New Kinds of Talent: IceJJFish Daniel Mcloyd

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So I know you guys have been seeing the videos floating around from a guy named IceJJFish or Daniel Mcloyd! Wait, what you haven’t? Well never fear I have some to share with you here! Before I share them I want to just talk a little bit about Mr.Mcloyd and I how I found out about the viral sensation.

One day someone, who shall remain nameless..Chanity, shared a video on my timeline. Now most of the time when someone shares a video, the person has some type of vocal ability. Not always Beyonce  but hey we can only have one Queen Bey! Btw it’s JayZ‘s birthday. Happy Bday Hov! Anyways, back to the video. So I tapped on the video and received the shock of my life.  This guy was interesting. He had made my day. I had to watch more. I subscribed to his YouTube channel a month ago when he was at 6,000 views. Now he’s at 20,000. Just like Sharkeisha, Mcloyd has WorldStar Hip Hop to thank for helping him to become somewhat of a household name. 

He even has covers of his music!!!! Hey he’s doing something right?

Despite the overflow of tone deaf, pain staking, but yet sometimes funny singing in each video, there’s a something about the songs that he have written that keeps them stuck in your head. His Itunes hit “On the Floor” has been a favorite of many since he debuted it on his  YouTube channel. Love him or hate him, you can not deny this man has some type of star quality.

How do you guys feel about the new star? Hey I want to say that if you need a Stylist Daniel, hit me up.

Buy “On the Floor” here

Follow Daniel Mcloyd here

Follow His YouTube here

Don’t be a Jerk, support your Small Businesses for Christmas!


Southern Owls

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Use Code BLACKWEEK and Save at LuLuChris58!

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In honor of the holidays, blackfriday and Small Business Saturday, I am running a sale at my Etsy shop LuLuChris58! This week’s current sale is BLACKWEEK. All items over 20.00 are eligible for 20% off! Tomorrow the discount will increase to 30%off!! Stop by LuLuChris58
Here are some of the items I have in stock! 20131129-182036.jpg20131129-182050.jpg20131129-182102.jpg20131129-182017.jpg20131129-182008.jpg20131129-181942.jpg20131129-182128.jpg20131129-181956.jpg20131129-181927.jpg20131129-182150.jpg



20131129-182730.jpg Any items that are not listed on my Etsy shop should be purchased through the Social Media Listing. Feel free to message me on Etsy or email me at to inquire  about availabilty and/or sizing! Happy Shopping! Don’t forget I offer custom work too! Just email or message me by clicking the links above!

Gift List 6: Etsy Shops and Coupon Codes

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I have been posting this post for the last three nights. I wanted to bring you guys an Etsy Treasury featuring items from my friend’s shops. Some strange reason, I can not generate the actual treasury on here! I will provide the link here:


My friend Vanessa is having a blow out sale. Use code HOLIDAY2013 and save 20% at her shop KoutureKandy! My friend Katherine is offering free shipping on her artwork at her shop LittleSouthernOwls’

Be sure to show all of these shops some love on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!!!

Gift List #2: Winter Essentials via Urbanne Shoppe

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you guys enjoyed my first gift list and checked out some of the sellers and their shops. If you haven’t seen it, do not fret. I will add the link here for you you guys: Christmas Gifts  Anyways I wanted to come by with another Gift List from a new shop called Urbanne Shoppe!

Urban Shoppe is a online shopping site that offers namebrands such as Misoni, Chas Mackenzie, Woolrich, Armani, Penguin and  Calvin Klien. The  company followed the Instagram that I made for the blog, @luluchris58blog, be sure to follow. I recieved an email from the owner asking me to check out  the site. I had already beat him to it!  I love what the shop has to offer so far.  I want to share some of my favorite items for gifting with you guys!










The only downside to this company, in my opinion, is the women’s section. I wish that they had more items to choose from. With this being a new company, I can understand. Just don’t forget about us in the future, lolx.

Now You guys know this wouldn’t be a gift list without a coupon! This company has made a special code just for my LuLu‘s for 10% off your next purchase. Use Code LULU10 to get some extra bucks off of your  next purchase.  Thank You to Urabann Shoppe!

Your Turn:

What are some of your Christmas gift plans for Xmas 13? Let me know below!

Christmas List: 10 Gift Ideas Part 1: All under 50.00

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Hey guys! We are getting close to that day where we give the big homie birthday wishes and we threaten our babies with coal in their stockings if they are misbehaving..Christmas! One of America‘s favorite times of the year and every shopaholic’s pass to spend bill money, lolx. Seriously, I wanted to stop by with what I call “gift list”. I do not know how many I will be doing, but I do know that it will be more than three. Anyways, these lists are going to be wallet friendly and  show love to many small business owners. If you guys want gift lists from major retailers just let me know. Without further ado here are the gifts. You’re Welcome

shelves This item is from a fellow Etsy seller and South Carolinian, LittleMonkeyBiz. I originally wanted to post their Door Coffee table, but unfortunately, it sold already.  It is 25.00 plus shipping for one shelf and they are made to order so put your order today! This item would be perfect for anyone!!

lol This handmade item will be great for not only teens but little kids over the age of three.  Sold in the Etsy shop HoppingTheFence, this seller offers many plus stuffed animals and items at a great price. This little guy is only 10.00 plus shipping!  She also accepts custom orders. She is a very sweet young lady who just so happens to have a coupon code for you guys! Use code HTF15 to recieve 15% off of this item and any other items in her shop that are 10.00 or more!

jean jacket

For that vintage lover in your life, stop by CyberThrift on Big cartel and scoop up this vintage 80’s denim jacket! At only 20.00 plus shipping, this gift will be perfect for that fashionista that you love! Be sure to check out this site for many other hip retro finds!


These earring are perfect for my naturalistas out there! At 35.00 plus shipping these anodized titanium earrings can be purchased through a custom order at the Etsy shop TracyLynnSainDesigns! The beauty about these earrings are that they are handmade and truly one of a kind. The shop owner states that no two pairs are exactly alike. Your earrings may not turn out exactly like these but yet even better !


Another pair of earrings perfect for my naturalistas and fashionistas! These letters can come in any letter that you need! These beauties and many more can be purchased at the Etsy Shop NiusCreation for 12.00 shipping.


Don’t let the beautiful young lady in the picture fool you, this Sway beanie  found on Big Cartel is for everyone! Not only is it unisex but it comes in five colors. Sized at one size fits all, this beanie will cost you 20.00 plus shipping.


What better way to help that Drake like guy in your life than to buy this sweatshirt from the Big Cartel seller  PeaSoup! I love their tees and sweatshirts! At under 40.00 plus shipping, this UK based company sweatshirt will definitely keep someone who’s missing love warm! Big catch to this top, it’s unisex!


At 25.00 this tee is perfect for that Jordan lover, sneakerhead or hypebeast in your life. Although this AirbornClothing tee is for men, I would go out on a limb and say that it could be unisex!


These boyfriend jeans are perfect for that minihipster in your life! Bleach, studded and distressed, who wouldn’t want to put their little fashionista in these Levi’s boyfriend jeans at the Etsy Shop LuLuChris58. I also offer a pair for your older hipster and/ or mommy too! At 25.00 plus shipping, these babies will keep your daughter on the best dressed list without deflating your wallet!


Last item on the list are these studded flannel kid’s Sneakers! These sneakers are for little boys and have been reworked  with star and pyramid studs! They can be purchase at the Etsy Shop LuLuChris58 through the closet listing. At 20.00 shipping included, these like new retro-feel shoes are the perfect gift for your minihipster to stand out this winter!

I hope you guys enjoyed the items on my list! Be sure to check out all of these shops, including LuLuChris58! Happy shopping!

Any shops that would like to be featured on future list, please feel free to contact me at

New Segment Ideas! I Want to Hear From You Guys

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Hey Guys. How is everyone today? How did you guys take that upset that Tennesee put on Carolina today?  I’m no  football  fan because I don’t know whats going on at all. I glance at a game every now and then  while making my papa explain to me what’s going on.

Anyways, I want to get suggestions from you guys on blog post! I have an idea of where I want to go with LuLuChris58 from this month forward but I still would love to hear more ideas!  Heres a quick run down on some of the topic I want to persue.

1.) Pay it Forward

Not a new post but I still want to shout out other bloggers, sellers, YouTubers, etc.  I want to have subtopics for this category such as Beat Face Boos, YouTubers You Should Know and Small Business owner of the week!

2.) Mommy’s Corner

This segment has been a hit on my other blog. It’s a release for me and something that a lot of women over 25 can relate to. There will be four subcategories

The ex files and Love in general


-Male Eye Candy Over 25


3.) Broke Girl Diaries

This is a new segment that I started. Each week I will be tackling a beauty or fashion task for less. I will write about each experience no matter the outcome! I would also love if you guys wrote me and let me know which task you would like for me to try

4.) OOTD or OOTW

This segment I will need to work out the kinks of it but I want to start showing you guys my style and I would love to see yours!

5.) Monthly Favorites

This is self explanitory. I may start attaching a video to this segment. I’m not sure just yet.

6.) DIY

You guys know I love DIY’s but I never can seem to write a good tutorial post! Well I’m no quitter! I am going to try my hand at this again!

7.) Kid’s Items/ Kid’s Corner

We know that this is where the blog got it’s start. I don’t want to stray away from my blog’s orgin but I also want to branch out. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I will be doing all things for the kids under this topic.  I still will try to keep fly circle and the closet as topics too.

8.) Challenge

I want to start up my challenges again. This month’s challenge is 31 Letters to my future husband! This should be interesting.

9.) Reviews

I want to start reviewing things and giving my opinion on products! I use to wear weave a lot and shop with a lot of small business owners so I would love to share my experience with you guys. I will be posting my first review on a Tee I recieved from a fellow Etsy seller, ClothingHub as a Thank You gift.   I may start reviewing television shows as well. I’m not sure.

So guys please feel free to let me know what you would love to see from LuLuChris58 moving forward!  Do you guys feel I need to change anything? I love hearing from you all and I can’t wait to hear sugguestions.

Good News: So you guys know that I have the biggest celeb crush on Tyler Lepley! I just think that he’s an awesome guy with some great biceps! ( If you have not read up on him please do so. He is a very inspiring and humble guy! He retweets almost all of my craziness that I tweet at him)
Well I am happy to say that if you google Ty Lepley Stats, my blog is the first thing that pops up.  I am just estatic to be one of the many bloggers who has the pleasure of bringing information on this rising star to you guys. I have to say thank God  that I started to watch the Tyler Perry hit show “The Haves and Have Nots.”

LuLuTeaser: Um Where Have You Been LuLu? Updates and More

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Hey Guys! How has everyone been? I know that I have not posted in days! “So um where have you been LuLu?’, you guys may be asking. Well I have been MIA trying to get them paper planes! Okay, I had to say that! Seriously, I have been marketing trying to reach my goal! I did a post on my other blog explaining my goal and stuff. I am one sale down a lot more to go, lolx.

To see more click on the link below:

shop LuLuChris58:

Good Night Post. I’m Back For Now

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Hey Guys! How have everyone been? I have missed blogging! I am having so much trouble with my site! I decided that until I can get it figured out I will still pop up on here.

A lot has been going on and I need to vent about it. I’m so frustrated right now! I decided to move my blog to another domain, as most of you already know, for sake of growth. I love growth but I hate confusion. I threw my hands up and I’m asking for help for real. I didn’t know it would take this long to get my site up and running.

Another thing that’s going on are sales with LuLuChris58! I’m going to start out by saying that I love my customers, so this segment is not directed to them. Nor do I want to offend potential and future customers. I want people to understand that this is my livelihood! I can not pay my bills off of promise. Verizon does not accept faith points. It’s frustrating when people seek you out to do custom work and never follow through. So part of my changes will be the following.
.No more custom request through social media sites. The only request I will take will be on LuLuChris58’s Etsy store
.All sales are final, unless your custom order can not be fulfilled.
.Unpaid orders from the months of May and June will be placed on Etsy if they are not picked up by July 15th for sale.

I hate to sound so harsh but I run a business, that I want to see success from. Comment below if you guys feel that there is anything that I could change.

Enough of the complaining, lolx, How have you guys been? How was everyone’s holiday? I sure have missed you guys! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏 truces!


Good Night Post: Should I Start Youtube

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Hey Guys! How is everyone? I hope that you all are well! I am sitting here trying to write before I join team drowsy, lolx.

So I was told the other day that I should start a Youtube channel. I actually was told that twice in one week. It’s funny because one of my goals was to build a platform through YouTube to further my business venture. I just put it to the side because I didn’t buy the T4i camera and the Mac Book Pro as planned. The YouTube world can be a pretty ugly one so if I was going in, I wanted to be prepared. I’m a big believer of signs and I felt that those two people could have been a sign showing me that now is the time. I’m going to pray on it. Any of you guys that are on Youtube, comment below.👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Let me know the ins and outs.

I am getting sleepy so I’m going to end it here. Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚❤❤❤💜💜💜💙💙💙💛💛💛!