OOTD: Vintage School Girls

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The Deets:
Blazer: Mossimo: Target
Top: Merona: Target
Jeans: Express: Thrifted ( vintage circa late 80s/ early 90s)
Shoes: Bongo: Kmart

So after my son’s awards day, I wanted to put on something more relaxed and warmer. I pulled out my vintage Express jeans and threw them on. I was shocked they even fit. They were too big when I purchased them a few months ago. I guess I’ve put on some winter weight, lolx.


Gift List #3 Vintage Vixen with 10% off!!!!

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Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great. I wanted to stop by with the third gift list! This list is exclusivley for a Big Cartel Boutique called Illicit Rag Vintage! I wanted to stop by with my favorite pieces from this shop!

My 12 favorite pieces:

BeFunky_IMG_5687.jpg PreppyTwo toned BeFunky_Illicit_batch_259.jpg Military BeFunky neonwind overalls adult

purple skirt  favstartanmen vintatge

My 4 Bonus Faves:

studded jeans sweatshirt reebok pants  cardiois

The reason I featured this vintage boutique as a gift list must have is because of their prices. Nothing is over 50.00 nor is the pricing unfair at all!  The site is also having a 10% off sale for the whole site but hurry because this sale ends at Midnight tonight!!!!!! Tell a friend to tell their mama to tell their babies to head on over and shop!!!!

These are all pictures from the site. None of these images belong to me!

Be sure to visit:

http://illicitragvintage.bigcartel.com/ before 12 if you want the 10% off. Any other time for just pure good vintage finds!!!!

Instagram: @illicitragvintage

Shop LuLuChris58 for The Holidays!



Don’t forget to shop LuLuChris58 on Etsy and on Instagram @luluchris58 for kids and @luluchris58HWShorts!  Be sure to click on the highlighted words! They contain the links to each site!

I will be happy to discount any orders over 50.00 at 10.00 off! Just let me know before checking out!


Reworked Pieces for Sell!

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Happy Halloween guys and hello to all of my new readers! Welcome!  I wanted to let you guys know that  not only am I a blogger and a mom but I sell clothing. I orginally started this blog to promote my clothing but as time went on I started to blog about other topics. Right now I am selling via google wallet from my email luluchris58@gmail.com. All of my items are no higher than 20.00 and that includes shipping! I will keep this pricing until December 31st 2013.  To see all of my merchandise stop by my instagram pages:

@luluchris58 for all  pre loved  and reworked kid’s items

@luluchris58HWShorts for all vintage and reworked women’s and teens items!

To purchase any of items that you see on these sites, please comment with your email  address  on the pictures or shoot me an email at luluchris58@gmail.com.

Some of the items for sale:





To see more be sure to stop by the Instagrams listed above!

Vintage Stores, Not In The Upstate of SC!

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So I am from a small town in South Carolina and we have no department store  let alone vintage clothing stores. We got our first thrift store 10 years ago and we only have two.  My best friend asked me to go on the hunt to see if her town, the next town over had any vintage clothing stores. I told her that I didn’t believe that they did and boy was I right. Infact it looks like we don’t like vintage in the upstate at all. All of the “Vintage Stores” that my search engine displayed either closed down or the websites no longer worked. Made me sad! Sorry Meagan!  So Meagan and I will be going on a hunt to physically find some vintage stores very soon. I will keep you posted!

So do you guys have the same problem? Do you guys know of any vintage shops in the Upstate of South Carolina. Feel free to comment below! Also I noticed that I haven’t been saying my old catch phrase. So guys feel free to comment anything below. You can tell me about your cat, the time you fell off your bike, or anything.