Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday: Tyler Lepley Dating Game

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday



Open wide because it’s time to quench the thirst ladies and gents! It’s Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday! Yes! You know that LuLu not only loves the kids but we love Tyler Lepley and them biceps!  How many of you guys were thanking God for blessing us with that eye icecream at the table last Thursday. I know that I was,lolx. Sorry to my boyfriend, lolx. You still my boo.


So after looking at Tyler’s recent Instagram photo, I wondered what a date would be like with him? Would he cook for a lady? Would he cut cartwheels with somebody? Would he fold clothes with somebody? Ok, I admit I just want somebody to fold my clothes. Anyways I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind and I figured why not ask you guys if you had the chance to get a date with Ty how would it go?  I want all of my thirsties to use their imagination and tell me how your dream date would be with Mr. Lepley. I know you guys already think of this so why not share it with the world. I just ask to please keep it PG. Nobody wants to hear about how you would get Tyler to lick  mustard between your nasty toes or sip  your nasty bath water. Cmon, he doesn’t even look like a feet guy.

I can’t wait to hear the responses! Also can somebody please come fold my clothes? I will pay you, in gratitude points!

You don’t follow Tyler on Instagram? Well get your life and click here: @Tylepley

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Wasn’t he the cutest!

The Fuss: Who is Sharkeisha and What Is It To Me?

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From local celeb and butt kicker to overnight internet sensation, Sharkeisha has all of the sites jumping in her honor. From Ike Turner Memes to a definition in the dictionary, we have WorldStar HipHop to thank for this madness. Have no idea what I am talking about, no problem, let’s hop in the DeLorean with Micheal J and Christopher Lloyd and travel back to last week.



The Jist:


Two teenagers by the names of Shay and Sharkeisha, whom were friends up until latter part in the day, met up at what look to be an apartment complex. Sharkeisha confronts Shay about wanting to sleep with her boyfriend. Shay looks away and Sharkeshia sucker punches a inattentive Shay. It doesn’t stop there. She continues to kick the young lady until one of her friends screams for her to stop. Now in case you missed this part, the whole thing was being filmed by a friend of the infamous Sharkeisha.  After being put on Instagram, the video was picked up by WorldStar HipHop and the rest is for history books. Sorry Kanye.

The fight ( It is graphic so be prepared)

Now whats wrong with this whole picture? Well first thing is, besides the fight ,we know nothing about Sharkeisha. Google her name and things associated with that fight or things that are mocking and demeaning to her appears on your screen. What if Sharkeisha was just having a bad day and now she gets known as the “queen of ratchet a#* whoopings” and “miss mollywhop”. The fame this teenager has receive only shows her in a very negative light. The sad part about it is that like most internet stars mimicked for all the wrong reasons, she doesn’t even realize it. I read somewhere that she was glad that her Twitter Following went up from this.  I do not know how true that statement is.


Poor Shay

What made me think about this post was that I used the Sharkeisha hashtag, for views. I ran into some activist and they made me think. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought that Sharkeisha did Shay wrong by waiting until she turned away to hit her. If you are going to fight, at least make sure the person is facing you but that’s another topic.  It was a sad situation. I thought using the hashtag would get more views from a wide audience but was I promoting the violence? That’s when I had to stop and re-evaluate my own thinking. I am the same person who would turn off Black Girls Rock to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta but at the same time I do promote those that are trying to make a difference in the community. Can I have it both ways?

What are your thoughts on the Sharkeisha craze? In fact how do you guys feel about how we are portrayed in the media period? I want to know more about her as a person. Am I the only one?  Let’s chat. If you feel the need to go in on me for this post, that’s fine too!



Au$tin Martin New Mixtape!

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So I wanted to stop by to let you guys know that on January 7, my boy Au$tin will be dropping his latest mixtape. I will come back with futher details when I get more from the source! After hearing his first album, I am patienly waiting for the latest release from Mr. Martin.

So have you guys listened to his latest album? If not please be sure to go check it out and support his movement. Click here:

Au$tin Martin

Let me know what you guys think! I love it and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well!



Happy Thanksgiving: My Social Media Family!!

Holiday Cheer



Ok so I had to make a special and seperate post for my social media family! I wanted to stop by and tell you guys Thank You for everything! My girl Fashionessha, BeeBeeLovely, Haves and Have Nots, June, Kiba, Darlene, Annette, Kcnarvo, Aaron OConell Fan Club, Charlene Myers, Cheryl and the whole twitter gang. You guys have helped me to build what I have so far and I consider you guys dear to my heart. We share laughs like we have know each other for years. You guys encourage me and keep me sane, lolx. I am so thankful that I have gotten the chance to get to know you guys through the web! Thank You guys so much!  May God continue to bless all of you!


MC Life and Relationships After 25: Steps I Am Taking To Change

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Hey guys. How is everyone today? I hope that you guys are doing great today. I met another blogger through Instagram @fromaptone from and she inspired me to write this post. Hey Girl! She commented on my 19 Things I Did Wrong In My Previous Relationships post. I asked her to tell me about some of the steps that she had taken to change in her life. While I was waiting on her reply I started to think “What are some of the steps that I have taken, myself”? Well I want to share with you guys some of the steps that I have taken  or really that I am actually taking.

  1. I do not unleash the “Wrath of Geer” on people anymore. Oh there has been times that I wanted to but for some reason I just don’t. The wrath consist of me letting you do more than  just “have it”. I would go off on everybody who had anything to say.No one was exempt. I would fight very dirty. I have had this chance to just go off on people but instead I have just said what I felt needed to be said and left it at  that. I still have anger issues but they are getting better. I haven’t sassed anybody nasty. ( If you watch Adventure Time, you know exactly what I mean.)
  2. I blog! Yes I know that was a given but I had a situation this morning that bothered the mess out of me! I couldn’t really do much else about so I just blogged. This helped me a lot.
  3. I look at pictures of Tyler Lepley. Ok not really but I thought that would be funny to add in to lighten the mood. Speaking of Tyler, make sure you check out his Instagram to see more pictures like this:20131119-171833.jpg
  4. I make jokes. This is something that I have always done. Even in the most serious talks with people, I have something snarky but funny to say. I dont know why, that’s just always been me.
  5. I am reading a book called “Getting Back Together”. Why am I reading this book? Well I bought it right after my ex and I broke up for like 22.00 and I started reading it and then I stopped. Well a year later I used it for my bedroom stand decoration. This year I decided to pick it up again. Not because I am trying to get back with my ex but  I remembered there was some things  in the book that helped you with fixing yourself. I figured why not! Not only will it help me restore myself and understand my mistakes, it will make me a better partner for the next go round. Besides 22.00 is a lot of money to spend on a book.  I better use it for something.


Review coming on this book soon.

I still have a few things that I am working on and I am getting no where with. One thing is my patience with people and things in my life. I hope I don’t die an impatient person but right now it looks like I am a lost cause, lolx. If any of you guys have some tips to help me out with this, please feel free to share below.

Your Turn:

What are some things that you guys are battling with? How are you working to overcome these obstacles? What are some things that you guys have worked on in your lives? I would love to hear your stories!!!

Also be sure to check out my fellow WordPress blogger here: Fromaptone

These Are The Makings Of You!!

Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday

So guess what day it is……..Benny Biceps Thirsty Tuesday!!!! Yes it’s actually the day when thirst is real and okay! So I am going to quench today’s dehydration with Tyler Lepley and Curtis Mayfield! I bet  you guys are like “What the Hell”? Stick with me here, it will all come together below, lolx.

So yesterday   “The Makings of You.” By Curtis Mayfield popped up on Itunes Radio while I was trying to find material for today’s posts. I didn’t have anymore skips. Now the funny thing is Jay-Z and Kanye sampled this song for a song on the “Watch the Throne Album.” This one one of my favorite albums of 2011 and two of my favorite songs were the song at the beginning and end. ( I actually have more than 2, hey it was a dope album) The song in the beginning was “No Church In The Wild“. This song appears everywhere even in one of Tyler Lepley YouTube videos. He even quoted what I say is  Hov’s best line from this song as his caption for his Instagram photos.


Now the last song is “The Joy” featuring Pete Rock, Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi. One of my favorite favorite parts was when Jay come in on his verse with “This is Mama’s sh#%”. That made me love this song.  This is the song where they sampled “The Makings Of You.”

Now how do Curtis and Tyler mesh. Well I never really liked the song by Curtis Mayfield until I had a chance to listen to it yesterday and listened to the words. While I listened to the words and how sweet they were someone popped in my head and a picture showed up in my Twitter Timeline of a gentleman wearing a pair of Jordan Sneakers. Jordan sneakers are the favorite shoe of  that someone who popped up. ( That I am pissed off at right now) He favors the guy in the picture. The guy in the picture was Tyler Lepley. It happened to  have always been one of my favorite pictures of Tyler. Now do you guys see how everything relates? Isn’t it just grand???  You guys know how I love the power of coincidence. Now this song will forever remind me of Tyler, lolx.


