Real Girl Style: Mad for Plaid

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Plaid Shirt: 18.00 Bealls of Florida.
White Dress: 18.00 Mart Of China
Biker Faux Leather Jacket: 18.00 Aliexpress
Booties: 36.00 Light in the Box

Today’s real style features my fellow blogger Dana Fashina from the blog Not only does she feature cool ootds but she’s a foodie as well! She’s always showing love to her fellow bloggers so I had to recreate this fashionable look for you guys! Every piece is under 50.00 each! Be sure to visit her blog, to check her out! Also find her on Instagram at @justbstill

Let me know if you guys recreate this look!!! I know that I will!!! Be sure to click on each items under Deets to go straight to the link!!!

Photo of Dana courtesy of

Mongolian Kinky Straight Review!



I know that you guys have been waiting on this, So I am finally here!!! Let’s jump right into it!

Mongolian Virgin Kinky Straight Hair
Sophia Hair
159.00 for four bundles
(Not sure if they are still running this special)

Order and Delivery

I ordered the hair on a Saturday and received it the following Wednesday. The timing of delivery was fast. I received the hair via Fed Ex. The packaging wasn’t extraordinary. In fact, there was no invoice nor typical thank you note. I was a little hurt, lolx. The picture below will show how the company decided to package their product.


Now I will admit, the seller sealed the package with a hard to tear label. It stated that I was VIP and to handle my hair with care. I have no words for this.

The Bundles

The hair had a smell but it didn’t smell like corn chips. It didn’t smell good nor did it smell like beauty supply store hair. It just smelled. I can’t describe that smell. It went away after my stylist co washed it.

I did not co wash this hair. I had to take it to my hair stylist ,Kameshia Jackson of Laila’s Hair Salon,for the color that I wanted. Now if you are familiar with my Virgin Hair Horror Story, then you guys know Kameshia. She’s a great stylist and out of 23 years of dealing with hair salons as a customer, she’s the only one I like.
Anyways, the product she used on the extensions for co wash was the Wen conditioner. I have heard good things about this line for your hair. Never did it dawn on me to try it on my weaves.
Here’s a picture of the hair in its co wash state


My install and color

My stylist only installed three bundles. I could only fit those on my pea size head, lolx. I have a three part sew in, meaning I can flip my hair to either side, wear it half up/half down or all up. I’ve worn all of these styles with the exception of the “reverse flip”. I have my side cut design currently so I want to show it off!

I decided I wanted to go for a pop (Not to be mistaken with POP hold it down) of color. I wanted to do something that NO ONE in my area was bold enough to do. I had Kameshia ombré the 14 inch bundle gray. I can do a separate post on how she achieved the color, if you guys would love to hear about it.


The finished product

Does the hair shed?

Yes, barely. Ok I’m sorry I had to do it. Seriously, yes the hair sheds. It’s nothing that anyone will notice. It does tangle but only at the end of the 20 inch. I’ve noticed this twice in a two week period. The gray area hasn’t shed since my initial install. For the wefts to be cut and the hair to be bleached on the 14 inch, I think the shed rate is awesome! Overall I give this hair a 7 for shedding.

Does the hair return back to its Kinky State after heat?

I can not say it this moment. I want to let my stylist wash my install before I speak on that. It’s in a straight style. I will speak on this in my one month update.

How I feel about the hair.

I like it but I’m tired of wearing it straight. I would love for the hair to be more textured. I’m natural. I have a lot of my hair out, so as my hair starts to slowly transition back to its poofy state , I need for the weave to do the same. I hate heat on my natural hair.

Here are some pictures from styling this install.









Install done by Kameshia Jackson at Laila’s Hair Salon

Sidecut by Jay Kutti at Hairnett’s

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions if I missed anything!

Update: link to hair here
I’m only adding the link for you to take a look. In no way am I affiliated with this company.

Styling Converse Sneakers: Celeb and Real Style!

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Converse have been a go to shoe for a while. Despite the fact that they are narrow and have to be purchased in a size up, they make any outfit scream “I’m a bad ass”.

Miley proves that with her polka dot maxi skirt, oversized black sweater and black and white Converse.

Erica and Daphny wanted something cute and comfortable to shoot in. They decided to pair sweaters and jeans for their Converse OOTD!

I will return with a look for less on each outfit!! I want to know how do you pair your Converse?

Styling Camo: Sunday Shoot OOTD

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Camo Jacket: Thrifted
Denim look shirt: Living Doll, Hamerick’s
Oxblood Jeans: Saks Fifth Ave: Rugged Warehouse
Leopard Print Loafers: Bongo: Kmart

Big thanks to Erica and Daphny for the photos! My friend Erica owns her own photography business, JC Photography. Hair review and friend’s ootd post coming soon!!