First Look: Lauren James Stars and Stripe “Shorties”

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With the 4th of July on days away, try two, I wanted to stop by with my find! I purchased the Lauren James “Shorties” in the American Flag version. Priced at 45.00 dollars, I scored mine for 36.00 through a site called Country Club Prep with the use of a coupon. I will have the code below. ( Keep in mind that this code is good for anything on the site. Also if you become a member, shipping is always free)

I will have a review and styling post coming soon on these shorts.

If you feel that it’s too late to purchase these shorts pictured here, don’t worry, the “Shorties” line by Lauren James offers many versions of these seersucker beauties and all can be found on Country Club Prep!
How do you guys feel about these shorts? Do you own a pair? If so, how are you guys styling them this summer?

See the whole collection here
Shop here
Coupon Code:

Mini Haul Part 2: Classic Clothing, Illict Rags Vintage, Rax Clothing and more!!

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Hey guys! How’s everyone’s Saturday going? I hope that it’s going great. It’s going to be a lazy day for me today!

Anyways I wanted to stop by with part two of the mini haul! I know it has been a while since I wrote part one, but I had to wait on my items to come from the other sellers. Thanks to the snow storm, some of the items took a while to get here.

The first item is from a fellow Etsy seller, Rax Clothing! I saw this item while searching for a vintage sweatshirt. It’s a slogan from the Breck shampoo line.

The total cost of the sweatshirt was 25.00. I do recommend this seller! The shipping was fast and inexpensive. The packaging was nice and I loved my mini coloring postcard! Order vintage items here!

The next item was purchased from a bigcartel seller that is no stranger when it comes to LuLuChris58, IllicitRags Vintage! I did a feature on this boutique for Christmas gift ideas. Since I couldn’t convince anyone to purchase this vintage beauties for me as a gift, I purchased them myself! They are the Vintage Reebok Joggers!

Although they come off as a powder blue on the screen, they are teal. ( which was mentioned in the description). I only paid 16.00 for these! *I do need some styling ideas if you guys would love to share any.* I do recommend the seller. She has loads of hip vintage items from many different eras. Her packaging was simply and neat. I loved her thank you note that she included. The shipping is reasonably priced and I received my item in a good time frame. Check out her items here!

The next item is from Classic clothing. Classic Clothing is a UK based clothing brand found on Big Cartel and Asos Marketplace. I decided to use the stock photo for two reasons. I forgot to take pictures in the top and of the packaging. The top was 23.00 in USD. If you are in the UK, the price will be a lot lower. I would recommend this company but be aware that if you are in the US, the shipping will take a while. It was worth the wait. Next time I wear the top, I will take pictures in it! Promise! Shop with Classic Clothing here!

My last item is a vintage inspired item from the Nicki Minaj Collection from Kmart! I purchased these online from Kmart and got them at a great deal. I only paid 10.00 for them and that included shipping! I will say that these jeans are made for the curvier girl. I ordered a 4 and when I received them they had a perfect fit. When I wore them to my nephew's party, they felt a little loose. Either way, I still like them. Nicki has a lot of cute and affordable pieces. From cute link necklaces to hip galaxy bombers, I'm here for it! My only advice is if your curves are hidden like mine order a size down.

Forgot to add the Classic Tee:


Gift List 4: Six Things For Him+ Dare or Spare

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chains  HUFAC33016-REDZOOM1 33TD1003-BLKZOOM133TD4001-KHAZOOM1G75089ZOOM13130001453-REDZOOM1

Hey guys! All of these items featured in today’s gift list are from! This list is for the more daring guy in your life. Everything on this list is under 100.00. You can also save 20% by using code LULU58! Make sure that you use that code. I don’t want you guys to break the bank for a gift.


Dare or Spare: Karmaloop Jeffery Campbell Shoe Picks and a Coupon!

Dare or Spare

white doll shoe

275.oo Jeffery Campbell “The Icy Shoe” in White leather and doll heads.


107.95  Jeffery Campbell The Elysian Platform in Blue, White and Black.


185.00  Jeffery Campbell The Gashed Boot In Black

So will you dare to rock these hip and edgy   Jeffery Campbell shoes  or will you spare yourself the price tag and feet issues and pass on these?

If You Dare:

Tell me how you will rock them! Also use code LULU58 and get 20% off!  Shop here!



