Sunday Dinner For Bae Courtsey of @CookingForBae

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Now doesn’t this look delicious! Wouldn’t you like to know how to make these dishes? Don’t worry.. me either!

How’s everyone today. I hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful Sunday and the food that comes along with it. Speaking of food, I wanted to come by and tell you guys about a hilarious Instagram page, @cookingforbae! Yes, you read right cooking for bae is their name. What makes this page so funny is they say exactly what most of us think when our Instagram followers post those unidentifiable objects  on their table that we like to call “struggle plates” but they claim its “foodporn”. This page is solely dedicated to America’s ugliest foods and I am here for it. I spent an hour looking through the pictures and the captions clinching my gut while tears streamed down my face. The best part about the pictures are the people who posted them originally. They honestly believe that they are serving us Paula Deen realness with Rachel Ray laid hair.  Instead of the pats on the back that they are longing for, they end up on Cooking For Bae with the rest of the gag worthy food.

If you despise ugly food ,love a good laugh or your new diet just isn’t working, I suggest to you to follow this account!!! Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out the video and related articles too.  Pray for your local bae!

Check out this video from YouTuber KevOnStage about CookingForBae

Your turn:

Have you guys heard of this Instagram already? It’s pretty popular it over 52k followers, including myself! Have you guys ever been in a situation where you had to eat something like the food seen on this account? I have and I would love to hear your stories about the experience. How did the food taste? Don’t forget to click the link and follow Cooking for Bae.

Of course those pictures do not belong to me! Then again why would I claim them if they did?

MC: I Can’t Cook.. Am I Less Of A Woman?



English: Sunday pork roast dinner served with ...

English: Sunday pork roast dinner served with roast potato, parsnip and carrot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey guys! How is everyone today? I am hoping that you guys are well! After joking with one of my old friends on Facebook about Sunday dinner, I had to come ask you guys a question. Is a female less of a woman if she can’t cook?

I am no chef but I can do enough to get by. When I was younger, I came up believing that I was going to be no housewife to no man! I strongly believed that they make TV dinners for a reason and my husband was going to find out why. I wanted a career and a busy life! Cleaning was fine with me but cooking was out of the question. Well thank God for change. When I had Brelin, I had to learn. I will do a separate post on learning.

Now like I stated, I’m no where near Instagram chef level and a lot of women are not. A lot of women are the Terri’s of their families. (Soul food) I don’t think that you are less of a woman if you can’t cook. Not all of us were put on this earth to get in the kitchen and burn. If so then there would be no such thing as nasty food. Where we lack at in one skill, we make up for with others!

So how do you guys feel about this? My mama would always tell “No man wants a woman that can’t cook Courtney!” I won’t tell you guys my response to that. Do you guys feel that’s true? Men is this a true statement?

LuLuTeaser: My View: Drake’s NWTS..His Last Random Act Of Kindness Before 27?



Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great. I am lounging around after yet another random nap! I wanted to stop by and give my over all point of view on Drake’s Album NWTS or Nothing Was Ever The Same!

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Thanks Guys!