Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday: Money It’s Gotta Be The Shoes?

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday

Before I jump in to quinching the thirst, can we talk about how cold it is! Oh goodness. It’s raining and 36 degrees here in South Carolina. So who needs Tyler and the biceps to come keep them warm, this girl! Shoot I’d settle for an extra heater if you guys have one, lolx. Anyways back on to the topic at hand. Today to honor Mr. Lepley, I want to talk about his footwork.  We are going to play a game called “Money it’s gotta be the shoes!” I want everyone to take a guess at what  Tyler’s favorite brand of sneaker is.


What’s going to make this game even more grand is the fact that I have no idea what the answer is! I am guessing just like you guys. I think it’s going to be fun to see what you guys come up with!

My guess is: The Jordan Carmine 6. I guess because I have a pair of 6’s similar to these.


These are the pair that I have:


Which shoe do you ladies think is his favorite sneaker? It does not have to be Jordan. You guys can say any sneaker that pops in your head. Be sure to comment below and tell why you think it’s his fave!!!

Just in case you guys were wondering where I came up with the name for the game:

You have to love Spike as Mars. Please baby please baby please….. Tell me that you guys have seen “She’s Gotta Have It

Shop LuLuChris58 Promo Video+BlackWeek Sale

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Shop LuLuChris58 through Etsy and Instagram! Check out my promo video with the two sweetest little kids and models, Caeli and Gracie!

I specialize in not only children’s thrifted, vintage and reconstructed pieces but I  offer adult pieces as well. To see all of my adult pieces in stock stop by @LuLuChris58HWShorts on Instagram. I have  a 20%off sale going on this week called my BlackWeek Sale! Use code BLACKWEEK and receive 20% off of any purchase over 20.00.


How to purchase.

You have up to three options for purchase. If you live in the upstate South Carolina area and would like to deliver and/ or pick up your item I will take cash. You have to actually appear in physical form, lolx. My other two options are google wallet and etsy!

Google Wallet

If you want an invoice on an item that you see on Instagram please email me at Please include in the subject line which item or items that you are wishing to purchase along with the word Invoice. You have 24 hours to pay for your items or they will be restocked.


I do not list all of my items on Etsy because of fees. I have two special listings for the items that you see on Instagram but they are not listed on Etsy. The listings are “The Closet” and “Social Media Items“. If you look at the pictures on these listings then you will see that they are from the Instagram page. If an item is no longer available, I will remove the picture from Instagram. If you have an item that is priced more than the two listings, then I will list the item on Etsy for you as a reserved item. In the title your name will be included. This will make your price of your item increase by 1.20.

Any questions feel free to email me at


Vintage Stores, Not In The Upstate of SC!

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So I am from a small town in South Carolina and we have no department store  let alone vintage clothing stores. We got our first thrift store 10 years ago and we only have two.  My best friend asked me to go on the hunt to see if her town, the next town over had any vintage clothing stores. I told her that I didn’t believe that they did and boy was I right. Infact it looks like we don’t like vintage in the upstate at all. All of the “Vintage Stores” that my search engine displayed either closed down or the websites no longer worked. Made me sad! Sorry Meagan!  So Meagan and I will be going on a hunt to physically find some vintage stores very soon. I will keep you posted!

So do you guys have the same problem? Do you guys know of any vintage shops in the Upstate of South Carolina. Feel free to comment below! Also I noticed that I haven’t been saying my old catch phrase. So guys feel free to comment anything below. You can tell me about your cat, the time you fell off your bike, or anything.



Good Morning, Great Afternoon, Buckets Full of Randomness

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Hey guys. Just had to stop by to say good morning and great afternoon! Today is a very beautiful day in my part of SC. The sun is shinning, there’s plenty of light, Lolx. I had to throw that bit from an old Luther Vandross song. I’m still struggling with those pesky glue spots on that cross, but I’m not ready to give up on them yet! I have a never say die attitude about life and my work. So what are the plans for you guys today? Whatever it is, make sure you put some love in it. Love makes everything better. Til Next Time. Duces and Truces

One of my favorite Luther Vandross albums!!!!❤❤❤❤❤