OOTD: Vintage School Girls

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The Deets:
Blazer: Mossimo: Target
Top: Merona: Target
Jeans: Express: Thrifted ( vintage circa late 80s/ early 90s)
Shoes: Bongo: Kmart

So after my son’s awards day, I wanted to put on something more relaxed and warmer. I pulled out my vintage Express jeans and threw them on. I was shocked they even fit. They were too big when I purchased them a few months ago. I guess I’ve put on some winter weight, lolx.


Gift List 5: Jeremy’s Wishlist!!!

Holiday Cheer



Hey guys! I had to take a mini break yesterday but I am back!!! I have so many post for today! Anyways, I was talking to my good friend Jeremy and I brought up Karmaloop.com. ( Hey Jeremy!!) My friend informed me that he was in need of some styling tips and ideas, so what better way to do this for him than with a wish list!!!  I am going to pick out 12 items that I feel will be good pieces for him. I hope that you like them, Mackey! The same goes for you all!!! Let’s jump in!


joggerssweatsjacketbill cosbyTshirtcocaine






Karmaloop.com has done it again. They are not only bringing you the greatsest sale ever but they are basically giving things away for you guys. Check out the flyer below!


I know you guys are wondering if you can use your promo codes and still take part in this offer. The answer is YES, duhh! One of the reasons why Karmaloop is so sucessful is because of their willingness to go above and beyond the extra mile to keep their customers happy! I have made banner clickable for you guys so that you can head right over and start your shopping now! Don’t forget to use codes LULU58  and ERLYBIRD to save big in order to give and receive!

Let me know what you guys would like to see on the next few gift list!

Gift List 5: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

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As you guys know, I am a Karmaloop Rep so I will be bringing the latest and greatest items to you guys! Karmaloop has a few specials going on so  tonight’s list will be built around that!

Special 1:

Free Shipping on all items. No code needed! This is a great deal. I remember a few years ago I purchased two shirts for 14.00 with shipping using a coupon code. If they had offered free shipping on all items at that time my shirts would have  been 9.00!

Special 2:

100.oo off of orders that are 300.00 and a 2o.00 gift card for future purchases. You can get all of your must have items and get something extra for yourself in return. I am finally realizing why my grandma always told me “Pippi it’s better to give than receive”.

Special 3:

45.00 off of orders that are over 150.00

Special 4:

20.00 off of orders that are over 75.00

The best part of all is that you can combine these deals with code LULU58 and recieve an extra 20% off!  Let’s say you buy 300.00 worth of merchandise. Not only will you receive the 20.00 gift card but you will recieve 160.00 off.  You  are getting 300.00 worth of merchandise for 140.00 with free shipping  plus money back for a future purchase! If that isn’t Christmas in November then I must say I  do not know what is???

Don’t know what to buy? Never fear the Gift List is Here:

purse shades lettervestphonecRP3231-BURZOOM1TD4725-BLKZOOM1

To see the gift list for him click here : For Him

Don’t forget to use code LULU58 for some epic savings and remember shipping is free on all items no code needed!

Stay Tuned for more gift list coming up !!!!!

Tee Review From ClothingHub and OOTD Fail!

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Hey Guys! How is everyone? I know that Sundays is my off day but I didn’t blog yesterday so I wanted to stop by with a few post! So if you guys read one of my previous post then you will know that I said I wanted to start reviewing items and letting you guys know some of the things that I like.  The first item that I am going to be reviewing is an  item that I was sent as a gift from the Etsy Shop ClothingHub!

Fresh Prince


About the Shirt

I recieved the shirt as a Thank You for promoting this shop on Etsy.  Because the shop is based out of the UK , economy shipping takes about two weeks. I was fine with that because I was an avid Ebay and wholesale shopper back in the day so I was use to dealing with international shipping. Also, I believe that if you purchase the shirt, because the shipping is 13.88, you will recieve your shirt a lot quicker than two weeks. When I recieved the shirt it was in a grey packaging. I had to sign for the item from my mail carrier. I appreciated that. The shirt was very soft and looked exactly like the picture. Each shirt is made to order and are 100% cotton. The style shirt that I have is unisex. I believe all of the shirts are! My sister commented that the shirt looked “too oversized” for me but the fit was perfect. I recieved an adult’s small.

What Happened to the OOTD

I decided to wear the shirt to my son’s game yesterday. I paired it with my black thrifted Bull Head Denim Legging, my combat boots from KMart that I purchased two years ago, my favorite thrifted flannel kid’s shirt and my faux leather jacket that I purchased from Target for a date two years ago.  I had on one of my go to looks that I like to call edgy grunge girl. It was cold yesterday and I was up super early. I did not want to pose for any pictures. When I finally got home I decided to try out a new contour and highlight method and I got makeup on my shirt. I was so mad. So stay tuned for a post about how I get the stain out, if I do. I do have a mock ootd of my outfit below:

Fresh Grunge Princess

To view full outfit and where to purchase click here:


I honest opinion of the shirt

I love the shirt! I will be purchasing shirt from the company soon. The shirts are reasonably priced and very trendy!  I would recommend this shirt to you guys. Be sure to stop by and check them out! If you guys like, I will do a one month update on the shirt to tell you how it holds up after washing. Just let me know below! Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the shirt below.

Where to purchase:


Want your product reviewed and promoted? Email me at  luluchris58@gmail.com


Dare or Spare: Neon Heel

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This Neon Heel bootie can be found on @itsshoes Instagram page. Would you guys take the dare and rock these or spare your self and keep scrolling? If you would spare, then why so? If you dare, then what would you pair with these lovely shoes?

I would take the dare! I love these shoes. Although I have no idea what I would pair with these, I’m sure I would work it out!


Check out this article about Neon Shoes: