Full Lace Wig: Hot Season Hair


So I wanted to stop by with the long awaited review on my full lace wig that I purchased from Aliexpress vendor, Hot Season Hair. I had to take a while to start posting more so at the request of the vendor. Now that I have all of the “right” components, I’m ready to give you guys the info on this hair. 


Full Lace Wig 

18 inches 


Mongolian Kinky Curly 

150 density

Glueless cap 

Size small

Wig price: 279

Bundles: 99.00 (18 and 20) 

Link to hair: Hair
I had the wig colored professionally to a two toned brown/ blonde combo. 

We added 1 1/2 bundles of 18 and 20 inch Mongolian kinky Curly to the wig for fullness. 

Initial review: 

My boyfriend ordered the hair on Wednesday night in September. I received a call from the merchant , Anna, that same night. She wanted to verify my order before she fully processed it. That’s when I found out that my boyfriend had accidentally ordered the wrong type of wig. I messaged Anna and she fixed it at a discounted rate. I took 48 hours for the hair to get processed and shipped. I received the wig the following Thursday.  It arrived via DHL. It came wrapped in your standard DHL packaging but the wig it self was inside of plastic placed in a box. I appreciated that. The seller also provided a gold braclet as an added gift. 

The hair did not have the infamous corn chip smell. 


Coloring the hair:

So if your familiar with my blog and reviews, then you know that Kameshia Norris Jackson is my hair stylist. I decided to let her color my wig prior to the install. When she colored the hair the color took but not as well or as fast as any of the other hair that we’ve used in the past. The hair also shedded and tangled due to the bleach that was added to obtain the color. It also stretched the curls. Because I had ordered 150 density, it helped with keeping the wig to not look as thin. 


I have the wig sewn down on one side and glued/taped on the other. I have glue on the side that I have my side cut on. 

Products used on this hair

I use a spray bottle of water/conditioner ( The Family Dollar Store Version of Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence) and  a curl spray product called Kenra. It’s holding setting is 8. This product was recommended to me by my hair stylist. To detangle the hair I use my ConAir paddle brush and/or my Modessa wide tooth comb.  I tried Pantene’s natural’s line on the hair but I did not like how it left the hair feeling.  

I ended up contacting Anna to let her know about how much hair was lost from the wig after coloring it and that I wanted to purchase bundles to bring fullness back to the wig. She sold me the hair at a discounted rate for my troubles.  The next few pics will show you how much of a difference was made after adding the bundles

Pros and Cons


Hair takes color 

Easy to blend with kinky textured hair

Has adjustable straps and combs for every day removal 

True to length 

Beautiful curls 

Will Detangle with extra effort 

Hair is full lace so that the hair can be pulled up


Very High maintenance 

Can not sleep in without two strand twisting the hair or pineapple to the top of head 



No baby hairs

Would I recommend this hair:

So far I will say yes. Now with that being said I only say yes under these circumstances. First if you are a low maintenance, get up and go type girl like myself this wig would be the wig that you want to NOT get sewn down on your head. You would need to take advantage of the combs and adjustable straps. This hair is VERY high maintenance as most kinky curly hair is. It will shed and it does tangle at the nape area. If you don’t Detangle  the hair fast enough it will matt. I have not ran into any problems dematting  or detangling the hair. 

If you have the time to two strand twist your hair before bed and style it daily  then this hair is perfect to sew down on your head.  Overall I would recommend this hair.  If you run into any problems, Anna is always willing to help.  Their customer service is on point! 

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I will be back in two weeks with my final review on this hair. 

More pics to show the fullness of the hair

Carina Hair Co Hair + World’s Best Hair: 1 Week Review





To view specs  and first  look on hair click here


Carina Hair: 

Very soft

Still had minimal shedding 

Tangle free

Holds Curl from flexirods or heat

Still looks full
World’s Best Hair:

Easy to Detangle

Has minimal shedding 

Still looks full since install

Carina Hair: 

None so far 

Worlds Best Hair: 


So far this hair has been wonderful. I really don’t have any complaints on the hair, yet! You guys know that I don’t have an issue with informing you all with the downside to any hair that I review. 

Did I miss anything? If so feel free to let me know. All info including links to the hair, stylist and specs can be found here


Three Month Review: Mongolian Kinky Straight

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So it has been three months since I’ve had this hair in from the Ali Express Company Sophia Hair. Here’s a quick review on the hair so far.
To see my first look and initial review click the links below:
First Look
Initial Review

In the three months that I’ve worn this hair I’ve had shedding and tangling but only from the 20 and 18 inch. My 14 inch almost NEVER sheds. If you follow my blog, then you’ll know that the 14 inch bundle has been dyed and still minimal shedding. I say minimal because ALL hair sheds. I just rarely see any Grey hair anywhere. The 20 and 18 inch de tangles but with a lot of time and maintenance put into the process. The more I de tangle, the thinner the bundles become and the shorter the lengths get. Also, as mentioned in my previous review, once heat hits this hair, the hair was not returning back to it kinky state. Well it that’s still true. Even after my first wash with my stylist. That’s annoying to me because I left my hair out for a vixen sew in and I’m natural.

I can say the hair takes color well and holds flexirod curls well. I still have my 16 inch bundle and I plan to use it as clip ins. I will make a separate review for those.

Link to hair:
Sophia Hair

I’m only adding the link for you to take a look. In no way am I affiliated with this company

Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will let you guys know if I recommend this hair in my final review.

TD Hair Review: First Look +First Week


Hey guys! How’s everyone today! I hope that you all are doing great! How many of you guys checked out my latest post: What She Wore: To A Kid’s Day Party. ? If not then click the link below and check it out:

Anyways I wanted to stop by here with an update on my TD Hair! My first impression and my first week review will be the topic of discussion. Let’s jump in.

First Impression.
I ordered the hair on a Thursday and received it the following Monday. It took 24 for Aliexpress to verify my card. Once they had that squared away, my package was shipped via DHL. I liked that the package required a signature upon receipt.
Here are pictures of the hair:







I ordered a 18,20,22 and 24. Also included in the bundle deal was a 16 inch closure. The hair is the Brazilian Body Wave.

When I opened the package, I did the following things, the shed test, smelled the hair and made sure the bundles were somewhat true to length.

The hair measured out to be the exact length as stated. The hair did shed a little but not too bad. I got two strands out of all of the bundles to together and two from the closure itself. The smell of the bundles were good but the closure smelled horrible. I did not alert Mr. Lee, the owner of TD Hair, about this matter because I wanted to co wash the hair first. The smell has gone away now. I noticed that the knots were pre-bleached and some of the bleach was on the roots of the closure. It was no big deal to me because you can not see it. Also it lets me know that the hair will bleach with no problem. The ends on the hair were not too thin or unhealthy looking.


After co washing, I noticed two things. The longer bundles lost a little bit of its wave( the 22 and 24) and that there was no residue in the water during the wash. By residue, I mean the infamous “black dye” that comes off of fake “virgin” hair when you wash it. Also the closure had a really deep wave pattern after it dried. It seemed the shorter the length, the more defined the wave pattern is. I plan on wearing this hair straight but if you guys want to know if the natural wave comes back I will add that to the checklist!

Installation and First Week Review

I decided to try my hand at making a U part wig with a closure and side cut. There are no tutorials on YouTube on how to do this so it has been trial and error for me. The first time I made the wig, I could not fit all four bundles on to the cap. So I had two bundles and a closure on the first cap. The next go round I doubled my 20 and 22 to fit all but a good bit of the 18 on to the cap. The bundles are full. I will be remaking this wig again for a third time. I currently feel like I want to try a different cap this time.

The hair is holding up great. I cut my 18 inch weft and I am not experiencing any extra shedding. The hair tangles but it’s not to the point that the brush will not remove it. I have it sewn down in the front and side. (I ran out of thread, lolx) I am sleeping in the hair. I braid it and throw a satin bonnet on it. Which reminds me it’s time for a new bonnet. I’ve had this thing since 97.

I few things that I have learned from this experience.

Well a lot of you know that I am not a professional but I’m willing to learn almost anything. I now know to only buy my curved needles at the beauty supply store. Although the ones in my needle kit got the job done a lot faster, I almost bled to death from poking myself.

The next thing that I learned was to put your side cut on the opposite side of the foam head. I had to start all over the first time after finishing the 24 inch bundle.

Don’t try to make a wig after a 12 hour shift.

Once I perfect my Side Cut u-part wig, I will do a tutorial on it. ( If it’s requested) I have pictures below of the hair! If you guys have any questions or feel that I left out anything please let me know. I will be back with another update very soon!!!






If you look at the last picture vs the picture wear I’m wearing the orange top you can see the difference in the fullness. I have all four bundles in on the picture with the orange top on.