Kids pre made shorts are 25.00. Feel Free to contact me with any questions regarding sizing, shipping, etc through any of my social media sites or here in the comment section!

Til Next Post…✌duces and 🙏truces

Good Morning!! My loss, A Customer’s Gain!!!

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Good Morning Guys!! How’s the morning going for you all??? My morning is starting a little early today, but it’s all good!👍👍

So I have news! If you were looking at the Vintage Guess shorts with your fingers crossed, then your wishes may have came true!! They do not fit me.😞 So my loss is your gain. They are a size 26, which in real life, I may could have fit them if they were not high waisted. A size 26 would be like a size 3. I always suggest to my customers to buy two sizes up for your high waisted items. I would suggest these shorts for a preteen(maybe ages 10/12). If you are familiar to my blog then you know the rules. If not, first welcome! Second, I always give my readers and social media followers the chance to get them first by contacting me on here, email or any of my social networks. If you would like measurements on a item before purchase, just let me know!

Dang they don’t fit👎👎👎

So guys, what’s the plans for today? I have a DIY in store for you all today! I will take pictures of the item before I bleach and dye them!! Til next post…✌duces and 🙏truces💜♥💜♥

Work! The Lab is Occupied!!

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Hey guys! Just had to stop by to say hey and show you the almost finished product of my adult custom shorts! Two pair will be for sale! I hope everyone is having a good afternoon and a great day!! My fingers are sore, Lolx !!!!! Anyways allow me to introduce to you the items.







They are all high waisted and studded to the gawds, Lolx. I used a different bleach technique thanks to one of my favorite You-tubers, Kim Loves Beauty.
Click this link for the video:

I used a spray bottle filled with bleach. The down side I found to this, for me, was that I shouldn’t have worn shorts and performed this while it was windy. I had got bleach on my legs lolx. I learned. The gold studded shorts were made for my customer per her request. The other two were made simply by accident. Ok quick backstory. So the thrift store I was at has a rule, you can only use your debit card with a 5.00 or more purchase. I didn’t know that Fridays had became 1/2 off day for women’s apparel. So, like always, I ended up coming out of the thrift shop with more items than I was needing at the time. I figured I would go ahead and make these adult shorts for you guys to buy!!!

I’m thinking about doing some galaxy shorts for the June line up for LuLuChris58 and adding accessories!! The way my shorts turned out has me inspired!! Let me know what you guys think! I hope you guys and my client love the shorts.

Polyvore Set. Another Idea On How to Style Your piece from LuLuChris58

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Hey guys! I’m back with another way to style your piece from LuLuChris58. It seems that the Studded Camo shorts are a hit! Camo is a must have for the Spring and Summer! Camo can be dressed up or down. In one of my lovely followers kiddt came up with the looks below

I love this look! If you have a Polyvore account, go show kiddt some love on the sets and be sure to follow. Thanks guys! Til next time Duces and Truces!

Simple Unisex look for your little one

Simple Unisex look for your little one

Fashion, it starts at day 1, New listing

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Hey guys! I’m super tired but I managed to get a few projects between almost finished and finished. I got a request so I am working on it. When I am completely done with it, I will post a picture. Here’s what I completed

They are 3to 6 month Levi’s for your baby girl. I will not list them until next month on LuluChris58 but if you want to preorder a pair or buy the actual pair please feel free to contact me here, my email or any of my social media sites. I will post a picture of these shorts on Instagram too. So why is the title of this post called fashion starts at day 1? Well, just because they are little doesn’t mean that they can’t get a sense of fashion. I love to dress my son and nephew in the latest trends but still keeping it on a child’s level. For example if you are going to put your daughter on a circle skirt like yours, be sure to put a kiddie style graphic style tee or top with it. Something that maybe viewed as childish on yourself. I feel like my shop is one of many on etsy that offers this to parents. What are you guys thoughts on kids clothing and fashion? I would love to know. Til next time Duces and Truces.