Shout out to @BeeBeeLovely824 for making this picutre! Hey Girl!!!! Be sure to follow all of us on Twitter and Instagram by clicking the highlighted links!

@TyLepley its the same for Instagram and Twitter

@BeeBeeLovley824 it’s same for Instagram and Twitter

@CourtneyGeer86 and @luluchris58blog

Listen to the words of this song. They are beautiful beyond belief. I can’t begin to describe the feeling I get when I hear this song. I was actually moved by some of the comments on the video.

MC: Relationships After 25: Facebook Post From An Ex

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you guys are doing great this morning. I am up early. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to write. ( In my 4 page letter voice). This post is sort of a release post about something that I seen this morning that rubbed me the wrong way, a Facebook post from an ex.

So I wrote a post about 19 things that I did wrong in my previous relationships. I talked about my past three relationships. A lot of things I did in each relationship but a good bit of the things were done in my last relationship alone. Now of course I would have this relationship details fresh in my mind. It is the one that I still deal with. Well one of the “exes” wasn’t to happy with my story telling abilities. He took to Facebook to post a status. I won’t  quote him directly, I will just give you the jist of the post. He basically said that people should own up their mistakes without victimizing themselves.

Read that post here!

Now Why Did This Rub Me The Wrong Way

I have a few reasons that this didn’t sit right with me. First reason is, when I tell other people how I am feeling it’s because I can’t say it to that person. It’s not out of the fact of fear, it’s simply because that person ignores me. Instead of saying “Hey I have a problem with this.”, he takes to social media to “vent” his frustration. My second problem with this is now I get to look like the bad guy inside of a bad inside joke. Now I say it’s a bad inside joke because he only got brave once and posted my birthday in a post.  Any other time, there’s no names, only indicators for the hit dog to holler. I am not the easiest person to get along with but I make myself available for discussion if you have any type of problem.  Now we have people only getting half of the truth, if any, and basing their opinion of me as  person on that.  My last and maybe my biggest problem of the whole matter is that I am obsessed with explaining myself. I do not know why but I do. I think it’s because I have always wanted to know why people do things. I feel that if explain why you done something, it makes it easier for the person to empathize with you. It won’t change the fact that you are wrong, it just makes them understand you better.

If there is one thing about me, I will try to tell you the  whole truth about a situation as best I can. I try to see life with unbiased eyes but I am not a mind reader. If I know that I am doing something wrong, I put that out there before telling the story. To give a better example. That ex who posted that status loves to point fingers and call out others on their mistakes. He would whine and complain about being ignored by people whose back he had while ignoring me when I was trying to address an issue with him. Since when is ok to expect things from others when we don’t do them ourselves? Don’t dish out advice on to the plate of others that you should be eating yourself. In fact, eat the whole casserole dish of it. Funny thing was when we were friends, He always had an ear to listen long as he wasn’t a factor to the problem.

Why Didn’t You Just Tell Him This:

I didn’t tell him this because he will just ignore me and take to the social media scene. Since he likes to read my blog and do unofficial reviews for them, I figured this would be the perfect way for him to see my anger. Next time be sure to link my blog post that you are referring in your status.

Now I know some of you guys that are reading this maybe thinking “how do you know that he was even talking about you.”?  Well trust me when I say I know some people like the back of my hand and he’s one of them. Let’s be fair for a second, let’s say he was talking about someone else. Well that person has an inbox or maybe even a phone. The best part is they have a face, try using it to tell them how you feel!

Now it’s your turn:

Feel free to voice your thoughts and opinions about this post in the comment section. If you would like to share a similar story go right ahead. I just ask you not to make a status about it, lolx.




Letter 15: Never Give Up

31 Letters To My Future Husband




Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you today? I hope that everything is going great for you. If not, then I hope that by the end of this letter you will be smiling from ear to ear. I am all behind on the letter writing campaign! I should be on letter 22, I think. I have had so much going on in my life that my motivation to write has been going downhill. Especially when it came to writing these letters.