Karmaloop Coupon Code! LULU58

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Hey Guys! How are you all doing tonight? I hope that you all are doing wonderful. If not I have something that I know will cheer you up…a coupon code! Back in October, I became a Karmaloop rep!  So I bet you guys are thinking “How does that help me?” Well when you use code LULU58 you will recieve 20% off of your purchase. You can use this on any item! The love doesn’t stop there! This code is good for 20% off each time you use it! The discount is good for all Karmaloop affliate sites. So when you see that favorite Miss KL item in your favorite YouTube Guru’s haul, you can get it too, at a discounted rate!  Who doesn’t love getting a discount on already discounted items? So put this coupon to good use by shopping here: Karmaloop


Use code LULU58 to get 20% off of these babies and many other items at


Dare or Spare: Piamita Bicycle Blouse seen on “The Carrie Diaries”

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Carrie Top


So one of my favorite shows returned last week “The Carrie Diaries“.  As a teenager, I loved “Sex in the City” so why wouldn’t watch the hit CW network show starring the beautiful Anna Sophia Robb! I missed the first episode but what I didn’t miss was this Piamita blouse tweeted in an article from OK magazine! I love this top!

Dare or Spare

Will you dare to strike out in the Pajama top flooded with bicycles on it or will you spare yourself the 275.00 price tag and pass? Why or why not?

For my daredevils:

How would you style this piece if you had it?

Would you guys like to see a mini look book based around this piece? Like the shirt but not the price tag? Let me know below if you would like for me to find a look for less!

Be sure to follow for more “The Carrie Diaries” fashion!




Dare or Spare: Valentino Sneakers

Dare or Spare
Dare or Spare
So is this 795.00 sneaker worth the hype? Would you dare to rock the Camo trend on your feet or spare yourself the empty wallets and dreams? I love this sneaker! I saw it in my November issue of InStyle in a pink color and fell in love.  Let me know your thoughts!

Dare or Spare: Men’s Titan Clash Zip Off Leather Sleeve Tee OOTD

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Dare or Spare Preview
So my little brother purchased this Titan Clash Zip Off Leather Sleeve tee by Hudson NYC over the weekend.  He immediately texted a picture to me and asked me for styling tips. I did a mini lookbook for him and I also came up with what you see above.
Dare Or Spare
Would you guys dare to rock the Hudson NYC tee and/or the OOTD that I came up with?  Would you spare yourself of the whole trend? Also how would you style this hip tee?
Have a Dare or Spare that you want featured? Contact me:
Please include picture of the item, the brand(if applicable) and “Dare or Spare” in the subject line.

Dare Or Spare: Solonge’s Holographic Sweat Shirt By Milly

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I love Solonge’s Style! I just had to put that out there!



Buy it here:

Holy Holograms! Holographic prints have been all over the place! One of my favorite Youtubers Sarah Corin has a healthy obession with the trend and all of the holographic items she bought will carry over into fall for her!  After watching Solonge’s Lovers in the Parking Lot video, I fell in love with this holographic sweat shirt by the designer Milly! It was seen on the runway during fashion week A/W 2013!

Dare Or Spare:

Would guys dare to glow like the “Lovers In The Parking Lot” star or do you want to  spare yourself the detection? Also check out the price tag on the sweatshirt! Is it worth it? If you guys would like for me to find cheaper alternatives let me know. I will also include the blog post that helped me find out the details on this perfect sweatshirt.  DIY coming soon because I am not paying that much for a sweatshirt. Be on the lookout for it in Broke Girls Diaries!

Shout out to this blog:

Lovers In the Parking Lot Video: ( Get Yo Life)

Dare or Spare: Blast From the Past

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Who remembers this jacket from the Versace for H&M collection made very popular by style icon Mr. Kanye West? Well I got a blast from the past from my friend last night when he asked me where could I find it?  I posted the picture on my Facebook wall and I got another request to find this jacket! Well with bombers being hot right now and Migos and Drake introducing the younger generation to the expensive brand Versace through their hit of the same name, why wouldn’t anyone have me hunt for this jacket? Well never fear guys! Despite the fact that this jacket sold out on the day of it’s 2011 release, there’s a beautiful site called ebay that has almost everything. Now the prices I found are pricey, so I did find vintage inspired pieces as well.

Listing for the Jacket:

This site had the jacket for less but its sold out. I am still featuring this site because they have the best vintage:

Vintage Inspired Bomber:

So the Dare or Spare question must come in! Will you guys dare to rock this jacket or spare it and move on? I want to hear from you guys!