OOTD: The Comfort Zone

What She Wore/ OOTD


Top: Thrifted Vintage Sweatshirt .50
Sweats: Gidieon, Dollar General Store 7.00
Shoes: Converse

When I am off from my job( yes I work an 8-8) I like to dress up sometimes. Well this wasn’t the day. No matter what I wear, I want comfort! I saw these two pieces just looking up at me shouting “Pair Us, Please!” I purchased the top from a thrift trip with my friend Meagan. It reminded me of all things New Kids On The Block era. The garment tag was cut out by the previous owner, so I do not know the brand name. My sweat pants are a pair of my faves! They are warm and easy to style. I wore my thrifted Lee jacket ( not pictured).

How do you guys make comfort cool??


What She Wore: To a Kid’s Day Party

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Hey guys! How is everyone? Yesterday my nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday at Chuckie Cheese. I figured that I could show you guys what I wore to his little day party!


The breakdown:
Jacket: Local Thrift Store 6.00
Sweatshirt: Vintage shop Raxclothing( mini haul coming soon) 30.00
High Waisted Acid Wash Distressed Jeans: Kmart.com The Nicki Minaj Collection ( mini haul coming soon) 10.00
Turban: Scarf from Goodwill .50
Combat Boots: Kmart Bongo Collection. I got them three years ago so I think that they are no longer sold there. 35.00
Gold Chain: My grandmama gave me that chain, no really she did. I think she got it from Target. It doubles as a headband.

I figured that if I had to go to a party wear I’m chasing kids and low key trying  being a big kid myself, I had to be comfortable. I enjoyed myself and despite the fact that my nephew was freaked out by Chuckie, he had loads of fun too! What are some of your kid day party outfit ideas? I would love to hear from you guys!



My son, Brelin, my nephew, Rylan and I at Rylan’s second birthday celebration!