Three years ago I went through one of the most horrific breakups of my dating history. I had decided to date my best friend at the time. It felt so right. Nobody’s perfect but he was perfect for me. It was like getting me wrapped in a male package.  Timing could have never been so wrong. We both were not mature enough to stick by each other’s side. His leaving me affected me more than I ever could imagine. I didn’t just lose a boyfriend, I lost a family member. I lost a big chunk of myself.  So what does this guy have to do with anything? Well dealing with this along with other factors of my life gets me down sometimes. I just want to lay down and give in to defeat. I can’t and I won’t.

I want you to know that no matter how hard life gets, never give up on the things that and people who you love with your all. No matter how hard things may get, I will never give in nor will I give up on you.


Love Your Future and Determined Wife,

Courtney ( Insert Your Last Name Here)


MC:Relationships After 25: Social Media Break Ups Are The Way To Go?

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Hey guys! How are you all doing today? I am watching In The Heat Of The Night. Well it’s watching me. I’ve seen this episode literally over  100 times in my lifetime!  Anyways, did you guys catch the first episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta? I must raise both hands and say I did. I will admit, I did skip out on the rest of Black Girls Rock for it. I will do a separate post on that later.

So during the first episode of RHOA, we got to get a glimpse of what went down in Porsha and Kordell’s divorce. I forgotten  that  he announced the divorce on Twitter. Before I go in and let have on that fact let me just say that Twitter is now the devil on RHOA. Three villains of the night Walter, Kordell and Twitter! Ok now back to the subject at hand. I made the remark that Twitter breakups are always the best. I said this because, really what adult breaks up with someone on social media or even text message. Well here’s the sad fact, a lot.  It’s the new age “Dear John Letter” minus the privacy. If you don’t know what one is, let me know and I will do another post explaining it. Technology is a tool that is  ruining and helping us, as people at the same time. Relationships are never going to be the same, in my opinion.

How So?

With technology, we have the option to make less time for each other face to face. Let’s be honest, I have some people I went to high school with that I haven’t seen in over 10 years but I can tell you everything about them due to social media. So why should I spend money to go to reunion when I already know all that I need to know. You are a part of the world without leaving home, basically. Well its the same concept with relationship issues and problems. Why risk losing an argument in person or letting someone see your vulnerability when you can just  write it out in the comforts of your own home?  The purpose of technology is to make our lives faster and eaiser, right?

Was Kordell Wrong?

Hell yes he was wrong!  First off, Porsha asked him if he was going to divorce her. He had his chance right there to say “Yes, because..”. Instead he left out for the day and tweeted about it. Second off, he is an older man; he could have sat down an talked it out. Third, even if he was scared of Porsha’s reaction, he could have just wrote her an old school “Dear John” letter. It would have been a queen move but at least she would have had her privacy. He just should have had more respect for her as a person, an adult, a woman and as his wife!  I guess when James Ingram said that there’s no easy way to break somebody heart  he hadn’t met Kordell. Now to be fair to Kordell, I want to hear what made him do that? It has to be more to this story. Yes it’s still wrong but I would love to know his logic behind it.


What are your thoughts on the whole social media break up thing? What was your thoughts on last night’s episode of  Real Housewives of Atlanta?



Of Course none of these picutres are mine. I dont know these folks, lolx.

My Etsy Shop Is Back Up.. For Now!

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So I recieved a message this morning inquiring about the studded camo jacket via Etsy. It caught me off guard because my Etsy shop was shut down due to fees last month. I went clicked on my shop and it magically appeared, lolx.


So here is the deal; If you guys want to purchase any item through email and google wallet you still have the option. If you would perfer to shop via Etsy, you have that option as well! If you see an item that you wish to purchase on Instagram or any of my social media sites but it’s not listed on Etsy, don’t worry. Any unlisted items can be purchased through my two listings “The Closet” or “Social Media Items”.  Just  inform me through the notes section at check out which item you wish to purchase. If the item that you wish to purchase is less than the listing price please email me first so I can create a coupon code. I do not want to overcharge anyone.

A Few Things To remember:

  • I sell vintage, thrifted, prelove and reconstructed items. Nothing is new unless stated otherwise.
  • I a lot of my items are for children. I still have ready to ship items for adults. To see what’s in stock visit @luluchris58-kids @luluchris58HWShorts- Adults
  • I only have one of each item unless stated otherwise.
  • I do offer custom orders by request only. I will do a separate post about my policy on this.
  • I do offer coupon codes! Be sure to check back to see when I will offer one.

Any other questions feel free to email me at

I almost forgot the Etsy Shop: